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Just ask. As you can see from my profile i'm very open to most role-plays ;) 5-10 mins are good for joi/bj/teasing+ 15-20 minute customs are necessary for insertion type vids!

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Hello TR! Can you please DM me to discuss a possible custom? Thank u! <3

ct_1997 Sep 4

Hey Rosey I’m interested in a custom. Pm me when you can to discuss.

Very interested in a custom, could you pm me?

inpoltee Aug 22

I'm interested in buying a custom. Could you pm me your email? I'd prefer make the request  that way.

tiggeris1337 @ gmail ! please include your username in the email. thanks

Can I buy your spit?

ct_1997 Aug 5

Hey Rosey, I was I was interested in a custom video. PM please whenever you can to discuss.

안녕하세요 맞춤영상을 주문하고 싶은데 DM 가능한가요?

jaroosh Jul 28

hey hey, can you PM me for a custom ? :) <3

MC BEE Jul 27

Hey Rosey,
How are you? 
Hope All is Healthy and Fine. 
Please Contact me for a Custom Video Request! 
Greets Stephan

cool bb🌸


user0817 Jul 12

can you message me about a custom  please

Hi, pls text me to discuss a new custom vid idea, thx

can you message me about a custom  please

Can we talk about a custom

I have a question

I have a idea for a custom

Hi, can you message me about a custom?

Could we talk about a custom?

Could you message me about a speculum video please

inpoltee May 12

pm me, im interested in buying a custom

Dear Rosey, would you like to create some excitement, pleasure & joy by:

1. "Vaginal Weight Lifting" to show your pelvic muscle strenght?
     With weights, fixed at the string of a yoni-egg/ kegel-ball.
     Like TatyanaKozhevnikova and Kim Anami could lift nearly 15kg after intense Kegel training!

2. Different thrust rhythms?
     e.g. 3xslow thrusts, always followed by 1x fast thrust
     e.g. 3x half-deep thrusts, always followed by 1x ball-deep thrust
     e.g. 3x slow +half-deep thrusts, alwaysfollowed by 1xfast + ball-deep thrust
     e.g.  a thrust countdown:
            9x slow thrusts followed by 1x fast thrust
            8x slow thrusts followed by 2x fast thrust
            7x ...

3. Careful & Soft Cervix Massages to receive Cervical Orgasms!!!
     To get the cervix soft & painless via a longterm & relaxing Cervix massage!
     Talking about & measuring the cervix layer/height who changes the
     position during menstrual cycle.

4. Creating of excitement & intensity by simultaneous couple breathing

5. More conversation during intercourse (no dirty talk)
    Talking about her current & next desires:
    - like her desired nextposition; INSERT -rhythm, -depth, - tempo, - angle
    - her desire of a littlepenetration break with body massaging
    - more clit & nipple stimulation, kissing

    Talking about her perception/feeling of his touch & penetration:
    - Can she feel him on her cervix?
    - How much space isleft after he tip her cervix?
    - In which position could he dive deepest?
    - Is he ather G-Spot, A-Spot, …? How comfortable feels it?

6. Slow penetration start: inch-by-inch insertion

7. 100% uncut videos
     - showing pauses with body-massages for her
    - showing real intercourse in all facets

8. Sex-Position guide on 'Liberator Esse II' or 'Tantra Chair'
     With couple talk during intercourse about her perceptions:
     - How deep can he trust into her, in this position?
     - Which spot could he reach in this position? G, A, P or Cervix?
     - How easy is it for him, how easy for her, to stimulate nipples & clit?
     - How is/ changes her tightness in thisposition?
     - How good is the position for kissing & cuddling?
     - How easy is the diving/bending angle, for his penis?
      - How change the intensity ofher perception, when she change
        the angle/ layer of her: pelvis and & legs?

9. Vaginal depth measuring via a little chip in a menstrual disc/diaphragm
    and a little chip in a cock-ring => the tracked distance is the measuring

10. slow-sex start: inch-by-inch insertion/thrust

11. special vaginal massage via magnetic yoni-egg or kegel-balls inside
       and a silcone covered magnet on the belly, who will be moved there

12. couple talk & examination of her Cervical-Mucus
       like some women practice it as naturally contraception method
       Mucus-diary (because it changes during the menstrual cycle in
       consistence & color)

13. completely lube filled vagina, lube pressed out by insertion of penis

14. completely filled out vagina: empty space between penis &
       cervix or Posterior-Fornix is filled with lube filled knotted condoms

15. Toy-test, intercourse with:
      silicone labia-spreader = G-Spot stimulator
      careful sex with yoni eggs/ kegel balls togehter with penis in the vagina

awaytoseethings deleted Apr 17

Hi could I inquire about a custom? Thank you!

Hi! Had an idea and some questions for a custom if you could message me?

Hey, I had a couple of questions regarding a custom vid. Can you dm me? thank you!

clench77 Feb 26

Hi can you message me for custom?

Ny1212 Jan 30

Can you message me please? Interested in a custom. Thanks!!

drtystv Jan 22

I'm interested in a custom, DM for details

interested in buying a custom pm me

Hello, please contact me for a Custom Video, thanks :)

Hi, can you message me about a custom idea?

Hi. Can you dm me for a small penis worship custom? Thank you!

Are you taking customs by any chance? Would love to DM you if so. Thanks in advance :)

Hey I noticed you’ve done colabs before with girls! Let me know custom prices because I’m searching around for two girls who can do a cum swapping extravaganza with sexy kissing  😂🥰

Contact me for a Custom Vid, please 🙂

hello, could you message me to discuss a custom idea? thank you

Mackey D Sep 2022

Hi Beautiful 😍 interested in a babysitter custom let me know ❤

Mikey691994 deleted Sep 2022

Hello Beautiful Goddess! Do you have time to make me a sph custom video?

Hi! I was interested in ordering a custom from you and was wondering if you still had one or both of the costumes from this video: www.manyvids.com/Video/1724130/Furry-Lesbians-Hump/
Or anything like those costumes.

Please DM me if you do!

thorain Aug 2022

Before there is any confusion, I would like to know what exactly is included in the "Toilet fetish" option?

Mike83313 Jul 2022

Hi wonderful dirty girl 🤗😁 would be interested in a VR180 video please contact me

conrad1 Jul 2022

Hello, I am interested in a custom and was wondering if you could DM me please?

I'm interested in a custom video  please DM me, thanks

Roy Sinoux May 2022

Hi, could you send me a message about a custom, thanks.

Mooease1 May 2022

hi, interested in a custom, can you pls message me. thanks

efaulkn2 deleted Apr 2022

Have a question about a custom vid, look forward to discussing it with you.

thorain Apr 2022

What i would like to know is. what exactly is meant by Toilet Fetish and Wet/Sloppy or what exactly does it involve? Enema, Golden Shower?

selimhouse Apr 2022

Have a custom idea and want to run it by you

purp226488 deleted Apr 2022

Msg me about a custom gorgeous 😍

Gqbd66 Apr 2022

Do you make custom VR videos?

Would love a custom, please DM me, thanks!

Hi, would you please dm me about a potential custom? Thanks!

would you be interested in making a custom audio? 5 or 10 min?

please dm me :)


standupguy Mar 2022

Could you pm me for a g/g custom idea?

Would love to run an idea for a custom by you if you are interested. Please message me when you are able!

bambaislife Mar 2022

Please send me a text

FlyingFun Mar 2022

Would love to discuss the custom vid if what I vaguely explained in your live room wasnt too sad and boring, send me a msg if not 🙂

Higman13 Feb 2022

Would love to chat about a custom if those are still open. Thanks in advance!

skateordie Feb 2022

message me about custom plz

caroline_owen deleted Feb 2022


Lampadx22 Feb 2022

Hi Rosey.  I’m looking for a custom role play vid with Two girls about a sexy snooty prissy chick that gets shot in the the butt with a BB gun and is humiliated when her friend has to help her pick the pellets out.  No sado stuff just a funny sexy comedy 5-10 min long.  Any interest?

Axxo911 Feb 2022

Hello Tiggerrosey, are you still taking custom videos? I'd love to buy one from you if you are. I was hoping to buy a 10 minute virtual sex video. Please send me a PM for us to discuss.

hey, do you have any new pantyhose colors? :) pm

Rogedodger Jan 2022

Hey Tigger wondering about a custom photo set DM me please

inpoltee Dec 2021

interested in a custom, pm me

DLD123 Nov 2021

Hi Tigger, seen a good few of your videos, you look so beautiful and naughty perfect combo, can I ask do you offer custom VR videos? noticed you had VR video for sale xx

johndsnt Nov 2021

Hi Tigger Rosey, you are very beautiful and your videos are amazing. Please DM about a custom video. Ty

selimhouse Oct 2021

Have a custom request I want to run by you!

acta13 Oct 2021

pm me

purp226488 deleted Sep 2021

Msg me about a custom please beautiful. Thanks

inpoltee Aug 2021

pm me, im interested in a custom

xuxo02 Aug 2021

Hey! Could you please message me for a custom? Thanks!!

inpoltee Aug 2021

pm me, interested in a custom

Higman13 Aug 2021

Was wondering if you were still taking customs? I have an idea in mind if you have time and would love to dm you

arsenal1970 Aug 2021

hi i would love another custom from you please dm me thanks x

Can you please pm me about a custom?

asdf2468 Jul 2021

Please message me about a custom video idea

Bigtanda Jul 2021

Can you message me to discuss a custom idea?

Gofoto34 Jul 2021

hello are you doing custom videos still?

Higman13 Jun 2021

Very interested in a custom of those are still going on. Would love a DM to start discussing it. Thanks in advance!

momo2momo Jun 2021

DM me please thanks

n10810341 Jun 2021

Please message me regarding a custom

purp226488 deleted May 2021

Msg me about a custom please

Nuenue70 May 2021

Hey could you dm me about a custom thanks

arsenal1970 Mar 2021

Well hello. Could you please dm about a custom thank you

Specialsmol Mar 2021

Please message regarding SPH 😍

newguy54 Feb 2021

Hi, I'm very interested in ordering a custom, could you send a pm checking if it's doable, thanks!

VIOLADO deleted Jan 2021

Please message me! Thank you

inpoltee Jan 2021

pm me about a custom

ang1337 Dec 2020

Heyyy, curious about a custom vid, can you message to discuss plz <3 <3

hetero1969 deleted Dec 2020

Hi! I'd like to order a custom ropelay pov vid, however can't message directly. Would you please message me? Thanks! :)

Hi have a question for a custom vid. Pm please? Thanks for your time

87654321qQ Nov 2020

I like this moment I would like the same in CEI, joi & Taboo video Like the oldest video you made for me if you remember www.manyvids.com/Video/1344081/jerk-off-and-finger-your-ass-cei/
  I want you to put me to difficult tests where I will cum many times in different ways ...To show you how much I love you please send me dm😍😍😍

rob_cobra Nov 2020

would you be able to do a custom self squirt facial vid?

Hey Tigger, could you please contact me at mossaaron88 at yahoo for halloween themed vid idea? Thanks luv.

loopisin Oct 2020

Hey, could you message me? Want to order a custom.

bignix deleted Oct 2020

hi can you message me about a custom?

JoshChris deleted Sep 2020

Hi - I'd like to discuss a specific idea for a clip if you have time. Thanks! frumgirlspics@gmail.com

maaaar Sep 2020

Hey there. I have an idea for a custom. Please PM me.

n10810341 Sep 2020

hi please message me for a custom vid

ozgun86 Aug 2020

Hey. Could you message me for custom pls.

John1524 Jul 2020

Want to discuss special custom vid. Please message me.....

do you do custom outdoor vids? DM me, please!

Message me

2401mon deleted Jun 2020

Looking for 20-25. Can you pm for some questions?

Terkloon May 2020

pm me about a custom

Can you message me?

matty_chuck May 2020

Hi I would be interesting in booking a custom!
Please DM?

spock126 Apr 2020

Hi there! Could you send me a message? I'd like to discuss a custom :)

Message me about a custom please. Thanks!

phineas Apr 2020

Hello, could you message me about a custom? Thank you.

sexyjoho77 deleted Apr 2020

Hi Rosey :) Can you message me about a custom. Thanks,
John x

goner1284 deleted Apr 2020

Hi can you pm me please

rer220 Mar 2020

please PM me for a custom video

Hello! I would very much like to talk with you about possibly working on a series of custom videos!

dxniel14 Feb 2020

Hi how are you?
I I have a idea for a custom

ronaldo_69 Feb 2020

I have an idea for a custom. Please PM me. XOX

87654321qQ Feb 2020

Babe i am working Tuesday you can Thursday for anything time you like! 
Send me please private message

arizonetee Feb 2020

Hey I had a few ideas for a custom video but i wanted your help narrowing them down- could you private message me whenever you get a chance?

Can you please ping me about a custom vid?


Aghosty26 Jan 2020

Could you message me
About a custom

cuckguy226 Jan 2020

Hey i have a request id like to make for a custom video. Id love to get in contact to talk about it. If you could pm thatd be awesome!

dbdl22 Jan 2020

Could you msg me for a custom video request 🙏

rer220 Dec 2019

Hello, im interested in a custom video, Plz pm

honeyam2017 Nov 2019

Hi, I would like to discuss a custom video. Please PM me.

Eatin_ass deleted Nov 2019

Hey sexy PM about a custom plz thx

PunkHazard Nov 2019

Hey Tigger! Been trying to message you, but MV says I cannot send you messages without premium.

Dexter_10b Nov 2019

Do you do girl girl customs? 
Let me know. 
Thanks :)

I would be interested in a 10 min custom, please message me, thanks!

Message me please

henni13 Aug 2019

Hey love. Please pm me regarding a custom

May I be able to message you and request a custom video please?

Contact me for a custom please.

qt314s Jul 2019

Hi Rosey. Could you pm me about a custom video if you get the chance please? Thank you :)

bruintilldeath deleted Jun 2019

hi there have a question about customs can you pm me?

Makdaddy81 May 2019

I have a hot steamy script.i think you would find appealing can you DM me and we can chat about it??

Delix47 May 2019

Hello Rosey I have custom idea I'm wondering if it is possible to make?

Hello! I have a custom video idea but would like to message you first about it, thanks!!

striz4p Mar 2019

Hey there! Can you message me about a custom?

Hey, can you please message me for a custom? Thanks :)

Please message me when you get the chance. I’m interested in a custom. Thanks.

weli72 Feb 2019

Hi I would like to ask a question on gg custom video please!!

Kenji that sounds great!!

kenjibound Jan 2019

Hi Tigger! Just watched your free hoop dance clip and I'm blown away by your flow! I'd love to commission a custom dance clip, non-nude, to a song we both agree on. What do you think?

Bumpknucks deleted Oct 2018

Hi there :)

Could you message me about a custom please

adecourv Aug 2018

What would you charge for a girl/girl scene in your Asari makeup?

it would be the girls rates + painter cost + additional prop costs! ^^ xo

superman78 Nov 2017

Please message me for a custom.goddess thanks

Hey you two, just so you know I don't get notified if people comment here.  but you are both more than welcome to PM me on here about your ideas!!

FeetJoiMic Aug 2017

Hello Tigger, I would like to chat with you about a custom Idea I have, pls msg me. Thank you :)

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