So ManyVids support just blew me out of the water. Best team ever!

- Cortanablue

First of all I LOVE this site! It's quite refreshing that MV allows models the freedom to advertise any other sites.

- Dawn Willow

MV Support is always SO helpful! Just one of the many aspects of this site that make it so professional and wonderful and sex positive all at the same time!

- NaomiLe

Just got done working with the best group of professionals I've ever met. It was like 1 big family on set. Thank you ManyVids creative team

- Lana Rain

Waking up to an inbox full of "Congrats you just sold..." Is probably one of the best ways to wake up!!

- MargotDarling

MV gives me the opportunity to produce movies that members want to see, and that I just love to make

- MissTiff

Ahhhhh another massive donation to my ManyVids fund!!!!!! Wahhh :') you guys are the best!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Will send porn out later.

- Luna Roux

I just wanted to give a shout out to ManyVids for being the most awesome site ever. Thank you!

- Layla

I'm so thankful that ManyVids is quick to fix issues and has a clear line of communication and actually takes model suggestions.

- Savannah Savage

ManyVids is a great site for both the consumer and the model! The only time I've had a problem, it was fixed pronto!

- XFuukaX
1. Why MV?

At ManyVids we welcome everyone, from all walks of life. No matter the sexual orientation, or the color of their skin, we are all on ManyVids to celebrate sexuality. We want to allow our MV Stars and Members to enjoy their sexual fantasies within a safe and positive environment. We recognize that sexual desire is the most fundamental part of our nature. Sex is beautiful in itself, and we want to promote exploring and embracing all of the many different kinks and sexual tastes. It is important for us that you can be yourself on MV. So it is our utmost priority to make sure we have a respectful space for everyone. And that's what makes us different.

The adult industry can be a difficult place. Many MV Stars come from harsh backgrounds, having chosen the adult industry not out of choice, but out of necessity. However, we want to make this industry a more positive space for all who come to ManyVids. We want our MV Stars to become successful on their own terms, having control over what they do. We want MV Stars to enjoy their work, and fans will be delighted if they are happy. We want sex-industry workers to become independent successful entrepreneurs.

To do this, we constantly improve our technology and add features that can help MV Stars in the most optimal way possible. Our support staff also provide top notch service, and we take extra care in resolving any kind of problems that may arise.

Ultimately, that is our goal. To be the best platform in the adult entertainment industry, and to be a place for respect, kindness, and most of all, fun.

MV Team

2. MV's Vision & Mission

ManyVids is committed to creating an accessible community for our MV Stars and members to connect with freedom and authenticity.

Vision: To transform the adult industry into a safe haven that promotes sex positivity and the fair treatment of adult entertainers.

Mission: We desire to give adult content creators the best tools available to help them become successful entrepreneurs.

3. What is MV and how is it different? is a platform designed specifically to help MV Stars generate a healthy passive income. MV is a “one-stop shop”, where your fans can find everything you have to offer. MV is the only adult industry platform that offers many options to it's content creators such as; selling individual vids, memberships, store items (physical goods panties, bras, shoes, toys…), phone number, texting / chatting options, fund me campaigns, custom vids, tip options (Make it Rain), weekly & monthly contests, and annual awards.

Apart from being the fastest growing adult community in the world and giving you very wide exposure on our MV Blog and in our MV Mag, we also strive to ensure the best possible customer service to MV Stars and Members alike. Our team is constantly creating new tools and ideas to make sure we do everything we can to help our MV Stars do better.

4. How many Members and MV Stars are registered to MV?

ManyVids has been growing very fast and now has 1.9M active registered members.

At MV we are always very happy to welcome new content creators daily. Here is the breakdown of our growing community of active MV Stars: 14,271 MV Girls; 1,612 Producers; 731 MV Trans; and 1,270 MV Boys.

5. How much traffic does MV have? Alexa certified traffic. We have 6.5 million unique visitors every month, with 1.7 million page views each day. Each day we have hundreds of thousands of unique users visiting the website, and we have a very vibrant community revolving around contests, the MV Blog, the MV Mag, and much more.

6. Where can I view a list of MV's accepted Vids categories and fetishes?

MV is also a space that welcomes all sexual orientations and ethnicities. We want everyone to feel that this is a secure place where they can express their creativity as fully as possible. No matter where you come from, you can rest assured that MV is a place where you can be yourself and be successful!

At MV there are over a thousand accepted categories and fetishes. You can view them all below.

7. What type of Vids can I upload?

From a simple sexy striptease to an x-rated fetish vid, you can upload any vid that falls under our 1000+ accepted categories (nudity not necessary). As an MV Star you should only create content that you are comfortable producing.

The minimum length of a vid is 60 seconds (1:00 min) and there is no maximum length, just keep in mind the maximum size of a vid is 5GB. Supported file types include M4V, MP4, MOV, MPG, WMV, AVI. Once uploaded, you can rest assured that your content is safely hosted within our secure servers and, what’s more, our streaming service option is also truly secure. We’re incredibly honored to be at the forefront of the adult industry in this regard.

Due to the technical demands of secure streaming, ManyVids encourages uploads in MV4, MP4 and MOV formats. For more details, please see Question #14

8. Why do some Vids have an extreme content warning?

If the content of a vid has been flagged by our support team as potentially disturbing to some viewers, but still falls within our accepted categories, a warning message will be displayed on top of that specific vid.

We wish to offer to our Members and MV Stars the choice to opt out from viewing content that may be offensive to them.

9. Why should I become an MV Star?

ManyVids is a platform that allows you the ability to promote yourselves as freely as you wish by selling your vids, store items, custom vids, memberships, and more to your fans. MV was created to give the power to MV Stars and help our content creators generate a passive income and a growing fanbase.

You will always keep control over your content. MV lets you promote in whichever manner you choose in order for your existing and new fans to find you easily. You can even promote other clip sites, cam sites or your own personal website. Whatever makes you happy makes us happy.

10. What kind of MV Star account should I have if I want to be a seller on MV?

MV welcomes everyone! Below are the MV Star account types and their related content:

MV Star Types

  • MV Girl
  • Producer
  • MV Trans
  • MV Boy

Below is a breakdown of the content available to sell for each MV Star type.


G = Girl(s)

P = Producer(s)

T = Trans

B = Boy(s)

MV Star Content Types - Yes (Y) / No (N) Independent model who produces, sells and stars in their own content
G (Solo)
B (Solo)
T (Solo)
MV Girls Y Y Y N N Y N N N Yes
MV Trans N N N N N Y Y Y Y Yes
MV Boys Y N N Y Y N N Y N Yes
Producers Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Might not necessarily star in their own content but own the right to
sell/distribute the content they produce.

MV Stars earn 60% of all sales from their content including vids, contest votes, store items, memberships, services such as custom vids, text/chat packages...

MV Stars can also earn $25 per referral from MV's affiliate program once the referred content creator uploads a minimum of 3 vids, 5 pictures and a profile picture.

Note that MV reserves the right to change MV Star account types at any time at our discretion. If you are unsure of which type of account you should have, please contact our support team and they'll be happy to help at

MV does not allow resellers. Anyone selling on MV must hold the rights over the content they sell, and the content must be original content that was produced by the seller. The vids you sell on MV do not have to be exclusive to ManyVids. You can absolutely sell your content anywhere you wish.

11. How do I sign up as an MV Girl, Producer, MV Trans or MV Boy?

Getting approved and ready to sell on MV is an easy process. It is very important that all MV Stars are verified through the approval process in order for us to be able to protect your identities. Once approved you will be able to sell your first vid in no time. Here is below the detailed process to become a certified MV Star.

  • Create your FREE account by clicking on the Join FREE! button at the top right of
  • Enter your Username - Email - Password - for MV Stars choose the option: MV Star
  • Confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation link automatically sent to your email
  • Once the email is confirmed you must upload a valid, government-issued ID, as well as a picture of yourself holding the ID in order for us to make sure that you can start selling on MV. You can upload your ID by going to: My MV > Settings > Documents in the main drop down menu in your profile page
  • Applications are reviewed and approved within 24 to 48 hours

Once your account is approved, you can upload and start selling on MV right away while earning instant revenue!

12. How long does it take to create my profile and upload my first Vid?

Once you have submitted the required items for approval purposes applications are reviewed and approved within 24 to 48 hours.

When you have been approved, creating your profile and uploading a few vids and pictures will take you approximately 5 minutes each. The speed of uploading a vid depends on its length. On average every vid takes about 5 mins to upload and a extra 2 mins to edit (set your price, enter a description and more. Depending on your internet speed, you can upload an unlimited amount of vids at the same time. While you are waiting for your vids to be uploaded, you can open MV in another tab at the same time and edit your profile, answer messages, or do whatever else you need to do. Once ready you will be able to edit and launch all your vids in a breeze. Your profile will be up and ready in no time!

Our sign-up process is as easy as 1-2-3! However, if you are having trouble with any of these steps, feel FREE to contact us at We're here to help!

13. How are my Vids and information kept safe?

All information on the site is protected by an encrypted connection, and your vids are stored on a secure cloud data server which requires an encrypted unique signatures in order for your vids to be streamed (or downloaded).

And by “streaming” we don’t mean run-of-the-mill “streaming.” We’ve upgraded our streaming to what is known as “secure streaming,” considered to be a top anti-piracy service. We’re proudly at the forefront of the adult industry in this regard.

ManyVids also offers the latest in anti-piracy protection to our MV Stars through our partnership with DMCAForce and DigiRegs.

  • All vids on MV are imprinted with a unique digital fingerprint ID
  • We automatically scan the entire web on behalf of our MV Stars to locate any stolen content featuring this ID
  • We issue DMCA takedown notices everytime we find an illegally uploaded vid

Not only that, through DMCAForce and DigiRegs we are in collaboration with many major tubes sites to prevent piracy at the source. These sites will block stolen content from being uploaded in the first place.

We stay on top of the latest initiatives and upgrade our technology to help protect our MV Stars.

14. What is the “Secure Streaming” and how does it benefit MV Stars and MV Members?

MV is proud to offer MV Stars the most secure streaming technology offered by a clip site. This is an option for individual vid uploads as well as membership purchases. Of course download is also available.

Due to the technical demands of secure streaming, ManyVids encourages uploads in MV4, MP4 and MOV formats, but it works for AVI, WMV and MPG as well.

Secure streaming is adaptive, meaning that it will start streaming at a low (but very good) resolution quality and automatically upgrade to the highest resolution quality—up to gorgeous 4K resolution!—if the internet speed is decent, ensuring the fastest and highest-quality viewing experience possible. MV Stars will also have the option of choosing their preferred file size, so you can control the quality and speed of your content!

Here’s how secure streaming benefits MV Members:

  • Downloading takes time and space on MV Member’s hard drives. Secure streaming (think Netflix) means faster access to content and zero personal storage is used up.
  • Streaming isn’t just faster, it allows for easy browsing, jumping ahead or back!
  • Another plus: Streaming is adaptive, which means it intuits the best possible resolution based on the internet speed so that no time is wasted.
  • Secure streaming offers far superior device compatibility, compared to downloads. We estimate that your content files will be viewable to 99 percent of users, including on all smartphones!
15. What is an RTA Label?

A "Restricted to Adults" or RTA label is voluntary information a website can choose to place on their site to make it easier for parents to protect their children from viewing adult material online. When parents recognize the label, they can manually add the website to their list of restricted sites. Even more conveniently, ManyVids inputs information on our backend that allows parental control blockers to automatically recognize the site as restricted to adults. For more information please visit

16. What is ASACP?

Founded in 1996, ASACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to online child protection. ASACP battles child exploitation through its CE Reporting Tipline and helps parents prevent children from viewing age-restricted material online with the Restricted To Adults - RTA Website Label. For more information please visit

17. I think there may be an infringement of my copyrighted Vid. What should I do?

If you think one of your vid or vids have been uploaded on a site without your consent, contact our support team at and we will issue a DMCA notice for it to be taken down immediately.

18. Can I block members from a certain state, region, province, or country?

Your privacy and your desire to stay private in certain places are very important to us, and we respect that 100%. Therefore, yes, you are always in control of who is allowed to access your content. You can block states, regions, provinces, or countries you want your content hidden from.

You can find this feature from the drop down menu > My MV > Settings > Country / Region Block.

19. Is there a fee for becoming a Member of MV or an MV Star?
  • There are no fees to join as an MV Star. It is FREE and always will be.
  • It is also FREE to join ManyVids as a Member. As a FREE Member you can see previews of vids, as well as view various sections of the site such as the MV Blog and the MV Mag. You can also comment on blog posts and on the walls of all our MV Stars.
  • You can always upgrade to becoming a Premium Member to enjoy all the benefits that come with a Premium Membership.
20. Is ManyVids a membership based website?

MV does not sell memberships that give access to all the vids on the site. However, MV Stars can create their own memberships (price & duration) which will include access to whichever vids they decide to put in their membership. As an MV Star you will need a minimum of 5 vids to be able to create your membership.

Additionally you can also grab the ManyVids vid membership, which would give you access to all the exclusive vids produced by ManyVids.

21. What is a Premium Member and how can I become one?

You can become a Premium Member by going to your account dropdown menu, and finding 'Upgrade to Premium' below your profile name.

The Premium Membership is the ultimate badge on MV that will earn you respect from MV Stars. It shows you that you're willing to go the extra distance for the MV Stars, and make you stand out from the rest of the Members.

More specifically, the Premium Membership will give you the following benefits:

  • Access to the MV Messenger so that you can send direct messages (DM) and pics to all MV Stars
  • Access to using the amazing and authentic ManyMotes in messenger
  • Exclusive access to watch ALL 26014 of the blocked previews on MV
  • A bold username and an icon within your profile to help get you noticed
22. When do I get paid and which payment methods are available?

We send payments on the 1st and 16th of each month using the payment method of your choice. Currently, we are proud to be the only adult industry company that offers FREE direct deposits in 38 countries around the world.

Payment Methods

Method Processing Time Minimum Earnings Fees
Direct Deposit 1-5 business days $100.00

* FREE in 38 countries, otherwise there is a $30.00 fee.

$15.00 dollar charge for failed payments

Paxum Prepaid Cards 1-2 business days $50.00


Cosmo Payment Prepaid Cards 1-2 business days $50.00


Entropay Virtual Wallet 1-2 business days $50.00


U.S. Checks 5-10 business days $100.00

Fee for re-issue of check: $30.00

Checks cannot be re-issued after 12 months have elapsed from date of original check.

Fee for cancelled check: $30.00

Checks are void after 90 days, after which the cancellation fee of $30.00 applies.

* If the currency selected in Settings > Payment Method is the official / default currency for your country, there is no fee. For example, if you select AUD as your currency and Australia as your country, the transaction is FREE. However, if you select a non-official Australian currency such as USD, a $30.00 fee will be charged.

Note that for some countries, transaction fees for USD and EUR may be waived depending on the bank designated in your Settings. Please make sure to check with your bank first.


USD Direct Deposit is FREE in the United States. In Canada USD is FREE if your bank accepts USD transactions, otherwise a $30.00 transaction fee will apply. Also please make sure to check with your bank first.


EUR Direct Deposit transactions are FREE for the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) - FREE in Hong Kong

NZD (New Zealand Dollar) - FREE in New Zealand

For the following countries no fees apply if your bank accepts EUR transactions, otherwise a $30.00 transaction fee will apply. Please make sure to check with your bank first.

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Signing up for Entropay, Paxum or Cosmo Payment is easy. Simply go to My MV > Settings > Payment Method then select Entropay, Paxum or Cosmo Payment, and you’ll be redirected to the appropriate website where you can register to receive your virtual wallet or prepaid card (among other options). For your convenience, here is more information about theses services:

ENTROPAY offers worldwide virtual wallet service in 120 countries. What is a virtual wallet? It is not a prepaid card, but it can be used to make online purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. The Entropay virtual wallet also allows you to withdraw funds by setting up either a wire transfer or a direct deposit to bank accounts around the world.

PAXUM offers prepaid cards for easy cash withdrawals, in addition to direct deposit, wire transfers and withdrawals to existing credit and debit cards. This service is available to MV Stars located outside the US only. Paxum also offers business accounts for MV Stars who are registered as a corporation.

A note to US-based MV Stars: For the time being, only those of you who are set up as a corporation can use Paxum, and you can only use the wire transfer or direct deposit services.

Here’s a quick summary of Paxum services by region:

Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Apply for Paxum Card

Business accounts
Wire withdrawals
ACH withdrawals

Latin America
Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Withdrawal to External Credit/Debit Card
Apply for Paxum Card

Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Withdrawal to External Credit/Debit Card (excluding Israel)
EFT withdrawals
Apply for Paxum Card

Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Withdrawal to External Credit/Debit Card (excluding Japan)
Apply for Paxum Card

COSMO PAYMENT offers Europe-based MV Stars a second prepaid card option. As with the other payment options listed above, there is a minimum earnings of $50 for MV payout to Cosmo Payment. This service is immediately available to MV Stars based in the following countries:
Romania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Isle of Man, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Note: For your security, you must contact our support team at if you wish to change your payment method once saved in Settings.

23. What percentage of my sales will I keep?

ManyVids pays out 60% of all gross revenue to MV Stars and 80% of all gross revenue earned by MV Crush.

It is very important that we constantly improve the platform. We often add new features, and make updates in order to make sure that MV is a platform where our MV Stars can become successful. This is in addition to all that we do in order to make sure that MV is as intuitive, secure, and user friendly as possible. The remaining 40% is used for payment processing, chargebacks, servers cost, implementation of new features, research & development and more. We take care of all those technical aspect so that you can concentrate on creating amazing content.

24. Why does MV keep a percentage of the sales?

ManyVids needs a full team to keep the site up and running. We reinvest all revenues into the site to offer all the MV Stars and Members the best user experience possible. Here's a breakdown of where the 40% goes:

Upkeep and maintenance is one of the main areas that require a lot of expenses. This includes payment processing and keeping our customer service top notch. There are server costs, office costs, full time staff, handling fraud, as well as security costs. We also believe in protecting our MV Stars by covering all chargebacks.

We run research and development in order to constantly push the boundaries of what MV can do for it's MV Stars (new features, market trends, processes, services, etc).

In addition, we have a prominent marketing operation which works to promote all MV Stars on our MV Blog and in our MV Mag. We also constantly find new ways to promote our MV Stars on other media outlets.

You can check out the chart below to see the breakdown of where our share of the revenue goes in more detail.

Where does your money go Chart
25. How much should I charge for shipping when sending store items?

MV gives 60% of all sales to the MV Stars and shipping costs on store items are treated the same. Like all sales, it also faces the same processing fees, risks for fraud and chargebacks.

With this in mind, MV Stars should make sure that they select a shipping cost that reflects the amount needed on top of the 60% earned.

Ex: if you require 8.99 to send your item, you should set your shipping price at $14.99.

26. What is MV RevShare?

MV RevShare is a referral program that allows you to share a unique affiliate link to recruit brand-new MV Stars to the MV Community. Your referrals earn you 5% lifetime commission from the following MV transactions: vid sales, memberships, all service sales, custom vid requests, tips, fund me tips, and more—for life! Not included in the MV RevShare are the following: tokens earned, MV Crush sales, booking fees for photo or video shoots, monthly bonuses and contests/votes.

Please note that this program is valid for all *new* referrals only and is not retroactive. The referral will only work for brand-new MV Stars. This means that any profile on ManyVids, whether recently deactivated or long-dormant, will not qualify. Importantly, only direct referrals will earn you 5%; currently, the benefit does not extend to the referrals of your referrals.

find your MV RevShare link, and to start earning, simply follow these instructions. Go to Drop-Down Menu > Earnings > MV RevShare and use your affiliate to invite future MV Stars to be part of the MV Community. To help promote your link, you’ll also get access to two beautifully designed banners. You’ll be able to keep track of which new MV Stars used your link to sign up as well as their activation status under your MV RevShare tab. Best of all, you can see how much your referrals are earning for you!

MV Members, agents, and talent recruiters can also request to become an MV Partner by contacting our support team at

27. Is there a minimum or maximum price I can charge for items and services?

You know your fans and your market best, as well as how much value you've put into your content, so we want MV Stars to have as much freedom as possible when it comes to pricing your vids.

  • The minimum price an MV Star can charge for any content is $3.99 and the maximum is $999.99
  • Memberships are a minimum of $39.99
  • Custom Vid orders have a price limit of $9,999
28. How does Top Earners work?

Top Earners are awarded a grand total of $20,000 a month. Prizes are awarded to the top 20 MV Girls, Producers, MV Trans and MV Boys. The prize breakdown can be viewed on the Top Earners' page.

We also showcase up to Top 100 earners for MV Girls, Producers, MV Trans, and MV Boys, which gives more exposure to top performing profiles.

29. What steps do I need to take to be a successful MV Star?

MV is a platform that gives you a storefront from which you can sell your content and generate revenue. Like all social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, being active and engaging with fans is the key to becoming successful. Here are some tips to get noticed and a successful content creator:

  • Create a fun profile by uploading vids, store items, pictures, fill your about section and add services (Skype, text, Custom Vids etc). Did you know that just uploading a profile picture will increase your chance of sales by almost 65%?
  • You should Upload a minimum of 7 vids to offer variety to your fans to choose from.
  • Have fun and interesting store items such as panties, bra, shoes… Store items are usually physical goods but can also be picture sets and texting / chatting packages.
  • If an MV Star has more than 7 vids, 5 store items, 15 pictures, a profile picture, and a completed about section, it will increase your chances of selling of almost 55% compare to a profile with less choices.
  • Using your social media profiles and inviting your fans to visit your MV Profile is the best way to get started.
  • Simply being active will make all the difference! Uploading new content and promoting it on your social media and on MV will increase your chance of sales by over 80%.
  • Link your Twitter account(s) to ManyVids and let us promote you. We have a dedicated marketing team working to increase your exposure and give you more promotion.
  • If you want to be promoted, simply email and she will take care of that for you. Our MV Marketing team is always looking for new faces and new MV Stars to promote to all our 1.5 million active members. There are many options.
  • Make sure to use all your "Marketing Tools" options in your Setting such as MV Blog and MV Mag Submission.
  • In addition, we have the MV Promo Blaster, which will automatically tweet out your sales from your Twitter profile. So make sure to link your Twitter account(s)!
  • Your fans are your best customers. Invite them to heart your profile on MV and stay in touch with them.

It's as easy as that! If you follow these steps and invest time (daily or weekly) you'll become a true rising MV Star in no time!

30. How can I Win a contest on MV?

The contest is a fun way for the MV Stars to promote themselves and their content, be seen by new members, and achieve more success on MV!

Every week we have a new unique contest going. Sometimes the contest is a 1 day contest (Winning Wednesday) and at other times there may be a longer theme contest happening with bigger prizes. Participation is quite easy, and whether or not you win, you will be sure to have fun! Here are some tips to enter contests with the right approach and increase your chances of winning!


Most contests on MV are themed contests, so making sure your photo follows the theme is not only great sportsmanship, but will get you noticed more! We recommend always doing your best to follow the theme which will keep these contests exciting for both MV Stars & voting MV Members. Also, there is a 'Best Photo' prize for every contest so even if you don't rank high - there is a chance you can win just for having an awesome picture!


If you love to get creative you can always follow the theme and spice up your photo! If you have some time to put a little extra thought into making your photo submission better it helps! Remember, a little goes a long way and the best results come from being original!


The more crisp the quality of your photo is, the better view the MV Members have of you, and that means more votes now, and more of a chance that a member will want to see more and head to your profile! However, please also make sure that the photograph's file size is not too heavy.


Make sure to engage your followers. Your following is the best ally in getting your photo noticed. Hype them up through your social media channels. Get your fans excited! Once they know that the contest is important to you, they will be able to FREE vote for you (and paid vote too if they wish)!

With all of this in mind, we encourage you to continue having fun and always remember that MV Members have admitted on many occasions that they find new MV Stars on the contest pages that they may have not come across just browsing on MV - so use the opportunity to your advantage!

31. How do I get exposure in the MV Blog?

Having your article featured on our MV Blog is great promotion for your profile and content. The blog was created so that everyone in the MV Community can talk about interesting topics and experiences, share opinions, and discuss current topics. It's a great way to get your voice heard so we encourage you all to continue submitting your awesome reads! With that being said, we get a lot of submissions so to better your chances of having a blog feature, here are some guidelines to help you write something read-worthy!


Writing an article can be a lot of fun! We encourage you to write as much as you would like to. It's important to remember that a simple sentence, or single paragraph may not be enough to keep the reader's attention so keep that in mind and try to make your post informative, fun and creative!

Adds Value To The Community

Try to keep things interesting by asking yourself what type of things you would like to read about. Whichever topic you choose to write about will promote you, so articles that are interesting, or have something to offer are often clicked the most. The blog is a community space, and it needs to add value to not just the MV Members, but also your fellow MV Stars. Good examples are 'How To' articles that give other MV Stars know-hows of the industry, or articles about unique experiences you've had.

Keep It Fun

This one cannot be stressed enough. Readers come to the MV Blog to enjoy reading something interesting. So make sure that your article is a fun read. Be casual and most importantly, be yourself.


When it comes to the photos you attach to your article, there are also a few things to keep in mind. Square photographs are always ideal, because they integrate smoothly into social media posts. Photographs that fit the theme of the article are great, and submitting more than one will give us more selection. Taking time to find great photos is important to avoid delay in the publication. Keep it non-nude, but sexy, so that it's social media friendly, and try to submit quality photos (high resolution, good lighting, etc.). An eye catching photo is a must!

Double Check Post Type

If you have a video submission in your post, please make sure to select MV TV when choosing the post type. Otherwise the submitted video will not work.

With all of this kept in mind, we are excited to read your blog posts, and hopefully publish them soon for everyone on MV to enjoy!

32. How do I get published in the MV Mag?

The MV Mag is the flagship magazine of ManyVids, an industry leading website. It receives over 20,000 views each month.

Your MV Mag submissions are a unique opportunity to promote your MV Profile. When readers encounter your photo in the magazine, they should be enticed to visit your MV Profile. So it is absolutely important to make sure that you are presenting yourself in the best way possible. Keep in mind at all times that your feature will be seen by over 20,000 members so this is your chance to take advantage and put yourself on the map.

We have a highly skilled team that works on the MV Mag, and we want to help you shine in the mag. Below are the general guidelines for all photo submissions for the MV Mag. These tips will help your photos get featured in the mag!

The Photo Must Feature You
  • Your photo submission should be all about you.
  • Have no one else in the photo, unless the submission requirements state otherwise. Not only does this bring copyright problems, but it also takes away from the fact this is your section in the mag.
Submit High Quality Photos
  • Submit photos with the highest resolution possible.
  • We want to show you off in the mag in the best way as possible, and when we have high quality photos, that becomes a lot easier for us.
  • Minimum requirements for photos are: 300 dpi, at least 1000 px wide.
Make Sure That You Own the Rights to the Photo
  • The photos you submit to the MV Mag must be owned by you.
The Photo Must Not Have Any Watermark
  • This includes text, or any other elements besides the photo itself.
  • This is because when there are elements that block parts of the photo, our team cannot use those photos.
Send Us the Photo's Original Files
  • Cropping, photoshop, or retouching might make it harder for us to work with the photograph. We have a great team of designers and artists. Let us do the work for you to make you look great!
  • When submitting photos that show the entire body of the model, make sure to have enough padding all around the model so that there is ample space between the model and the edge of the photo
  • If there isn't enough padding, parts of your body may be cut off from the photograph during the editing process.
Make Sure the Photo Is Correctly Exposed
  • If the photo is over-exposed or under-exposed we will not be able to use it.
  • Please reference the photograph below.

Striving for uniqueness will raise your chances of being accepted into the magazine. Here are some general recommendations that will help your photos get noticed.

  • Variation is key. Submit multiple poses. Multiple angles. Try to make each photo unique.
  • It is best to present yourself in the fullest way as possible. Mix various parts of your body, as well as close ups, facial and full body shots.
  • Mix non-nude and nude photos. Try to submit a photoset that teases the reader's imagination and makes them want more.
  • Play with your background if you can. Working environmental factors into your photoshoot can lead to making a great set.

*Because quality is really important, if you are receiving photographs from your photographer via email, forward that email directly to the MV Mag staff to avoid losing data in the transfer and missing your chance to be featured!

Below are submission requirement specific to each section of the MV Mag:

Between the Lines

This is a section where casual articles are written by the MV Team which will be featured with your photoset.

  • At least 4 photos.
  • Variation is very important.
  • The photos for this section should be from a same set.
Fantasy Fuck Me

The Fantasy Fuck Me is a fantasy article written by a member of the MV Team. The selected model is expected to participate in a “choose your own adventure” style scenario. This will allow the reader to partake in a sexual adventure in his mind so your answers should always remain flirty, fun, and sexual. The idea is to have the reader want to visit your profile so keep that goal in mind.

  • At least 6 photos.
  • The photos for this section do not have to be from the same set, but they must all have similar themes.
  • When submitting photos from different sets, there should be at least 2 photo per same set.
The MV Selfies

The MV Selfies is where we feature selfie photos of yourself with a few short questions about you.

  • Keep in mind that this is where readers should feel like they are actually receiving sexy selfies from you. Keep it fun, and engaging.
  • We expect the selfies to be taken with smartphones. We do not need the selfies to be of professional grade but lighting is key.
  • Your face must be visible in all of the selfies.
  • At least 4 photos.
Ad Submissions

The Ad page is a one page spread that presents your photo, your name, and your profile link.

  • This should be a photo that best represents you, and expresses what is unique about you as a model.
  • At least 3 photos.
  • The photos for this section do not have to be from the same set.
Tattoo Of The Month (TOTM)

TOTM is where we feature a cool sexy tattoo photo.

  • The photo's focus should be on the tattoo and be sexual in some manner to let the readers mind wander.
  • At least 3 photos.
  • The photos for this section do not have to be from the same set.
33. How do I enter the MV StarLight contest?

MV StarLight is a fun offshoot of MV Mag, our flagship publication, that lets us showcase our amazing MV Girls, MV Trans, and MV Boys with pics and interviews. The best part? MV StarLight gives total creative control to you, the MV Stars, to create your own photoshoots.

On the 1st of every month, fans will have the chance to cast their votes to crown one MV StarLight of the Month. At the end of the month, the winner will be awarded $250. Also, the official “MV StarLight of the Month” badge will appear on the winner’s MV Profile!

And there’s more: All selected MV StarLight photosets will appear not only on the new MV Daily page but also on a dedicated MV StarLight Page, which will give those MV Stars year-long exposure. Best of all, the MV Marketing Team could select your MV StarLight submission for publication in MV Mag!

For more details on how you can become an MV StarLight, check out the submission guidelines here.

34. How do I offer Custom Vids to my fans?

If you have at least 5 vids uploaded to your profile, you can add Custom Vids as a service. This is an awesome feature because Members will always want something more from you, something more tailored to their wants. So adding Custom Vids will make our fans go wild over you!

You can access the Custom Vids setup form by going to My Content > Add / Edit Services.

From there you can add the following items:

  • Personal message
  • Packages
  • Extras
  • Resolution
  • Delivery Time

You can see all your pending Custom Vid orders in your Earnings section. Members can also see the status of their orders in their Purchase History.

When a member orders a Custom Vid, the payment is held in an escrow account. Once the Custom Vid has been delivered to the member, the payment is transferred from escrow to the MV Star and it will show up in the MV Star's Earnings. Please remember that the vid must be uploaded to ManyVids, and not sent by any external link for it be considered as delivered.

35. How can I upload my Custom Vid order?

Uploading a Custom Vid order is super easy, and it works exactly like uploading a regular vid.

  • Go to My Content > Upload Vid to upload your vid.
  • When the upload completes the Edit Vid screen will appear. Fill out the form and check the “Custom Vid Upload” box.
  • Select the vid you want to send to the buyer.

And that's it!

If you want to make the vid exclusive to this custom vid buyer, select “Viewable only to the buyer of the Custom Vid”. If the vid is not exclusive to the buyer, you can launch it on ManyVids either right away, or on a date of your choice!

If you have any questions, we're always ready to help at

36. What is MV Crush?

MV Crush is a paid, subscription-only private messaging system that lets MV Stars instantly send an unlimited amount of exclusive pics, vids (maximum length 5 minutes), and notes to their most loyal fans. MV Stars are paid 80% of the subscription price.

Setting up your MV Crush subscription is quick and easy! Simply:

  • Log in to your MV Profile
  • Navigate to My Content from the drop down menu on the right
  • Select Add/Edit Services
  • Choose the MV Crush option

Once your MV Crush subscription is set up you can send your first MV Crush note by visiting your inbox. The MV Crush Notes tab is next to your Messages tab.

MV Crush and all the included content can only be accessed by those who subscribe to be your MV Crush.

Get your fans to sign up by using this direct link!

37. What is MV Flyer?

MV Flyer is a messaging tool that lets MV Stars send direct messages with pics and vids (maximum length 5 minutes), such as sweet ‘n’ sexy messages, new vid teases, store updates, promo codes, contests and more. In order to receive an MV Flyer, an MV Member must “follow” an MV Star. The service is free.

To opt out of receiving MV Flyers from a specific MV Star, simply go to the MV Star’s profile page and click the “Following” button to revert to unfollow. Or unfollow by clicking the three-dot action icon located in the top menu of the MV Flyer message window.

38. Are U.S. citizens required to submit a Form W9 or other tax forms?

For MV Stars who are U.S. citizens, there are some extra steps to take, but we've made it easier for you. It's simple. Just go through the following.

Submit to ManyVids a completed, signed, and dated Form W-9 in a timely manner. To fill out the form go to My MV > Settings > US Tax Forms.

For all US MV Stars (U.S. citizens and resident aliens) who have received a total amount of $600 or more over the last calendar year, MV will send you a copy of the Form 1099-MISC to the civic address or PO Box provided by the MV Star. This does not apply to any US MV Star who is a corporation, S Corporation, or Limited Liability Company (LLC).

If you have any questions, we're always ready to help at

39. How can I get some MV Gear?

We have a wide selection of awesome MV Gear to really show off your flair as an MV Star! There are multiple ways to get yourself some MV Gear.

The simplest way is to go to the MV Store and buy some MV Gear there!

We also do MV Gear Giveaways every Fridays, where Members vote among 4 MV Stars to see who would win an MV Gear. Email if you want to participate!

40. What happens if my vid gets flagged?

Our rule violation process is as follows: every vid that is flagged/reported is investigated by the MV Support Team and any MV Star hosting content that breaks our site rules will have the offending vid removed, and receive a warning for the first offence. After a second offence, further action will be taken.

Please note that we take URL Reports / Rule Violations very seriously, and we deal with each situation accordingly. Any violation of rules that arises, we assure that the MV Star in question is comprehensive to the rule being broken, and he/she is required to Audit their MV Profile to assure there is no other infringing content. They are advised that further violations of site rules will have further, harsher consequences such as a 24-hour site ban and/or a permanent ban.

With that being said, for confidentiality reasons, any action to resolve URL Reports/ Rule Violations will remain confidential between the MV Star and ManyVids. Releasing said information publicly to any other parties is not an option as we need to assure the MV Star’s safety in our community as well as abide by our confidentiality clauses.

Making sure MV is a safe place is a top priority for us, and it's easier to accomplish this with help from our MV Community. We appreciate everyone who is doing their part and helping to keep ManyVids a place where everyone can feel safe and know they are heard.

1. What is MV Takeover?

The MV Takeover is ManyVids' premier live stream feature, where an MV Star will take over the stream for 3 hour slots, just like a live cam show. But there's one big difference: you're taking over the entire site! It means you are the main attraction of during that time, and MV becomes your own cam room! All MV Takeover broadcasts will be prominently displayed across the website.

You can view the MV Takeover by clicking the 'Live' button on the navigation bar. The schedule of MV Stars for the Takeover can be seen from the Live page. Click the timer on the upper right side. This will display a dropdown that will show all MV Stars scheduled for upcoming Takeover shows.

2. Who can view MV Takeover live sessions?

The MV Takeover can be viewed by all MV Members and Guests!

Guests, however, can only view the stream, and are not able to chat, buy Tokens, or tip the MV Stars during the live Takeover sessions.

To be able to chat in the Takeover, and tip, you have to first sign up as a Member and it's FREE!

Note - Any Member that has previously been blocked by an MV Star will not be able to see her Takeover. The same applies to Members in the MV Star's blocked regions.

3. General Info for MV Stars

The MV Takeover is a great opportunity for MV Stars to promote themselves and have fun, live interactions with their fans. For three hours, all eyes on MV will be on you! This will be your moment to show everything you've got!

This is your time to shine! If you want to do a live Takeover show and be the queen of MV for 3 hours, reach out to the MV Team to see if there is a spot available for you. Simply send an email to

General Rules for MV Stars

We want our MV Stars to have the best experience during their MV Takeover live shows. It's your time to shine! This is a place to be yourself, and freely express your creativity.

In order to ensure that your Takeover session happens in safe and fun environment, please keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to respect MV's list of prohibited content. You can view it here under Upload Rules.
  • Only you, the MV Star scheduled for the MV Takeover, are allowed to be in the Takeover live show. Unauthorized performers may not be in the Takeover with you unless this has been specifically agreed upon with the MV Team prior to the show.
  • Minors, children, babies may not be on camera or in the same room.
  • Shows in public spaces are not permitted for MV Takeover sessions.
  • Most of all, be yourself and have fun!

If a Member's comments are bothering you or if the member is doing something to disrupt your Takeover, you have the option of blocking that Member during the Takeover. The blocked member will no longer see your live broadcast or be able to chat in your room, and the member will remain blocked until you unblock the user from your settings.

Any Member that you have previously blocked will not be able to see your Takeover. Similarly, Members from regions that you've blocked will not be able to see your Takeover.

The MV Team will be moderating Takeover sessions. We are here to help all MV Stars, and make sure the Takeover goes smoothly. You can also reach out to us at any time at for anything that may arise before, or during, your MV Takeover live sessions.

4. Can I setup my MV Takeover before my live show?

Yes, you can preview yourself and set your room title from 3 hours before your live show starts. When the daily shows begin, and you are the next MV Star on the MV Takeover schedule for that day, you will be able to click 'Preview your Cam' before going live and taking over

5. How can I set my room topic?

You can edit your room topic by clicking 'Edit' right above the MV Takeover screen. You can write anything you want here to give your fans what they can expect. You have a 150-character limit for the room topic. You can change the room topic as often as you'd like, even during your Takeover live session.

Your room topic is essential in helping you have an exciting MV Takeover live show, so it is very important that you set an original and sexy room topic. Use it to set up a token countdown for your fans to tip towards reaching your sexy live show goal or promote a fun game to make all your fans go crazy. Tease the MV Members about what they can expect. It's also a great way to promote any new content, sales, or promos.

6. Can I go offline during a live session?

MV Stars that are in the middle of a session can go offline by clicking the “Go Offline” blue button at the lower right side of the MV Takeover screen. You can always come back on cam by clicking the pink button 'Go Live Now'.

7. Are there any details I should be aware of during my MV Takeover?

To promote fair competition for all MV Stars, and make sure that everyone's efforts are acknowledged, we have certain limitations for MV Stars who participate in Takeover sessions.

MV Score
  • Token earnings during the Takeover will not count towards your MV Score.
  • All other earnings such that occurs during the Takeover will count towards your MV Score as usual.

To keep our MV Score point system fair throughout ManyVids for all MV Stars, here are some restrictions for contest votes during a live session MV Takeover.

  • For one-day contests (Winning Wednesdays), MV Stars scheduled for a Takeover cannot participate in the contest if it falls on the same day as their MV Takeover.
  • For multi-day contests (9 to 10 days), MV Stars can participate in the full contest, but their vote buttons will be disabled during the time they are scheduled for Takeover, and for additional 30 minutes after their Takeover live show ends. For example, in a contest that runs from July 1 - 4, if an MV Star's Takeover is at 9pm on July 1, then her vote button on the contest page will be disabled between 9pm and 12:30am.
8. General Rules for MV Members in the MV Takeover

We encourage you to be yourself and always be open, and engage others on MV in a respectful, positive manner. Everyone appreciates a good chat, so don't be shy!

Remember to always approach MV Stars during live Takeover shows in a courteous manner. We have zero tolerance towards bullies. This goes the same for when you are interacting with your fellow MV Members.

In order to make it a safe and fun environment for everyone, we have some rules.
MV Members viewing the MV Takeover may not:

  • Record or distribute the live stream
  • Encourage MV Stars to do anything that is prohibited by (Terms of Use)
  • Threaten or blackmail MV Stars or Members
  • Solicit MV Stars for commercial ventures
  • Spam the chat
  • Claim to be someone else
  • Use abusive, inflammatory, racist, or otherwise ethically offensive language
  • Post personal information of MV Stars or Members in the chat
9. How can I tip in the MV Takeover?

You can tip MV Stars during their Takeover with Tokens. Members can tip the MV Star for their Takeover only when an MV Star is on schedule. Once the MV Star starts the MV Takeover session, you can tip at any time until the end of the show (even if the MV Star takes a break and goes offline). You can purchase Tokens here.

10. Why are some MV Members highlighted and bolded in blue in the live chat?

Premium MV Members will have their profile names bolded and in blue for increased visibility. Premium Membership is a great way to get noticed by the MV Star during Takeover! Premium Members will also be highlighted in the Viewers dropdown on Takeover, where MV Stars and other Members can see who is currently watching the live show.

You can become a Premium Member by going to your dropdown menu, and clicking 'Upgrade to Premium' below your profile name.

There are many great benefits to a Premium Membership. It is the ultimate badge on MV that will earn you respect from MV Stars. It shows you that you're willing to go the extra distance for the MV Stars, and will make you stand out from the rest of the Members.

More specifically, the Premium Membership will give you the following benefits:

  • Access to the MV Messenger so that you can send direct messages (DM) and pics to all MV Stars
  • Access to using the amazing and authentic ManyMotes in messenger
  • Exclusive access to watch ALL 19797 of the blocked previews on MV
  • A bold username and an icon within your profile to help get you noticed
11. I can't view the MV Takeover, even though there's an MV Star scheduled right now.

There may be multiple reasons why you can't view the Takeover. The most likely is that you've been blocked by either the MV Star, or members of the MV Team.

The following gives you details on why you may be unable to view the Takeover.

  • You cannot view an MV Star's Takeover if the MV Star has your region blocked. Make sure to confirm with the MV Star's profile that this is the case.
  • You also cannot view an MV Star's Takeover if the MV Star has blocked you. If you are blocked by the MV Star, you cannot access any of the MV Star's content on ManyVids, including the MV Star's Takeover, profile, and more. You also cannot message the MV Star. This block is permanent until the MV Star unblocks you.
  • If you are not sure why you are blocked from viewing the MV Takeover, please contact our support team at
12. I was viewing an MV Takeover live show but just got kicked out. How can I get back in?

You were likely kicked out of an MV Takeover live session because you were blocked by the MV Star. Once you are blocked, you will not be able to view the MV Star's Takeover, or the MV Star's profile, until you are unblocked by the MV Star.

You might have also been kicked out by the MV Team because you did not follow the rules for MV Members during Takeover. You will be able to view a Takeover for the next scheduled MV Star for which you are not blocked.

If you are not sure why you cannot get back into the Takeover, please contact support at for assistance.

13. Can I stay anonymous as a tipper or a Member during a Takeover show?

You can't chat anonymously. However, you can tip Tokens anonymously.

MV Members can tip anonymously by checking the box for 'Anonymous' when sending Tokens as a tip during Takeover. The MV Stars doing the Takeover will see the amount of the tip, as well as the name of the Member, but other Members or MV Stars viewing the Takeover will not be able to see this. They will see: “An anonymous member has tipped.”

14. What are Tokens?

Tokens are a popular form of currency on camsites, and on ManyVids we also use Tokens. You can purchase Tokens here. We currently accept credit cards and bitcoins for Token purchases.

MV Members can purchase Tokens in packages to tip MV Stars live during Takeover. It is always better to buy Tokens before you start viewing a Takeover. Stock up on Tokens and make sure you don't run out while viewing the live shows!

15. What can I use Tokens for?

Tokens can only be used for tipping MV Stars during MV Takeover live sessions. You can purchase Tokens here.

Tokens cannot be used for any other item or service on the site, including, but not limited to, vids, memberships, store items, contest votes, custom vids, and any other services that MV Stars may offer. (Terms of Use)

You cannot transfer Tokens to MV Stars or other Members. Tokens cannot be traded among Members through any channel whatsoever.

16. How do MV Stars earn Tokens?

Members can tip MV Stars with Tokens only when MV Stars are in a live MV Takeover session. Want to start earning Tokens by doing a Takeover? Get started by emailing us at!

You have to be an MV Member in order to buy Tokens to tip MV Stars during the Takeover. So make sure to tell your fans in advance to sign up for MV and start buying Tokens. Sign up is FREE! It's always better for you and your fans if they have tokens ready in hand when your Takeover starts!

17. Where can I see the Tokens I've earned?

Your Token earnings will be displayed in real time on the lower left side of the Takeover screen during your live show. At the end of the MV Takeover live session, you will be given an overview of all the Token earnings that you've accrued during your MV Takeover.

You can view a full statement of your Tokens earnings by going to your Profile menu, under Earnings - My Earnings.

18. How much do MV Stars earn per Token?

MV Stars receive $0.05 USD for every Token that was tipped during the Takeover.

During the Takeover, Members will Tip with Tokens purchased in pre-set packages. Larger packages cost less per token since there are more FREE tokens included, but MV Stars are always paid the same amount of $0.05 USD per Token.

The percentage of the MV Star's earnings changes depending on the package purchased by the Member. The bigger the token package, the better the payout percentage.

Below you will see the % earnings breakdown per package.

Tokens FREE Tks
Price Cost per
MV Star
MV Star
Earning %
200 0 $19.99 $0.1000 $0.0500 50.00%
550 50 $49.99 $0.0909 $0.0500 55.01%
900 150 $74.99 $0.0833 $0.0500 60.01%
1875 374 $149.99 $0.0800 $0.0500 62.50%
3775 774 $299.99 $0.0795 $0.0500 62.92%
7575 1572 $599.99 $0.0792 $0.0500 63.13%
19. How do I add my Token balance to my current earnings?

Your accumulated Tokens can be converted into USD for the current payout period if you go to your Earnings page and click on the Convert Earnings button next to your token balance.

For example, if you earned 20,000 Tokens during a Takeover session, $1,000 USD is added to your next earnings statement after you click on the Convert Earnings button. The converted Token amount can be seen in your recent sales as Tokens, and your current Token balance is reset to 0.

As soon as you convert your Token balance, it will be instantly added to the current payout period.

20. Where can I buy Tokens?

First, you need to be an MV Member in order to buy Tokens and use them. To become a member, Join FREE Now!

Once you are logged in as an MV Member, click the Live button at the top of the MV page. This will take you to the MV Takeover view. Click the “Buy More Tokens” button at the lower left hand side of the MV Takeover view, to purchase additional Tokens.

Tokens are sold in packages. You can select the package that best fits your needs. You will receive bonus Tokens when you buy larger packs. So, the bigger the package, the better the value, and the more you save on Tokens!

Tokens FREE Tks
200 0 $19.99
550 50 $49.99
900 150 $74.99
1875 374 $149.99
3775 774 $299.99
7575 1572 $599.99

After you purchase a Token package, your token balance is shown on the lower left side of the MV Takeover screen.