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Hi I would like to order a custom from you could you pm me

I’d like to order another custom.

Have a wild custom idea for you!

Hey Dakota could you message me about a custom

Hello! Could you message me to discuss a custom please?

kisses :x

clench77 Jan 11

Hi can you message me for custom?

Hi there, DM me pls to discuss a custom, thanks.

I’d like to purchase a custom

can you message me about a diaper custom?

Stewbacca Sep 2022

hey can u dm me about a custom vid

Hi I’d like to ask if u can make a video for me

Millenial88 May 2022

Hey, are you currently doing custom vids?

I sure am!

I was interested in a custom video, please DM me, thanks!

newguy54 Mar 2022

Hi, please dm me about a custom thanks

BeKernJim deleted Nov 2021

Hi, I’m considering a custom. Can u please message me so I can run it by you before ordering?

meldrake Oct 2021

would love to discuss a custom if you could dm me :)

JTide18 Oct 2021

Hey do you do custom photosets?

I sure do! DM me

I'd like to ask about a custom video, please pm me.  Thanks!

Blackandteal5598 deleted Jul 2021

can you message me about a custom please

Harvlfc May 2021

Hey Dakota, could you please message me about a custom? Thanks :)

here330 Apr 2021

If you could message

Colonelsanders deleted Feb 2021

Hey gorgeous please send me a private message about a custom video

grepper91 Jan 2021

Hey, could you please message me to discuss a custom video request. Thanks.

M_AlwaysLooking deleted Dec 2020

Hi – I have a work related question – can you DM me please?

user0817 Nov 2020

Could you message me about a custom video idea please?

JoshChris deleted Sep 2020

Hi - I'd like to discuss a specific idea for a clip if you have time. Thanks! frumgirlspics@gmail.com

caricc Sep 2020

Hello, are you able to make some custom work using a green screen? Message me. Thanks.

xAblu3xx Sep 2020

Hey there Dakota! I’m interested in a non nude custom myself. Message me so I can discuss details! Thanks

mrpoppers Sep 2020

Hey there. I am very interested in a non nude custom. Can you message me? Thank you :)

johnnyfakename deleted Jul 2020

Could you message me about a custom video idea please?

Hello I have a question about a custom if you could please dm me!

Dakota, I have an idea for a custom vid. I would like to discuss it in a message before I order. It's non nude, about 5 mins. Thanks

snowman81 Mar 2020

Hiya!  I was wondering if you'd be interested in a custom idea?  If so shoot me a PM thanks!

Sk908396 Jan 2020

Hey I ordered thank you for doing the custom

Aldo16 Jan 2020

Hi Dakota please message me, I’d like to order a custom

Sk908396 Jan 2020

Hi I'm looking for a custom similar to the no tutoring for me video same outfit, but just crossing your legs shifting positions when you cross so your top leg thigh side is visible, a high leg cross so your bottom leg is on the step below, maybe wear heels and a short white Sox, let me know if interested

qt314s Dec 2019

Hi Dakota, could you message me about a custom video if you get the chance please. Thank you :)

n10810341 Dec 2019

Hi Dakota please message me, I’d like to order a custom

Rapador9 Aug 2019

Hi baby I’m interested in a custom video message me please and make you some questions about it

notameanie May 2019

Hi Dakota! I have a custom request and have some inquiries. Do message me

hiiii!!!! otay!

kingadam56 Mar 2019

Hi Dakota, I'd love to order a pee custom. Are you down?

I would turtlely do that. I just don't show nudity anymore but I can shoot it in different angles for you :-D

Soleus23 Feb 2019

Would you be willing to do a custom girlfriend experience

i sure do :-)

I would love to!

Hi Dakota I was hoping to discuss a custom before ordering, if you could message me

Hi Dakota I was hoping to discuss a custom before ordering

grimmochov Jan 2019

hi, do your customs contain other models at all? most if not every video i see on here appears to be solo

Would you do this as a custom video?

The scene would start out
by you coming in and telling your boyfriend how much fun you
had at self defense class and how fun it was to kick guys in
the balls with your bare foot. Explain how easy it was to
bring a guy to his knees with just one swift kick of your
foot into his balls.

Next tell
him that you're not happy with him and that you think he
deserves some kicks to the nuts with your bare foot. Tell
him that you need some more self defense practice and that
he should let you kick him in his nuts. Also let him know
that you think his balls are too big and fertile and since
you don't want kids you wanna kick him and make his
balls shrink up and produce less sperm.

Then proceed to give him
some swift kicks to the testicles with your toes. After you
do that, you tell him that you feel bad for busting his
balls and shrinking his nuts so in order to make him feel
better you finish him off with a nice footjob.

I have an idea for a custom vid.  Please pm if interested!

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