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Heyyy could you message me about getting a custom video? Thank youu!

Fluid2 Nov 2

Hello :) I would love a custom video from you, can you pm me ?

Hi, how are you? Could you send me a message in private? I would like to talk about a very specific video. Thanks

Comedymetal Aug 2021

Hey curious about a fun custom with just acting and sound effects that i have please pm me

Hello can youmake me a Coustom video wher you have  long Yellow / Green polischt  fingernails make Masturbation Play on you , Fingering Pussy with Medical latex gloves and Clear Vinylgloves please make Vibrator, Dildoplay on you with Medical gloves. Change 4 Times the Gloves  please.    Can you make that

Barron4 Feb 2020

Hey gorgeous could you message me about a custom video idea just whenever you get a chance please

Haida_91 Dec 2019

Hello darling. I am interested in a custom video :) If you could kindly message me whenever you are available to do so! I will discuss details of what I am looking for with you.

Gerald88 Oct 2019

Hello loretta I'm interested in buying your videos in bundle. You can send me a message thanks.

bordex Sep 2019

Hi Loretta. I sent you PM regarding custom video. Please answer.

bordex Sep 2019

Hey Loretta, I would like to order a custom video. Can you send me a private message, so we can discuss the script before I make an order?

rockyboy12 Jul 2019

interested in a custom

Mil123 Aug 2018

interested :)

Hi please msg me to discuss a custom

Pete3000 Mar 2018

msg me if your free for a custom scene order pls

Daniel1369 Dec 2017

Hello sweetie I saw u on my free camera and was like wow u r perfect in every way well here it goes my name is Daniel Reynolds  before I leave this earth i have to meet u for u see I have heart failure and cancer but am still good look and it doesn't slow Mr down this is no bs so any way I'd love to love u I really want to meet u ur so beautiful this is no bs I don't lie and have proof so hope to hear from you reach me at me at Reynolds d252@gmail.com or 4806662316

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