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Could you please message me about a custom?

hi! could you send me a msg to discuss a custom idea? thx!

ttmichi Mar 2022

Quick head sup: since the new record is now INSANE 23 Thongs the new Bounty for breaking it is: 240 $ with + 25$ for every Thong after the 24th.

MayaLoux Mar 2022

Thanks for the heads up I’ll try my best 💖💖💖

Ricedong Jan 2022

hi! could you send me a msg to discuss a custom idea? thx!

MayaLoux Jan 2022

Going over to your inbox in a moment xx

Zentron Jan 2022

Hey Maya o/Can you send me a private message? I would love to (finally xD) discuss the details of the custom I have in stand-by for months now :)

MayaLoux Jan 2022

On it Xx

dynekaiba Dec 2021

Hi, can we discuss a custom video idea please? Cheers

MayaLoux Dec 2021

I’ll send you a dm xx

ttmichi Nov 2021

dm me please queen< 3

Gray80 deleted Nov 2021

Hi dear can you message me please xx

Bingomatic Oct 2021

I would like to see you in a Hunter boots custom. Let see if we can make it happen. Message me if you are interested

momo2momo Sep 2021

DM please thanks

Kniffhanger Apr 2021

Could you send me a message about a custom?

mrdogcat Sep 2020

Hi, I've an extra naughty custom I would love to discuss with you.

Hey! I would like to get a custom video. Can you send a pm?

Hey there. Would love to discuss details and some specifics before I place my order. Message me or email me, mrbursterpop@gmail.com

hello, can you message me about asshole fetish custom?

Zentron Feb 2020

Hi ! Can you send me a message for talking about a custom balloon fetish video ? :)

Naru1988 Feb 2020

Hi can you Pm me and we can talk custom idea?

Gray80 deleted Feb 2020

Hi can you message me to discuss a custom please? :)

christot Jan 2020

Would like another custom if you are interested.

rlooner Nov 2019

hi .. pm me about custom .. thanks

CamranJames Aug 2019

I'm interested in Vote for custom, message me please!

Donkey1ear Aug 2019

Hi can you message me about a custom video please

christot Jul 2019

Please contact me about a custom.

Jeeeez3 Feb 2018

can you squirt? for video purposes

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