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I am open to a variety of different fetishes but specialize in: bbw, breast worship, impregnation fantasy, taboo, ass worship, eating, solo masturbation, shaving, licking/sucking dildos or lollipops, smoking, oiling, voyeur scenes. This is just for a basic custom that doesn't require extra costumes, toys etc... Message me if you want addons. Solo work only!

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Hello: my name is L. Llewellyn James and I would like to ask to make a custom video, at a running time of at least 10 minutes.  In essence, I'm not looking for any sexual imagery: rather, I would simply like to have you pose nude in a few classic art poses that are generally struck by art models for illustrators (as I am an illustrator).

If you could please contact me, I would send you some examples of the sort of poses I would be able to use...

For some reason I can't pm people do you have Twitter? Mine is @lustybustylark otherwise email me at lustybustylark69@gmail.com

Hi i would love to discuss a custom vid

Fusionfrontier Oct 11 2017

Got an idea about a custom if I could email you

James Alredd Jul 9 2017

Hi, I have seen some of your clips and they are sensational.

I like nose blowing clips, so would you consider doing the following ? I wanted to briefly discuss before ordering to make sure you're ok with it and I can also provide a bit more detail.

 The scenario would be finishing up your shower, blowing your nose a couple of times in the hands (say 8-10 times or so) while still in the shower. Then you could exit the shower, towel off and start to blow your nose for example while standing at the sink, first say 5 to 10 times in the towel and then do with another 5 to 10 or so good blows in a large handkerchief.  You could then finish up blowing in toilet paper a couple of times.  Can you do loud honking blows? That would be absolutely fantastic.

What do you think?
Cheers from Scotland


LustyBustyLark Jul 9 2017

I wish I could hun. I truly do. But my nose has issues and when I blow it barely anything happens. I appreciate you reaching out to me 👍

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