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Hey! On the off chance that you're still active here could you please shoot me a message? thanks! :)

Dricus32 May 18

Hey! Don't know if you're still active on here since your videos are gone, but if you are could you please message me about a custom video idea?

Hi Abbi i would like to get a custom video, please dm me  if you still available.

writer7860 Jul 2022

Hey Abbi! Not sure if you’re still active or not, please DM me if you are about a custom :) thanks! Hope you’re doing well

Tabisock1 Mar 2022

Can you message me for a custom?

Geosoulja Mar 2022

Hey can you message me about a custom ?

bshapiro014 Jan 2022

Hi!! Can you message me about a custom video? Thanks :)

Charzard01 Dec 2021

Hey, can you message me about a custom please

writer7860 Dec 2021

Hi Abbi? Been trying to find out if you’re still active here. If you are please get back to me about a custom idea I have :) thank you! .

rykahn610 Nov 2021

Hey, when you have a second can you message me about a possible custom? Thanks!

bshapiro014 Nov 2021

Hi!! Can you dm me about a custom? Thanks:)

vidstrials Nov 2021

Hey i'm interested in buying a few custom videos. Can you DM me?

pepedy Oct 2021

Hey Abbi! Kindly message me for custom vid, thank you so much! xx

MrFoxilla Oct 2021

Hey, i want to order a custom video and want to ask for the price. I have some ideas and want to know how much it could Cost.

rdpwow95 deleted Sep 2021

Hi, can you please DM to discuss a custom?

can we discuss a custom?

rykahn610 Aug 2021

Hey there, when you have a second, can you message me about a possible custom? Thanks!

writer7860 Jun 2021

Abbi, have a custom I’d love to discuss, please get back to me :)

LaxinTop Jun 2021

Would love for you to message me about a potential custom. thx :)

hm12345 Jun 2021

Message me if interested in doing a custom video. Thanks!

Please dm

Inesxx96 is selling your content on Reddit

writer7860 Jan 2021

Hi Abbi! When you see this please get back to me, just want to touch bases for the custom I had ordered a while ago :)

Will_Itfit Dec 2020

Hey wanna talk about a custom? Message me.

writer7860 Dec 2020

Hi Abbi, please get back to me about the custom we had discussed earlier, thank you

Wyrdaa Nov 2020

Hi, can you send me a pm about custome please :)

Danielxero Sep 2020

Hey can you PM me again?

Danielxero Sep 2020

Hi can we discuss a custom? :)

writer7860 Sep 2020

Hi Abbi! Would love to discuss a custom video with you :) please get back to me!

Wyrdaa Sep 2020

Hi, can u send me a message about custom please :)

jimmyp87 Sep 2020

Hi Sweetie, I have an idea for a custom, would you please contact me via PM? XOXO Jim

NoOne888 deleted Aug 2020

Hi little elf girl.  Wow!!! Gone are the days of..... It's all good.  You make the best customs.  The cutest, shyest, clip girl is worth every cent.  You won't regret it getting a video. You're a little ghost girl now. Gonna miss those beautiful brown eyes.  Wish I could afford you.  I'm happy for you girl.  Thank you Abbi.. Elf.... Ghost Girl

khanhded Jul 2020

I was interested in buying a custom

mjrazer13 Jul 2020

Interested in buying a custom video. Message me to discuss if you have the time please. Thx

Flyer9982 deleted Jun 2020

Pm for custom please

Hi can I message you about a custom

ilikewomen Jun 2020

Hello, I would love to get a custom video from you but have a few questions first 😊 PM me when you get a moment.

synthh Jun 2020

Interested in a custom if you've got time to message me, thanks!

I would love to discuss a custom please message me :)

Ap2066 May 2020

Hi do you still do customs I’d really love to order one pleaseee :,-)

TheCaverns May 2020

can you message me about customs please!

malefeet deleted May 2020

please msg me for custom clip orders!

Hi, I'm interested in arranging a custom video - could you please send me a message to discuss? Thanks :)

benboner2 Apr 2020

Hi elf girl. Big fan of your piss vids. Wondering if you would wet yourself wearing leather pants?

Abbi Nin Apr 2020


actionadventure deleted Mar 2020

Hello, I’d like to order a few custom commissions. Please PM me. Thanks!

BlackxWhite Mar 2020

Hey are you currently doing customs?
I've got a couple ideas to get your thoughts on and hopefully we can agree one to get started on. PM me? :-)

gurt87 Feb 2020

Hi I was wondering if you still make customs

Abbi Nin Apr 2020

Hi! I apologize for the late reply, but yes i do!

Ulipolip Jan 2020

Hi,  I would like to discuss a custom video. Please PM me.

thecube21 Jan 2020

I'd like to discuss a custom video if you have time. thank you

Jdog123x Jan 2020

Inesxx96 is selling a video of you on reddit.

tv_capper Dec 2019

I would be interested in organising a custom video, please message back to discuss. Thanks in advance

shwwxyhyf Dec 2019

Hi,  I would like to discuss a custom video. Please PM me.

honeyam2017 Dec 2019

Hi,  I would like to discuss a custom video. Please PM me.

jimmyp87 Nov 2019

Hey Pretty, would be pleased if you would message me in regards of a custom video idea I have for you! ;)

casualkinks Oct 2019

Hey elfi I'm very interested in a vid. Text me.

Hi, would love to do a custom vid with you - send me a message!

j4meson Sep 2019

Wondering about your rates on custom vids. Hit me up. Thanks

Stange14 deleted Sep 2019

Hello. I have a request for you. Bald pussy fetish is the name of the game with lots of dirty talk, approx 8-10 minutes long. Let me know if you can do this. Thanks.

Johncox18 Sep 2019

hello it would be amazing if you could pm me about a custom vid :)

I would LOVE to get a custom from you :). PM me ASAP and I hope you like my idea... x

Hi lovely, can you PM about a custom idea? x

lxa1337 Jul 2019

Interested please message me!

orsonwelles311 deleted Jul 2019

Hi! I'm interested in buying a custom, could you message me? Thanks!

Paragon17 deleted Jul 2019

Hi, could you please msg me about a custom? Thanks

gurt87 Jun 2019

can I buy a custom

Hi, can I message you about a custom?

Kinkss May 2019

Can you dm me please :) I have a big custom to ask

jimmyp87 May 2019

Hello Pretty, would like to ask you about a custom. Please leave me a message!

Origin0 May 2019

Hi :) can you message me for a custom ? Thanks

Hi! I have request for a custom, if you'd like! :3

Tulim6 Apr 2019

Hey :) Can you PM me for custom please ? Thanks

jimmyp87 Apr 2019

Hi, can you please message me for a custom? Thanks :)

Rickybobbyreturns deleted Apr 2019

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx:D

Hi, can you please message me for a custom? Thanks :)

RidingValkyries deleted Mar 2019

interested in making a custom. message me when convenient

drew12099 Feb 2019

I'm interested in having you make me a custom video. Please message me so that I can run it by you. Can't wait thanks :)

gurt87 Feb 2019

Hi, I’m interested in buying a custom, probably about 7 mins. Could we talk in private?

arnie88 Feb 2019

Hello,  could you pm me please I'm interested in custom video and a lot more

Hello Leda, I'm interested in a 10 or 15 min custom video and a pair of your panties. message me if your interested!

GhostXXIV Jan 2019

Hi Leda. Do you still do custom videos?

__xasos Dec 2018

Hey, are you interested in doing a custom video with the same latex medical gloves?

20kiwi20 Dec 2018

hi would love a custom, do you have a cumming dildo? or is that an option for your store?

Fezmo90 Sep 2018

Could you message me about a custom

Abe7700 Sep 2018

Same here beautiful, could you dm me?

zzzeee Apr 2018

msg me about custom please. would like to explain my wish

FatBOner Apr 2018

hey! could you message me about a custom video? =)

damndable Mar 2018

Hi could you message me about a custom?

blusave Mar 2018

Please msg me I would like to try again to purchase a custom video

J45170 deleted Mar 2018

I would love a custom video! Could you please message me? Thank you ;)

scottcalder Jan 2018

Please message me regarding a custom video.

lysergide Jan 2018

I would love to order a custom video. , could you message me :)

PL20000 deleted Oct 2017

Im interested to buy custom vid, please message me :)

Aviv24 Sep 2017

Hey, can we talk about custom in pm? Thanks

robert2652 deleted Aug 2017

I'm interested in a custom.  Please message me.

robert2652 deleted Sep 2017

Haven't heard from you yet

marco121078 Aug 2017

I'm interested in a custom video. Please message me and I'll send script thanks

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