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caiodem deleted Oct 23

I’m interested in a custom video please message me about details

HjgAknid_VDfIAbyD deleted Oct 17

Hello Honey, how are you?

I'm an internet marketer and I'm currently promoting products in the sexual impotence niche.

I need a girl to record some videos following a script (which I will provide) to use for promote these products.

The videos are between 1 and 2 minutes long. Made by the girl herself, in a quiet environment (e.g., on the couch in her home, on a chair, or on her bed). In the recording, you need to be fully dressed because the platform's policies do not allow nudity.

Like these:

Do you offer this kind of service?
If so, how much would you charge for a 2-minute video?

Thank you

leeak10 Oct 16

Please pm me for custom vid request :)

kwiiii2 May 30

HI can we talk about  custom again? please dm me :)

Hi i'd like to buy some custom photos and videos. Can you DM me?

Ny1212 Feb 10

Can you message me about a custom,? Thanks.

Can you please message me about a custom vid I'd like to order?

I'd love a custom, message me

Hello can you please message me

ttmichi Dec 8

Please message me queen ❤️

kwiiii2 Dec 5

Hi , please message me about custom vid!

theekopje Dec 2022

Can you please message me to discuss a possible custom?

ssbbroker Nov 2022

hi, can we do a custom video?

Hello Harper babe, do you have some blue Jean shorts I can worship your perfect ass in?

indo1kanobi Nov 2022

Id love to run an idea for a custom by you. Please dm me

Hello Harper ! Hope you are having a great day :) ? Can You message me about a custom please :) ?

ssgsuper deleted Oct 2022

Could you dm me about custom

leeak10 Sep 2022

Please pm me for custom request:)

rebeoj Aug 2022

Hi I would like to discuss a custom fetish video with you.

Hi cutie, msg for custom? :)

standupguy Mar 2022

Could you pm me for a g/g custom idea?

kwiiii2 Feb 2022

Hi 👋  Could you dm me about custom?

iceman8 Jan 2022

Please PM me about a custom video request

harvestone Dec 2021

Hi Harper, can you pm me please about an order?

vidstrials Oct 2021

Hey i'm interested in a custom video. Can you DM me?

Tonny9777 Aug 2021

Can you message me about a custom video

nrf52840 Aug 2021

Hey, could you contact me to discuss a custom, please? :)

paaanch deleted Jul 2021

Pm me about custom pls

Aaronsol Jul 2021

Pm me please about a custom :)

hey there! Please PM me about a custom? :)

momo2momo Jun 2021

DM me please thanks

sselroloc Jun 2021

Hi!!! Are you still accepting custom requests? I'd love to order a custom from you. Message me when you can 😊😊😊

Jimyrwilson Jun 2021

Please message me about a custom.  I'm ready for another.  Thanks.

hey there! butt sniffer here looking for a custom ;) message me for details!

Jimyrwilson Feb 2021

Any progress on my custom?  Thanks

twest83 Feb 2021

Would you be willing to take some photos acting like you are kicking your partner in the nuts, but obviously not actually doing it. Both barefoot and with socks on?

Say maybe 10 photos and a few shots of just your feet?

Jimyrwilson Jan 2021

Hi.  Your videos are great.  Please message me about a custom.  Thanks very much.

Danielxero Dec 2020

Can we discuss a custom?

Message me I want a custom

iceman8 Nov 2020

please message me about a custom

KenUpton Aug 2020

Id like to order a custom..DM me pls to talk about details

Hi, I'd like to order a custom.  Please message me as soon as you have a minute.  Thanks!!

Getbent232323 deleted May 2020

Hi - I was interested in ordering a custom but had a question.  Can you please DM me to discuss?  Thanks!

spock126 Apr 2020

Hi there! Could you send me a message? I'd like to discuss a custom :)

Hi could you pm to discuss a custom please

Eatin_ass deleted Nov 2019

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx:D

Ashg1982lfc Oct 2019

Hi. Could you send me a message to discuss custom please?

AngelWingz_ Sep 2019

hey cutie, can you please message me about a pee custom video please. Cheers cutie

Ghostface666 deleted Sep 2019

Hey gorgeous PM about a custom plz thx:D

Rickybobbyreturns deleted Mar 2019

Hey sexy ! PM about a custom plz

SomeguyJS Feb 2019

Hello. Interested in a custom involving your Sailor Mars outfit but with the white gloves this time. Please DM me. Thank you for your time.

hansywursti Aug 2018

Hello, Are you willing to do a public flashing video in a really extrem outfit? I would send you links where to buy it and send you the money with the customs order? The outfit will be such revealing you can't avoid showing your tits and pussy. Please let me know if you are interested and what are you willing to do in public.

Jman222 Apr 2018

Hi I’m interested in a custom could you message me please. Thank you.

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