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(JUST NO AGEPLAY, NO BREAKING WEBSITES CONTENT RULES…( ̄^ ̄)ゞ ーOH! ALSO NO HIGHLY DANGEROUS* ANAL STUFF!) LOL WELL THAT’S STILL NOT COVERING EVERY IDEA OUT THERE! BE ASSURED THAT I’LL LET YOU KNOW IF I AM NOT FEELING LIKE PERFORMING SOMETHING! PLEASE; ASK ME ANYTHING! NOTHINGS TO LOSE ~* (SOME MORE HARD NO'S ALSO INCLUDE RACE-PLAY* NO SLURS THAT ARE DEROGATORY TOWARDS A CERTAIN PERSON(S) RACE ETHNICITY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT OR I WILL BE BURNED AT THE TWITTER-STAKE, jk I don’t care bout twitter but i don’t want to do RACIALLY DEROGATORY fetishes…not outright, discuss it with me please! so nobody is too uncomfortable… FOR REAL NO AGEPLAY ! NOT HERE OR SKYPE OR ZOOM OR CANADA. Nothing eveb roleplay yes BELOW 18 will be not a question. NO ANIMALS IN REAL LIFE and likely also in ROLE-PLAYS. and the the usual ~ NO SCAT No…BLOOD( ?) NOTHING VIOLATING WEBSITE T.O.S. I ALREADY MENTIONED THAT EHHHHG. •~OK lol now that's out of the way!~• please, don’t be scared by the giant disclaiming stuff I mean society just can’t handle us topless so yeah-this is sexwork. welcome! Scripted ideas, half baked visions or just film funding for a surprise…or a documentary!? ask me ANYTHING! Ive been doing cam and clips for 6 years + so please don't be shy! I'm really fetish friendly/openminded!

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wanky666 Nov 10

Hi lovely, can you message me about a potential custom? ❤️

Could you please PM me about a custom? Thanks in advance.

Bill4576 Aug 14

Hi message me about a custom.

KS0000 Nov 2022

hey, could you plz dm me about a custom? thanks

redded2791 deleted Sep 2022

would love to buy a custom plz dm me

Hi!  Could u message me about a custom?

just44un May 2022

Hi, I would like to order a custom, but before that could you DM me so we can talk about the details?😋

Action5432 Jan 2022

Hello I have a question about your custom Videos please DM me If you don't mind

indo1kanobi Dec 2021

Hi, i'd like to send a custom your way, could you message me to discuss?

dm me about a custom?

Toby1010x Nov 2021

Dm me please about custom

I had a custom I was hoping you would do but wanted to see if your open to my idea can you send a dm?

momo2momo Sep 2021

DM please thanks

interested in a custom plz dm me

Sex013 deleted Jul 2021

hello may i request a custom vid?

__xasos Jun 2021

Hi! I'm interested in getting a custom video, mind sending me a DM? Thanks again!

SomeguyJS May 2021

Hi I'm interested in a custom. Can you DM me?

magicbox Jan 2021

Care to talk about a kinky high heel fetish??

Obi Awesome Oct 2020

Is it possibly to make some video with firecrackers

Tabisock1 Aug 2020

Still taking custom vid requests?

MelodyHero Aug 2020

yep! I am :)

bk1113 Aug 2020

Ready to do custom with that huge 72 inch balloon?

MelodyHero Aug 2020

oh of course I am!!! wish I had replied to this sooner!!!

cjst47 Aug 2020

Could you message me about a custom?  Thanks!

iceman8 May 2020

please PM me about a custom video idea

duanshan45 May 2020

can we discuss a custom?

Danielxero Apr 2020

Hey can we discuss a custom? :)

Laurislave Jan 2020

Hello! Hope we can discuss a custom idea when you’re free:)

Danielxero Jan 2020

Hey, can we discuss a custom? Thanks :)

iceman8 Dec 2019

please PM me about a custom video request

SomeguyJS Dec 2019

Hi melody, I'm interested in a squirt custom. Can you send me a message please? Thank you so much!

MelodyHero Dec 2019

Yeah! I would LOVE to! I will message you shortly

SomeguyJS Jan 2020

Hey again, still interested in that custom, can you DM me please?

Flsh19 Oct 2019

I'd love to order a custom from you. Can you message me to see if it's something you can do?

Bumpknucks deleted Sep 2019

Hi there :) Could you message me about a custom please

harvestone Sep 2019

Hi Melody. Can you PM me so I can run a custom idea past you? pretty sure it's fine, but doesn't hurt to ask

dumbbill Aug 2019

wow. you are gorgeous. I need a naughty little girl to play with. Please message me if you are available for a naughty anal custom. x Bill

MrBrutal Aug 2019

Hi there. Interested in a custom clip, if you can please DM me, thanks! xo

Interested in a custom video, please DM me.

tonytony678 Jul 2019

hello baby girl message me please about custom video

Message me about a custom?

jadelivan Jun 2019

Will you make more vids with inflatables nonpop?

standupguy Jun 2019

Hey, can you pm me about a custom?

nefilim Jun 2019

Hi, could you message me regarding a custom please? Thanks :)

rising23 deleted Mar 2019

Hey melody, had a great time chatting with you yesterday, drop is a pm when you get chance, would love to arrange a custom with you :)

samc97 Mar 2019

Hey, can you pm me about a custom? Thanks :)

dumbbill Feb 2019

Hey cutie, you look adorable. Please message me if you're interested in using your asshole to make me cum in a custom video. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks babe. x Bill

magicbox Jan 2019

I am looking for a custom heel fetish video, would love to discuss in a pm and if both parties are good I would like to order! Thank you

lil_mikey Jan 2019

you open to doing my custom now? pm me :)

Exp39a Nov 2018

Are your vids b/g?

MelodyHero Nov 2018

I CAN make B/G vids yes!

PL20000 deleted Aug 2018

Hey honey! Im looking for a nice custom video. Please message me if you are interested.

kromewell deleted Aug 2018

Interested in a custom, message please so i can add details. -Thanks

20tbone08 Aug 2018

Hi!  Can you please message me about this?  Thank you : )

Brunorose Aug 2018

Hi wanna buy a custom from u but wanna disscuss it could u messege me and disscuss aboit it?

__xasos Jul 2018

Hi! I'm interested in getting a custom video, mind sending me a message?

hermit8086 Jul 2018

Can you do a smoking video with More 120s? It's a 120mm long dark brown brand of cigarette. They can be a little hard to find but usually you can find them in cigarette outlet stores

mapas21 Jun 2018

can you make a video of you dancing sexy in high heel sandals smashing and crushing pates?

Zelleon deleted Jun 2018

I would love to order a custom, please message me

cpnice May 2018

Hi there, I'm getting ready to buy a custom but wanna ask you about it first, can you PM me? <3

kr1mson deleted Apr 2018

Hi there! Do you still do customs? If so, can i haz  message? :)

mrjreed69 Apr 2018

im interested in a custom, please message me to discuss.

sobrcelt Apr 2018

Hi! Would you cater to a blasphemy fetish in a custom video for me, please?

Pete3000 Apr 2018

msg me for a custom scene pls

goblinking4ever deleted Mar 2018

I am interested in purchasing custom video and pics. I have the same nickname on pornhub if easier to talk there just add me there I have auto approve.

formatj Mar 2018

Hey! I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a custom masturbation/dildo ride video for me? Please get in touch if so, thanks.

Aviv24 Jan 2018

Hey, can we talk about custom in Pm? tnx

I would like a BG creampie video. I would like to discuss the details if you are ready.

MelodyHero Dec 2017

Hi! sorry they dont notify my messages here! pm me if you can or email a.melody.hero@gmail.com

Hey! Mind if you send me a message about customs? Thanks!

tarchive Oct 2017

I would like to propose an idea for a custom. Message me for details. Thanks

richrico Sep 2017

I would like to get a custom made, please message me once you have a moment!

FeetJoiMic Aug 2017

hi there...really nice profile! I would like to talk to you about a custom idea I have. Pls msg me. Thank you :)

Exp39a Jul 2017

Can you/will you do custom b/g vids?

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