1. Why MV?

At ManyVids we welcome everyone, from all walks of life. No matter the sexual orientation, or the color of their skin, we are all on ManyVids to celebrate sexuality and sexual expression. We want to allow our MV Stars and MV Members to enjoy their sexual fantasies within a safe and positive environment. We recognize that sexual desire is the most fundamental part of our nature. Sex is beautiful in itself, and we want to promote exploring and embracing all of the many sexual tastes, kinks, and expressions of sexuality. It is important for us that you can be yourself on MV. So, it is our utmost priority to make sure we have a respectful space for everyone. And that's what makes us different.

The adult industry can be a difficult place. Many MV Stars come from harsh backgrounds, having chosen the adult industry not out of choice, but out of necessity. However, we want to make this industry a more positive space for all who come to ManyVids. We want our MV Stars to become successful on their own terms, having control over what they do. We want MV Stars to enjoy their work and we want sex-industry workers to become independent successful entrepreneurs.

To do this, we constantly improve our technology and adding features that can help MV Stars in the most optimal way possible. Our support staff also provide top notch service, and we take extra care in resolving any kind of problems that may arise.

Ultimately, our goal is to be the best platform in the adult entertainment industry, and to be a place for respect, kindness, and most of all, fun.

2. MV's Vision & Mission

ManyVids is committed to creating an accessible community for our MV Stars and MV Members to connect with freedom and authenticity.

Vision: To create a judgement-free online ecosystem where all types of creators can support themselves through their passions.

Mission: To build an inclusive and diverse e-commerce platform for all.

3. What is MV and how is it different?

ManyVids.com is a platform designed specifically to help MV Stars generate a healthy passive income. MV is a "one-stop shop," where your fans can find everything you have to offer. MV is the only adult industry platform that offers many options to its content creators such as: selling individual vids, subscription memberships, our camming service MV Live, our club subscription service Club, our integrated social media network FanClub, store items (physical goods like panties, bras, shoes, toys, you name it!), phone number, texting / chatting options, fund me campaigns, custom vids, tip options (Make it Rain), weekly and monthly contests, and bi-annual awards.

Apart from being the fastest growing adult community in the world and giving you very wide exposure on our MV Blog and in our MV Mag, we also strive to ensure the best possible customer service to MV

Stars and MV Members alike. Our team is constantly creating new tools and ideas to make sure we do everything we can to help our MV Stars achieve the success they're looking for.

4. How many Members and MV Stars are registered to MV?

ManyVids has been growing very fast and now has 5.4M active registered members.

At MV we are always very happy to welcome new content creators daily. Here is the breakdown of our growing community of active MV Stars: 132374 MV Girls; 9390 Producers; 10260 MV Trans; and 22774 MV Boys.

5. How much traffic does MV have?

ManyVids.com Alexa certified traffic. We have 8.6 million unique visitors every month, with 2.1 million page views each day. Each day we have hundreds of thousands of unique users visiting the website, and we have a very vibrant community revolving around contests, the MV Blog, the MV Mag, and much more.

6. Where can I view a list of MV's accepted Vids categories and fetishes?

We want everyone to feel that this is a secure place where they can express themselves and their creativity as fully as possible.

So, at MV there are over three thousand accepted categories that are for both SFW and NSFW content. You can view them all by clicking this link: View all categories

7. What type of Vids can I upload?

From a simple sexy striptease to an x-rated fetish vid to an unboxing vid to a cooking tutorial, you can upload any vid that falls under our 3000+ accepted categories (nudity not necessary, we have both SFW and NSFW category tags). As an MV Star you should only create content that you are comfortable producing.

The minimum length of a vid is 60 seconds (1:00 min) and there is no maximum length, just keep in mind the maximum size of a vid is 5GB. Once uploaded, you can rest assured that your content is safely hosted within our secure servers. We're incredibly honored to be at the forefront of the adult industry in this regard.

8. Why do some Vids have an extreme content warning?

If the content of a vid has been flagged by our support team as potentially disturbing to some viewers, but still falls within our accepted categories, a warning message will be displayed on top of that specific vid.

We wish to offer to our Members and MV Stars the choice to opt out from viewing content that may be offensive to them.

9. Why should I become an MV Star?

ManyVids is a platform that allows you the ability to promote yourselves as freely as you wish by selling your vids, store items, custom vids, memberships, and more to your fans. MV was created to give the power to MV Stars and help our content creators generate passive income and an active and ever-expanding fanbase.

You will always keep control over your content. MV lets you promote in whichever manner you choose in order for your existing and new fans to find you easily. You can even promote other clip sites, cam sites, or your own personal website. Whatever makes you happy makes us happy!

10. What kind of MV Star account should I have if I want to be a seller on MV?

As an inclusive platform, MV welcomes caters to all account types. Depending on the type of content you plan on uploading, you can find the right MV Star account type for you!

  • MV Girl
  • MV Boy/Gay
  • MV Boy/Straight
  • MV Trans
  • Producer/Gay
  • Producer/Straight
  • Producer/Trans

For more info on MV Star account types, click here.

11. How do I sign up as an MV Star?

Getting approved and ready to sell on MV is an easy process. It is very important that all MV Stars are verified through the approval process in order for us to be able to protect your identities. Once approved you will be able to sell your first vid in no time. Below is the detailed process to become a certified MV Star.

  • Create your FREE account by clicking on the Join FREE! Button at the top right of ManyVids.com
  • Enter your Username - Email - Password - for MV Stars choose the option: MV Star
  • Confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation link automatically sent to your email
  • Once the email is confirmed you must upload a valid, government-issued ID, as well as a picture of yourself holding the ID in order for us to make sure that you can start selling on MV. You can upload your ID by going to: My MV > Settings > Documents in the main drop down menu in your profile page
  • Applications are reviewed and approved within 24 to 48 hours (please check your email for any messages from our applications team, who may need to contact you during the approval process.)

Once your account is approved, you can upload and start selling on MV right away while earning instant revenue!

12. How long does it take to create my profile and upload my first Vid?

Once you have submitted the required items for approval purposes applications are reviewed and approved within 24 to 48 hours.

When you have been approved, creating your profile and uploading a few vids is super simple! Once your vid is ready you will be able to edit and launch all your vids in a breezes (click here to learn more about uploading vids). Your profile will be up and ready in no time!

Our sign-up process is as easy as 1-2-3! However, if you are having trouble with any of these steps, feel FREE to contact us at help@manyvids.com. We're here to help!

13. How do MV Members view my vids?

Once an MV Member successfully purchases your vid content, it is added to their Purchase History. Vids can be set to download and stream, or stream-only, which is controlled by the MV Star.

For details regarding how to set your vids to stream-only, click here.

14. How are my Vids and information kept safe?

All information on the site is protected by an encrypted connection, and your vids are stored on a secure cloud data server which requires an encrypted unique signature in order for your vids to be streamed (or downloaded).

ManyVids also offers the latest in anti-piracy protection to our MV Stars through our partnership with DMCAForce and DigiRegs.

  • All vids on MV are imprinted with a unique digital fingerprint ID
  • We automatically scan the web on behalf of our MV Stars to locate any stolen content featuring this ID
  • We issue DMCA takedown notices everytime we find an illegally uploaded vid
  • Not only that, through DMCAForce and DigiRegs we are in collaboration with many major tube sites to prevent piracy at the source. These sites will block stolen content from being uploaded in the first place.

We stay on top of the latest initiatives and upgrade our technology to help protect our MV Stars.

15. What is an RTA Label?

A "Restricted to Adults" or RTA label is voluntary information a website can choose to place on their site to make it easier for parents to protect their children from viewing adult material online. When parents recognize the label, they can manually add the website to their list of restricted sites. Even more conveniently, ManyVids inputs information on our backend that allows parental control blockers to automatically recognize the site as restricted to adults. For more information please visit https://www.asacp.org/.

16. What is ASACP?

Founded in 1996, ASACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to online child protection. ASACP battles child exploitation through its CE Reporting Tip line and helps parents prevent children from viewing age-restricted material online with the Restricted To Adults - RTA Website Label. For more information please visit https://www.asacp.org/.

17. I think there may be an infringement of my copyrighted Vid. What should I do?

If you think one of your vid or vids have been uploaded on a site without your consent, click here to report it to our MV Support team, and we will issue a DMCA notice for it to be taken down immediately.

18. Can I block members from a certain state, region, province, or country?

Your privacy and your desire to stay private in certain places are very important to us, and we respect that 100%. Therefore, yes, you are always in control of who is allowed to access your content. You can block states, regions, provinces, or countries where you want your content hidden. Click here for more information.

You can find this feature from the drop-down menu > My MV > Security Center > Region Block.

19. Is there a fee for becoming a Member of MV or an MV Star?

There are no fees to join as an MV Star. It is FREE and always will be.

It is also FREE to join ManyVids as a Member. As a FREE Member you can see previews of vids, as well as view various sections of the site such as FanClub.

You can always upgrade to becoming a Premium Member to enjoy all the benefits that come with a Premium Membership. For more information about the benefits, or how to become a Premium Member, click here.

20. Is ManyVids a membership-based website?

ManyVids does not sell memberships that give access to all the vids on the site. However, MV Stars can create their own memberships (price and duration) which will include access to whichever vids they decide to put in their membership. As an MV Star you will need a minimum of 5 vids to be able to create your membership.

Additionally you can also grab the ManyVids vid membership, which would give you access to all the exclusive vids produced by ManyVids, available via mvstore.manyvids.com.

21. What is a Premium Member and how can I become one?

Is the ultimate Member badge on MV that will earn you respect from MV Stars. It shows you that you're willing to go the extra distance for the MV Stars, and make you stand out from the rest of the MV Members.

More specifically, the Premium Membership will give you the following benefits:

  • Access to the MV Messenger so that you can send direct messages (DM) and pics to all MV Stars
  • Access to using the amazing and authentic ManyMotes in messenger
  • Exclusive access to watch ALL 118835 of the blocked previews on MV

You can become a Premium Member by going to your account dropdown menu and finding "Upgrade to Premium" below your profile name.

22. When do I get paid and which payment methods are available?

Our regular payouts occur on the 1st and 16th of each month (or the next business day) using the payment method of your choice. ManyVids currently offers Direct Deposit, Bitsafe (includes Check and Wire Transfer withdrawals), Paxum, and Cosmopayment. Click here for more info or reach out to us by Live Chat or email for assistance.

Payment Methods

Method Processing Time Minimum Earnings Fees
Direct Deposit Up to 7 business days $50.00

USD 2.00(US) / USD 5.50 (International) transfer fee

Paxum Prepaid Cards 1-2 business days $50.00

USD 1.00 transfer fee

Cosmo Payment Prepaid Cards 1-2 business days $50.00

Transfer fees applied by Cosmopayment

Bitsafe 1-2 business days $50.00

FREE transfer to Bitsafe account

Withdrawal fees applied by Bitsafe.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit payouts are available to MV Stars in the US and 25 supported international countries. Funds are transferred directly to eligible payees’ bank accounts in their home country currency. The minimum earnings to be eligible for a Direct Deposit payout is USD $50.00, and payouts by Direct Deposit can take up to 5 business days to process. For payouts that fall on a weekend or banking holiday, Direct Deposits are initiated on the following business day.

Direct Deposit supported international countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Panama
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Bitsafe payouts provide flexibility and convenience for withdrawing earnings. Withdrawal methods currently available are SEPA, Wire Transfer, ACH and US Check. Bitsafe customers can also get a Bitsafe Debit Mastercard which they can use to purchase goods and make ATM withdrawals. Bitsafe withdrawals by region are subject to Bitsafe’s available methods.

Register for a new Bitsafe account via My MV > Settings > Payment Method > “Bitsafe” drop-down option, or pair your existing Bitsafe account from the same location. Once you have registered or paired your Bitsafe account successfully, your eligible payouts will be transferred FREE of charge to your Bitsafe account (USD 50.00 minimum earnings applies).

Setting up Bitsafe is a simple, three step process:

  1. Register for a new Bitsafe account, or pair an existing Bitsafe account, from your MV Account Settings > Payment Method section.
  2. Follow Bitsafe’s instructions to install and link the Bitsafe app on your mobile device.
  3. Complete the final verification steps with Bitsafe directly, to withdraw funds in your preferred method.

For direct assistance with your Bitsafe account, please reach out to: accounthelp@Bitsafe.com.

Paxum & Cosmopayment

Signing up for Paxum or Cosmo Payment is easy. Simply go to My MV > Settings > Payment Method then select Paxum or Cosmo Payment, and you’ll be redirected to the appropriate website where you can register to receive your virtual wallet or prepaid card (among other options). For your convenience, here is more information about theses services:

PAXUM offers prepaid cards for easy cash withdrawals, in addition to direct deposit, wire transfers and withdrawals to existing credit and debit cards. This service is available to MV Stars located outside the US only. Paxum also offers business accounts for MV Stars who are registered as a corporation.

A note to US-based MV Stars: For the time being, only those of you who are set up as a corporation can use Paxum, and you can only use the wire transfer or direct deposit services.

Here’s a quick summary of Paxum services by region:

Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Apply for Paxum Card

Business accounts
Wire withdrawals
ACH withdrawals

Latin America
Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Withdrawal to External Credit/Debit Card
Apply for Paxum Card

Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Withdrawal to External Credit/Debit Card (excluding Israel)
EFT withdrawals
Apply for Paxum Card

Business & Personal accounts
Wire withdrawals
Withdrawal to External Credit/Debit Card (excluding Japan)
Apply for Paxum Card

Cosmo Payment offers MV Stars a prepaid card option. The payout minimum earnings for Cosmo Payment is $50. This service is available to MV Stars based in Europe by using the following link: https://wdcs.cardportal.com/Forms/Registration.aspx?RegPid=PrrOIEsMhVc%3d&pn=CosmoPayment&cur=USD. For MV Stars outside of Europe, the service is available using this link: https://www.cosmopayment.com/regpen. The application process can take up to 48-hours and approval is not guaranteed. When registering, please have a government ID and proof of address dated within the last 3 months ready, and make sure to include all four corners of the scanned document.

Note: For your security, you must contact our support team at help@manyvids.com if you wish to change your payment method once saved in Settings.

23. What percentage of my sales will I keep?

ManyVids pays out 80% gross revenue from Club, Make It Rain, Custom Vids, Store Items, Text Me, Phone Me, and Fund Me. There's a 60% payout rate for all gross revenue to MV Stars from Vid sales, Memberships, Pay to Open in the inbox and MV Flyer, etc. (*Subject to change with promotional payout rates)

For a list of current payout percentages, click here.

It is very important that we constantly improve the platform through new features and updates to ensure that MV is a platform where our MV Stars can be successful. This is in addition to all that we do to make sure that MV is as intuitive, secure, and user-friendly as possible. The remaining percentage is used for payment processing, chargebacks, server cost, implementation of new features, research and development, and more. We take care of all these technical aspects so that you can concentrate on creating amazing content.

24. Why does MV keep a percentage of the sales?

ManyVids needs a full team to keep the site up and running. We reinvest all revenue back into the site to offer all the MV Stars and Members the best user experience possible. Here's a breakdown of where the commission we keep from sales goes:

Upkeep and maintenance is one of the main areas that require a lot of expenses. This includes payment processing and keeping our customer service top notch. There are server costs, office costs, full time staff, fraud prevention, as well as security costs.

We run research and development in order to constantly push the boundaries of what MV can do for its MV Stars (new features, market trends, processes, services, etc).

In addition, we have a prominent marketing operation which works to promote all MV Stars on multiple platforms including our social media accounts, FanClub, our MV Blog, and in our MV Mag. We also constantly find new ways to promote our MV Stars on other media outlets.

You can check out the chart below to see the breakdown of where our share of the revenue goes in more detail.

Where does your money go Chart
25. What steps do I need to take to be a successful MV Star?

MV is a platform that gives you a storefront from which you can sell your content and generate revenue. Like all social media sites, being active and engaging with fans is the key to becoming successful. Here are some tips to get noticed and become a successful content creator:

  • Create a fun profile by uploading vids, store items, pictures, fill your about section and add services (Video Chat, Text, Club, Custom Vids etc). Did you know that just uploading a profile picture will increase your chance of sales by almost 65%?
  • Upload a minimum of 7 vids to offer variety to your fans to choose from.
  • Have fun and interesting store items such as clothing, accessories, photosets, texting and chatting packages, and more.
  • If you have more than 7 vids, 5 store items, 15 pictures, a profile picture, and a completed about section, it will increase your chances of selling of almost 55% compare to a profile with less choices.
  • Using your social media profiles and inviting your fans to visit your MV Profile is the best way to get started.
  • Simply being active will make all the difference! Uploading new content and promoting it on your social media and on MV will increase your chance of sales by over 80%.
  • Link your Twitter account(s) to your ManyVids profile.
  • If you want to be promoted, simply email mvsocial@manyvids.com to request a promotion opportunity. Our MV Marketing team is always looking for new faces and new MV Stars to promote to our millions of active MV Members.
  • Make sure to use all your "Marketing Tools" options in your Settings such as the MV Blog
  • In addition, we have the FanClub Promo Blaster and the Twitter Promo Blaster, which will automatically post/Tweet out your sales from your FanClub/Twitter profile.
  • Your fans are your best customers. Invite them to follow you on MV and stay in touch with them.

It's as easy as that! If you follow these steps and invest time (daily or weekly) you'll become a true rising MV Star in no time!

26. How can I Win a contest on MV?

Contests are a fun way for MV Stars to promote themselves and their content, be seen by new MV Members, and achieve more success on MV!

Every week we have a new unique contest running. Sometimes the contest is a 1-day contest (Winning Wednesday) and at other times there may be a longer theme contest happening with bigger prizes. Participation is quite easy, and whether or not you win, you will be sure to have fun! Here are some tips to enter contests with the right approach and increase your chances of winning!


Most contests on MV are themed contests, so making sure your photo follows the theme not only makes the contest more fun for everyone but will get you noticed more! We recommend always doing your best to follow the theme which will keep these contests exciting for both MV Stars and voting MV Members. Also, there is a "Best Photo" prize for every contest so even if you don't rank high - there is a chance you can win just for having an awesome picture!


If you love to get creative, you can always follow the theme and spice up your pic! If you have some time to put a little extra thought into making your photo submission better, it helps! Remember, a little goes a long way and the best results come from being original!


The more crisp and clear the quality of your photo is and the better view the MV Members has of you, means more votes, and more of a chance that an MV Member will want to see more and head to your profile! However, please also make sure that the photograph's file size is not huge.


Make sure to engage your followers. Hype them up through your FanClub posts, and social media channels, and by posting to your FanClub activity feed, and encouraging your fans to Re-MV your post for additional exposure. Get your fans excited! Once they know that the contest is important to you, they will be able to FREE vote for you (and paid vote too if they wish)!

MV Members have told us that on many occasions that they find new MV Stars on the contest page and that they may have not come across their new favorite Star by just browsing on MV - so use the contests to your advantage!

27. How can I upload my Custom Vid order?

Uploading a Custom Vid order is super easy, and it works exactly like uploading a regular vid.

  • Go to My Content > Upload Vid to upload your vid.
  • When the upload completes the Edit Vid screen will appear. Fill out the form and check the “Custom Vid Upload” box.
  • Select the vid you want to send to the buyer.

And that's it!

If you want to make the vid exclusive to this custom vid buyer, select “Viewable only to the buyer of the Custom Vid”. If the vid is not exclusive to the buyer, you can launch it on ManyVids either right away, or on a date of your choice!

If you have any questions, we're always ready to help at help@manyvids.com

28. What is Club?

It's our official subscription tool for influencers! Club is a subscription-based service that creators on ManyVids can use to give their fans exclusive access to fan-only pics, vids, and messages. It is a great way to make connections within the MV Community and to share more intimate moments. MV Members get exciting, never before seen content from their favorite creators, and MV Stars can generate steady, monthly revenue while also interacting with their most dedicated fans. The payout rate for Club to MV Stars is 80%.

Club subscriptions are set to REBILL.

Setting up a Club is quick and easy for MV Stars! Simply:

  • Log in to your MV Profile
  • Navigate to My Content from the drop-down menu on the right
  • Select Add/Edit Services
  • Choose the Club option
  • Once your Club subscription is set up you can send your first piece of Club content! All Club content is sent through a special “Club” Tab which lives in the FanClub section of your MV Profile. Click Feed > Club to be brought to your Club feed.
  • Get your fans to sign up by using this direct link: yourstagename.manyvids.com/club

To find Club content, members can visit an MV Stars profile and go to the “Memberships” section. Here they will find all text, vids, and pics sent to members as posts in the MV Star’s “Club” tab! Click here to access our FAQ, which includes visuals.

Each Club post has functionality similar to posts you’d find on FanClub—Club posts can be Loved, commented on, and shared through Re-MVing them. Each post possesses a specific link that can be copied and shared.

If a Star’s Club posts are re-MVed, only subscribers to that Star’s Club will be able to see the content. The only exception is captions; Captions on vids and pics will be accompanied by a blurred image and can be read by everyone, and if they click it, they’ll be prompted to subscribe.

29. What is the Trial Period option on Club?

The Trial Period option on Club is where Stars can offer MV Members access to their Club at a reduced trial rate.

This is an awesome feature for both MV Stars and MV Members—and is a proven method of enticing and connecting with new fans. MV Members love it as it gives them a chance to give a creator's Club a try at a discount before they commit to a full subscription.

In order to setup a Trial Period option, the MV Star must have a monthly plan set up.

If the Club subscriber doesn't cancel their Club subscription during the Trial Period, then they will be re-billed at the end of the trial at the Star's monthly rebill rate. MV Stars have the power to set both the Trial Price and the Trial period (maximum 30 days).

30. What is MV Flyer?

MV Flyer is a messaging tool that lets MV Stars send direct messages with pics and vids (maximum length 5 minutes), such as sweet ‘n’ sexy messages, new vid teases, store updates, promo codes, contests and more. In order to receive an MV Flyer, an MV Member must “Follow” an MV Star. The service is free.

To opt out of receiving MV Flyers from a specific MV Star, simply go to the MV Star’s profile page and click the “Following” button to revert to unfollow. Or unfollow by clicking the three-dot action icon located in the top menu of the MV Flyer message window.

31. How can I get some MV Gear?

We have a wide selection of awesome MV Gear to really show off your flair as an MV Star!

Check out the MV Store to see all the great clothes, jewelry, accessories, and swag we have available.

32. What happens if my vid gets flagged?

Our rule violation process is as follows: every vid that is flagged/reported is investigated by the MV Support Team and any MV Star hosting content that breaks our site rules will have the offending vid removed, and receive a warning for the first offence. After a second offence, further action will be taken.

Please note that we take URL Reports / Rule Violations very seriously, and we deal with each situation accordingly. Any violation of rules that arises, we assure that the MV Star in question is comprehensive to the rule being broken, and he/she is required to Audit their MV Profile to assure there is no other infringing content. They are advised that further violations of site rules will have further, harsher consequences such as a 24-hour site ban and/or a permanent ban.

With that being said, for confidentiality reasons, any action to resolve URL Reports/ Rule Violations will remain confidential between the MV Star and ManyVids. Releasing said information publicly to any other parties is not an option as we need to assure the MV Star’s safety in our community as well as abide by our confidentiality clauses.

Making sure MV is a safe place is a top priority for us, and it's easier to accomplish this with help from our MV Community. We appreciate everyone who is doing their part and helping to keep ManyVids a place where everyone can feel safe and know they are heard.

33. What is “My Top Tags”?

Each MV Star has 5 “My Top Tags” displayed on their profile in the “About” section. These are determined by the 5 most used vid tags within your ManyVids Profile.

34. How Are “My Top Tags” Determined?

Your “My Top Tags” are based on the 5 most used vid tags within your MV Profile.

35. What is FanClub?

FanClub is our groundbreaking and progressive social media network built directly into ManyVids, with exciting new features and functionality that both MV Stars and MV Members can use to enhance their experience of using and enjoying ManyVids. FanClub is the safest place to promote and share adult content ethically on the 'net without being afraid of having content blocked, shadow banned, or deleted.

36. What is the FanClub Profile?

The FanClub Profile is similar to having a page, profile, or account on any other any other social media site. The MV Star's Social Profile is the place to drive interaction, promote content, and sell vids and services. MV Members also have a Social Profile to represent themselves actively within the MV Community.

37. What is the FanClub Feed and what is the Club feed?

The Feed is where MV Stars are able to post text, pics, and vids to their feed, follow other MV Stars and MV Members and receive updates from them into their feed, and Re-MV posts from other users to easily share their friends' and fans' posts.

It can be used to highlight anything the MV Star wants to promote. For example: content sales, new uploaded vids, pics, promo codes, or contest participation. MV Members can use the feed to get more involved in the MV Community and use their profiles and feeds to showcase their favorite MV Stars. MV Members can Re-MV amazing pictures, help promote Promo Codes, give as many hearts as they wish, join the fun by leaving comments, review vids, and more!

Club content is displayed on a separate feed accessed within the “Club” tab through your MV Profile. It has a similar functionality to the feed, but the content is exclusive. Members must subscribe to an MV Star’s Club to access the exclusive text, pics, and vids that the Star is sending out to their Club.

See FAQ entry 31 for full details on Club.

38. What are Notifications on FanClub?

Similar to other social media services, FanClub gives you Notifications when people are interacting with your Feed posts and/or Club posts.

Whenever you're logged in, you’ll see a Notifications icon in the upper right corner of the screen—simply click it to see all the interaction and engagement that is being generated by your activity and profile. Currently, there are 6 kinds of notifications you’ll be alerted to:

  1. Re-MVs. Whenever someone Re-MVs (reposts) and shares a post from you.
  2. When somebody Loves one of your posts.
  3. When somebody Loves one of your "Attributes" in your "About" section.
  4. When somebody Follows you.
  5. When somebody Comments on one of your posts.
  6. When a Star has an Club set up and anyone interacts with a Club post by Loving it, Re-MVing it, or Commenting on it—then the Star will get a notification.
39. How do I change my privacy settings on feed if I don't want people see who I’m following and/or who's following me?

All you have to do is go to your FanClub Profile and click <Followers> and then you'll see the option in the upper right corner of the screen to toggle the setting so that your Followers are public or can only be seen by you. On that same screen, you can also click <Following> to see a similar option to either show who you follow or keep it private.

40. What is the MV Wallet?

MV Wallet is an integrated tool that allows MV Members to load and store funds that can later be used to complete any digital transaction on the ManyVids site. For anyone who is going to enjoy the benefits of MV Wallet, we recommend setting up the 2-way authentication feature on your account to help protect and keep your account and your funds safe!

Constant use of your credit card will no longer be necessary when choosing to use MV Wallet. Enjoy quick and safe checkouts by simply loading your MV Wallet and save the funds in your account to use them to quickly purchase anything on ManyVids.

Click here to learn how to load and use your MV Wallet!

41. How do I pay with Cryptocurrencies?

Do you own any cryptocurrencies? If yes, we have some good news for you! We support payments with Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Litecoin, and over 50 other Altcoins. Click here to view the full list of accepted cryptocurrencies.

Pay with Bitcoin or another Currency

Step 1: Select cryptocurrencies as a payment method

Go to checkout as usual and select the cryptocurrency payment option. You will be redirected to complete the payment on our processor’s invoice page. Note: you will have 20 minutes to make the transaction.

Step 2: Choose the desired payment currency

Click on the digital asset you wish to pay with. You will notice BTC, XRP, ETH and LTC at the top, while other supported cryptocurrencies can be viewed under the “More currencies” tab.

Step 3: Enter your email address (optional)

It is optional; however, we encourage you to provide a contact email in case of payment issues.

Step 4: Make the transaction

You will see the payment amount, a unique address to send the transaction, as well as a QR code (for XRP transactions, do not forget the destination tag). You can proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the wallet button to open a supported wallet on your device.
  2. Scan the QR code with your mobile wallet.
  3. Copy-paste the displayed amount and address to your cryptocurrency wallet. You will notice a confirmation screen right after. You can also pay for the invoice via the Lightning Network. Check the step-by-step guide for the instructions.

Step 5: Payment confirmed

Your transaction will typically be detected within a few seconds after it was broadcast to the network, regardless of the currency you are paying with. Once detected, the page will immediately display a 'Confirming' message which will then change to 'Paid and Confirmed'. The payment is now completed and your order is on the way!

Important to know: we strongly advise not to make purchases from exchanges as your payments may arrive late.

Advantages of Paying with Cryptocurrencies

In some cases, paying with cryptocurrency can be much more convenient than using traditional payment methods. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Transactions are quick and simple. The transaction speed of different cryptocurrencies can range between a few seconds up to 10 minutes, and therefore will always be faster than a traditional bank transfer. ‌On top of that, you don't need any physical payment cards and to tediously enter billing details to make the payment.
  • No added fees. Cryptocurrency transaction cost depends on many factors. While 'pre-mined' digital assets can boast of nearly cost-less transactions, payments with Bitcoin or Litecoin might cost more because of miner fees. However, the payment option allows purchases via both Bitcoin and Litecoin using the Lightning Network, which reduces the costs to a fraction of penny.
  • Pay from anywhere in the world. There are no cryptocurrencies that would care about the borders. Whether you pay with cryptocurrency in a local shop or transfer it to another continent, the payment will be processed in the same time frame, for the same price.
  • Stay private. Nobody can see the identity behind a wallet address. Cryptocurrencies are well-suited for those who wish to retain a certain level of privacy. Other than your email address, we will not ask for any additional information.
42. What is the <Pay-to-Open> feature on Club?

<Pay-To-Open> allows MV Stars to send highly personalized and special content to an MV Member on Club but it’s not included in that Member’s Club subscription — an extra fee has to be paid to access this incredible piece of content that the Star has sent.

Unlike other content on Club, <Pay-To-Open> content is NOT sent or accessed through the “FanClub” Tab that’s built into an MV Stars Profile, these posts are accessible to both MV Stars and Subscribers via the Inbox > Club.

This pays out to MV Stars at a 90% payout rate for the first year. The Member is not charged, and no revenue is collected until the Member actually opens and pays for the content.

43. What is the <Pay-to-Open> feature in the MV Inbox on Messages and Flyer?

<Pay-To-Open> allows MV Stars to send highly personalized and special content to an MV Member through MV Messages and/or MV Flyer—an extra fee has to be paid to access this incredible piece of content that the Star has sent. The Member is not charged, and no revenue is collected until the Member actually opens and pays for the content.

The payout rate to MV Stars for <Pay-To-Open> on Messages and MV Flyer is 60%

44. How do I set quantity and sizes for clothing items that I'm selling in the MV Store?

Click the icon in the upper right of your screen and choose My Content > Create Store Item. Then you will be brought to a screen to upload a photo (or photos) of your item. Once you've done that then you'll be brought to the Edit Your Store Item page where you can fill in all the info for your item. In the middle of this page is the tool for sizing and quantity. First use the Select a Category drop-down menu to select what kind of item you're selling. You're able to set quantities and sizes for the following categories:

  • Babydolls
  • Bikinis
  • Body Stockings
  • Panties
  • Club Wear
  • Sexy Bottoms
  • Sexy Costumes
  • Stockings
  • Tank Tops

Once you select a compatible category, a row of will appear with each size and a field marked QTY where you can enter the quantity available for every size. Simply add the quantity of each size you have in stock in each separate entry for each separate size. As you make sales the quantities will automatically be updated in your Store.

45. Is there a minimum or maximum price I can charge for items and services?

You know your fans and your market best, as well as how much value you've put into your content, so we want MV Stars to have as much freedom as possible when it comes to pricing your vids.

  • The minimum price an MV Star can charge for vids is $1.99 and the maximum is $999.99
  • Memberships are a minimum of $39.99 and maximum of $999.99
  • Club plans must be between $1.99 and $29.99
  • Custom Vid orders have a price limit of $9,999
  • Tips and Store Items cannot exceed $1,000
46. What are MV Store Item Ribbons?

MV Stars can promote their new and bargain-priced Store items with ribbons which can be selected in the edit section of each item. Store items can be promoted as NEW or BEST VALUE by checking the "Promote As New" or "Promote As Best Value" check boxes.

The NEW ribbon can be applied to as many Store items wanted and will last a total of 14 days for each item. At that point, it can be manually re-added if the Star wants to it stay longer. The <Edit> section will also display how many days are left before the NEW Ribbon expires.

The BEST VALUE Ribbon can be added to a maximum of 3 items at a time. If a Star wants to change which item is displaying the Ribbon, they can simply remove it from a store item and add it to another one, but there is a limit of 3 at all times.

47. I’m an MV Star going through difficulties and I need someone to talk to and/or resources for mental health, does MV have any programs for me?

Yes! There is FREE 24/7 emotional support through a charity called Pineapple Support which specializes in supporting sex workers. Pineapple Support offers an online emotional support service allowing members and guests to anonymously connect with trained listeners in order to gain support for everyday issues, including mental health (this service is provided through a separate community through the company 7 Cups of Tea).

This service can be accessed 24 hours a day from your computer or mobile device. There will always be a caring, trained volunteer who genuinely wants to listen and support you without discrimination, judgment, or stigma.

Pineapple Support also offers therapy, counseling, and coaching: Pineapple Support believes that mental health care should be available to everyone, which is why they provide free and subsidized professional psychotherapy and mental health care to all professionals working in the adult industry who need it.

Pineapple Support's team of independent therapists are all sex-positive, kink aware and sex-worker friendly, and offer in-person therapy sessions where possible. Otherwise, sessions are held remotely via online vid platforms. They provide services without regard to age, profession, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation disability, or socioeconomic status.

MV Stars can access all the Pineapple Support services by visiting PineappleSupport.org.

Pineapple Support also has a profile page on ManyVids at PineappleYSW.ManyVids.com where you can discover more about this amazing organization and watch some free vids with both more info and some techniques for dealing with stress.

1. What is MV Live?

"MV Live is the built-in live camming feature on ManyVids. Live streaming on MV provides a fantastic opportunity to bulk up your revenue while connecting with your fans. Whether you are an avid MV Live user, new to camming, or even new to ManyVids, now is the time to get on MV Live! Not only will you get an 80% payout by camming on MV Live, but MV Stars can expect an increase in profile sales by up to 25% within the first 3 months on MV Live!

You can go live as often as you’d like and for as long as you’d like! Create a fun camming schedule and use MV Live to get to know your fans on a whole new level, update them on content that’s being released and more!"

2. Is it FREE to chat with an MV Star during a live show?

Yes, it is and will always be FREE to chat with an MV Star during their live show. It’s very fun to finally be able to be yourself and to be part of a loving adult community, go ahead, try it!

You can sign up and become a Member of ManyVids for FREE here: Join FREE!

Even though it is FREE to interact with MV Stars, it is also important to show your appreciation towards your favorite MV Stars. Show your support and tip MV Stars during their cam shows to encourage them for their hard work. It does not matter the amount of Tokens you tip, but it’s very important to encourage adult performers with tips.

3. Why should I go Live?

MV Live is a great opportunity for MV Stars to promote themselves and have fun, while having real-time interactions with their fans.

General Rules for MV Stars

It's your time to shine! We want our MV Stars to have the best experience during their live shows. This is a place to be yourself, and freely express your creativity. In order to ensure that your live session happens in a safe and fun environment, please keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to respect MV's list of prohibited content. You can view it here under Upload Rules.
  • You are allowed to perform with other MV Stars during your MV Live session. If you would like to have a co-star who’s not currently on MV, please send a copy of their ID to help@manyvids.com prior to going live.
  • Minors may not be on camera or in the same room.
  • Shows in public spaces are not permitted for live cam sessions.
  • Most of all, be yourself and have fun!

If a member's comments are bothering you or if the member is doing something to disrupt your live show, you have the option of blocking that member during the show. The blocked member will no longer see your live broadcast or be able to chat in your room, and the member will remain blocked until you unblock him from your settings. Any member that you have previously blocked will not be able to see your live show. Similarly, members from regions that you've blocked will not be able to see your live show either.

The MV Team may monitor MV Live sessions for compliance. We are here to help all MV Stars, and make sure the shows go as smoothly as possible. You can also reach out to us at any time at help@manyvids.com or for immediate assistance, contact support through the Live Chat located at the bottom right of your MV Live room.

4. How can I start an MV Live show?

From the header on the home page you will see the “MV Live Setup” icon which will take you to your MV Live room. You can also access your MV Live room by clicking on your avatar and choosing “MV Live Setup” from the dropdown.

5. What is a Room Topic and how can I set my Room Topic?

You can edit your Room Topic by clicking 'Edit' right above the MV Live screen. You can write anything you want here to give your fans what they can expect during your live show. You have a 150-character limit for the Room Topic. You can change the Room Topic as often as you'd like, even during your live session.

Your Room Topic is essential in helping you have an exciting MV Live show, so it is very important that you set an original and sexy Room Topic. You can also use the Goal feature to set up a Token countdown for your fans to tip towards reaching your sexy live show goal or promote a fun game to make all your fans go crazy. Tease the MV Members about what they can expect. It's also a great way to promote any new content, sales, or promos.

6. Can I go offline during an MV Live session?

MV Stars that are in the middle of a session can go offline by clicking the “Go Offline” button below the live stream. You can always come back on cam by clicking the “'Go Live” button.

When you want to end your show, you can click the “End Show” button. This action will close your live room, and you and your fans will then be redirected to the home page of ManyVids.

7. Who can view MV Live sessions?

MV Live can be viewed by all MV Members and Guests!
Guests, however, can only view the stream, and are not able to chat or tip the MV Stars during their live shows.

To be able to chat in MV Live and tip, you have to first sign up as a MV Member and it's FREE!

Note - Any Member that has previously been blocked by an MV Star will not be able to see their live show. The same applies to Members in the MV Star's blocked regions.

8. How can I tip during an MV Live show?

It it essential to tip MV Stars during their cam show to encourage them for their hard work. It does not matter the amount of Tokens you tip your favorite MV Star, but it’s very important to encourage them with tips.

You can tip MV Stars during their shows with Tokens. Members can tip the MV Star for their show only when an MV Star is live. Once the MV Star starts the session, you can tip at any time until the end of the show (even if the MV Star takes a break and goes offline). You can purchase Tokens by going into the MV Live session and clicking “ Buy Tokens” on the navigation bar below the live stream.

9. What are Tokens?

Tokens are very popular form of virtual currency used on camsites all around the world. At MV, we also use Tokens as our virtual online cam show currency.

You can purchase Tokens by going into the MV Live session and clicking “Buy Tokens” on the navigation bar below the live stream. We currently accept credit cards, bitcoins and alt coins for Token purchases.

MV Members can purchase Tokens in packages to tip MV Stars during MV Live shows. It is always better to buy Tokens before you start viewing a live session. Stock up on Tokens and make sure you don't run out while viewing the live shows!

10. Where can I buy Tokens?

First, you need to be an MV Member in order to buy Tokens and use them. It is FREE to become a member, Join FREE Now!

You will also be able to purchase Tokens when in an MV Live show on the bottom of the page by clicking the button called Buy Tokens.

Tokens are sold in packages. You can select the package that best fits your needs. You will receive bonus Tokens when you buy larger packs. So, the bigger the package, the better the value, and the more you save on Tokens!

11. What can I use Tokens for?

Tokens can only be used for tipping MV Stars during MV Live sessions. You can purchase Tokens by going into the MV Live session and clicking “ Buy Tokens” on the navigation bar below the live stream.

Tokens cannot be used for any other item or service on the platform, including, but not limited to, vids, memberships, store items, contest votes, custom vids, and any other services that MV Stars may offer. (Terms of Use)

Currently you cannot transfer Tokens to MV Stars or other Members.

12. Can I stay anonymous as a tipper during an MV Live show?

Yes, you can tip Tokens anonymously.

MV Members can tip anonymously by checking the box 'Anonymous' when sending Tokens as a tip during an MV Live session. The MV Stars which are doing the live show will see the amount of the tip, as well as the name of the Member, but other Members or MV Stars viewing the show will not be able to see the amount of Token or who tipped them. The only information that will be displayed on the live chat room will be: “An anonymous member has tipped.”

13. How do MV Stars earn Tokens?

MV Members will tip MV Stars with Tokens during a live session. During these live sessions, MV Stars will set Token goals (eg.: 1000 tks, 1500tks etc.) and invite their fans to tip them towards reaching their live show goal (ie: getting naked or masturbation show).MV Stars often create fun games to help reach their token goals. Once the MV Members help the MV Stars’ reach their goal (which can often be found in the room topic), the MV Star will then begin that portion of the show.

You have to be an MV Member in order to buy Tokens and tip. It is FREE to become and an MV Member and it is FREE to chat with MV Stars during their live show. Sign up is FREE NOW! It's always better to have Tokens ready in hand before an MV Live show starts!

14. How much do MV Stars earn per Token?

MV Stars will receive $0.08 USD for every Token tipped during their live camming shows. That's an 80% payout for MV Live, which is above industry standard.

15. Where can I see the Tokens I've earned?

Your Token earnings will be displayed in real time on the left side of your screen during your live shows. At the end of your live session, you will be given an overview of all the Token earnings that you've accrued during your show.

You can view a full statement of your Token earnings by clicking on your avatar and choosing My Earnings under Earnings from the dropdown menu.

16. How do I add my Token tips to my current earnings?

Your accumulated Tokens can be converted into USD for the current payout period. To do so, go to your Earnings page and click on the Convert Earnings button, found next to your Token balance.

For example, if you earn 20,000 Tokens during an MV Live show and choose to convert the balance, $1,600 USD will be added to your earnings. The amount will also be added to your recent sales (sales type ‘Tokens’), and your Token balance will reset to $0.

17. How is the MV Live Score calculated?

The MV Team came up with an algorithm to calculate the MV Live Score. Below are the elements we take in consideration to help constitute the MV Live Score. Your MV Live Score can be found on your MV Profile, right beside your MV Score.

Note that the MV Live Score and the MV Live Top Earners are 2 different things. The MV Live Top Earners is based only on Tokens earned.

For Beta, you will be able to see MV Stars who have earned the most Tokens of all time below each screen in a live session.

What is the difference between the MV Score and the MV Live Score?

MV Live Score

  • Token earnings during MV Live sessions will count towards your MV Live Score.
  • The amount of hours and minutes you are live on cam count towards improving your MV Live Score.
  • All vids, memberships, store items, contest votes, custom vids and more sold during a live session will NOT count towards your MV Live Score. Instead, they will count towards improving your MV Score.

MV Score

  • Tokens earned during your MV Live shows will NOT count towards your MV Score.
  • All vids, memberships, store items, contest votes, custom vids and more sold during the MV Live show will count towards your MV Score as usual.

Please note that during the MV Live Beta phase, there will not be an MV Live Score. The MV Live Score will only be available once we have transitioned from Beta (TBD). Once available, MV Stars will be able to keep their MV Score private.

Contests Votes

Only during MV Live Beta, while an MV Star is broadcasting contest members will not be able to vote.

18. General Rules for MV Members in the MV Live Rooms

We encourage you to be yourself and always be open, and engage others on MV in a respectful, positive manner. Everyone appreciates a good chat, so don't be shy! Remember to always approach MV Stars during live shows in a courteous manner. We have zero tolerance towards bullies. This goes the same for when you are interacting with your fellow MV Members.

In order to make it a safe and fun environment for everyone, here are our rules below.

MV Members viewing shows may not:

  • Record or distribute the live stream
  • Encourage MV Stars to do anything that is prohibited by ManyVids.com (Terms of Use)
  • Threaten or blackmail MV Stars or Members
  • Solicit MV Stars for commercial ventures
  • Spam the chat
  • Claim to be someone else
  • Use abusive, inflammatory, racist, or otherwise ethically offensive language
  • Post personal information of MV Stars or Members in the chat

19. Why are some MV Members highlighted and bolded in blue in the live chat?

MV Members that are Premium Members on Manyvids will have their profile names bolded and in blue for increased visibility. Premium Membership is a great way to get noticed by the MV Stars during their live sessions! Premium Members will also be highlighted in the viewers dropdown, where MV Stars and other Members can see who is currently watching the live show.

You can become a Premium Member by going to your dropdown menu, and clicking 'Upgrade to Premium' below your profile name.

There are many great benefits to a Premium Membership. It is an important badge on MV that will earn you respect from MV Stars. It shows you that you're willing to go the extra distance for the MV Stars, and will make you stand out from the rest of the members.

More specifically, the Premium Membership will give you the following benefits:

  • Access to the MV Messenger so that you can send direct messages (DM) and pics to all MV Stars
  • Access to using the amazing and authentic ManyMotes in messenger
  • Exclusive access to watch ALL 118835 of the blocked previews on MV
  • A bold username and an icon within your profile to help get you noticed

20. I can't view MV Live for a specific MV Star, even though they're live.

There may be multiple reasons why you can't view a live cam session. The most likely reason is that you've been blocked by either the MV Star, or members of the MV Team.

The following gives you details on why you may be unable to view an MV Live session:

  • You cannot view an MV Star's MV Live session if the MV Star has your region blocked. Make sure to confirm with the MV Star's profile that this is the case.
  • You also cannot view an MV Star's MV Live session if the MV Star has blocked you. If you are blocked by the MV Star, you cannot access any of the MV Star's content on ManyVids, including the MV Star's profile, and more. You also cannot message the MV Star. This block is permanent until the MV Star unblocks you.
  • If you are not sure why you are blocked from viewing an MV Live session, please contact our support team at help@manyvids.com.
21. I was viewing an MV Live show but just got kicked out. How can I get back in?

You were likely kicked out of an MV Live session because you were blocked by the MV Star. Once you are blocked, you will not be able to view the MV Star's MV Live session, or the MV Star's profile, until you are unblocked by the MV Star.

You might have also been kicked out by the MV Team because you did not follow the rules for Members during the MV Live session. View MV Live Rules (Terms of Use)

If you are not sure why you cannot get back into the MV Live session, please contact our MV Support at help@manyvids.com.

22. What is a Verified Member and how do I become one?

A Verified Member status is achieved when a Member uploads identification and is approved by our support team. An inexperienced buyer will only be able to purchase up to 200$ worth of tokens. In order to bypass the status quickly and be able to spend without restrictions, become a Verified Member by simply completing the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Download and print the verification form. (Drop-down menu > 'My MV' > 'Settings' > Locate and click on the section named, 'Documents')

Step 2. Complete and sign the verification form and re-upload to your account for review.

Step 3: Upload a clear photo of yourself holding a Government-issued ID (Driver's License, Passport, National ID, etc.)

23. What are Custom Rates for Private Shows on MV Live?

MV Stars can now customize their per minute token rate when performing private shows for willing members. The pricing issued by the MV Star can range between 5 to 600 tokens per minute, and the desired cost per minute is indicated on the pop-up that the user is prompted with when requesting the private session.

The MV Star can adjust this rate at any time between private sessions, but never while one is in progress or if there is a pending incoming request from a member.

The per-minute rate can be applied by clicking the <Settings> option located in the Live Room menu, then clicking <Private Shows> which will display the required setup screen for this feature.

24. What is the Custom Tip Menu on MV Live?

This feature provides MV Stars with the ability to offer up to 11 custom tip menu options and price them as you wish.
For example, a custom tip menu item could be,

  • Spanks: 100 tokens
  • Flash Boobs: 50 tokens
  • Change Outfit: 75 tokens

And so forth, with the option to list up to 11 options with complete freedom to list what you want. The custom tip entries and prices can be edited by the MV Star at any time during the live stream broadcast.

25. What is an MV Live Moderator?

MV Stars, when you're broadcasting on MV Live, you can appoint a trusted MV Member in your chat room as a Moderator. Your Moderator gets to help you and your entire chat room by keeping it civil, regulating language, requests, and/or other behavior that might be offensive or disruptive. And if you're in a private show you can feel safe knowing your public chat quality is maintained.
You are able to appoint any MV Member in your room to be the Moderator and you can also revoke this privilege at any time. You can only appoint 1 Moderator per show.

MV Members, as the Moderator, you can mute other MV Members in the chat (muted members can stay and they can tip but they can't respond to anything) and you ban a disruptive MV Member from the chat which will remove them entirely from the MV Live room (unless they’re unbanned).
Any MV Member appointed as a Moderator will stand out in the chat with their own color. The MV Star broadcasting on MV Live is the ultimate authority and can undo any bans or mutes that their appointed Moderator makes. Mods cannot unblock anyone that the MV Star has blocked.

26. How do MV Stars set up and use Lovense interactive sex toys on MV Live?

Lovense sex toys add a whole new level of interactivity to MV Live shows and are an amazing way to generate more tips and engage fans. Compatible Lovense sex toys can be controlled remotely and live by a fan while they’re being used in an MV Live session by any MV Star.

To set up your compatible Lovense sex toy(s) for use on MV Live, download the Lovense app on your mobile device, connect your toys to the device, and click the <Toys> button that's on the lower left of your screen on MV Live. Then click <Generate QR Code> and scan the code that appears on your screen with the Lovense app and your toys will be linked to MV Live.

You can connect multiple devices at a time and set different tip amounts for what they do and how they can be activated and controlled by the Member. Click the <Toys> button to bring up the options screen and select <Levels> to set the token range you want for vibration intensity and time duration on each device.

27. How do MV Members control Lovense interactive sex toys on MV Live?

To interact with an MV Star who offers Lovense interactive sex toys in their Live shows, MV Members have to go to the live chat and look for the clickable row in the chat that says: <Tip to turn me and my toy on!>. By clicking there, all the live toy options will appear in the chat.

Tip amounts, vibration strengths, time durations, and all the available connected Lovense toys will be listed for you along with their token cost.

28. What is the tip Wheel feature on MV Live?

The animated digital tip Wheel feature is integrated into each cam room on MV Live, each wedge of the wheel has an option for what the Star will do, and each spin of the wheel costs MV Members a set amount of tokens.

Interested MV Members can tip the token cost to spin the wheel by clicking it. The animated image will spin round and round and randomly land on one of the prize options that the MV Star's set in the wheel's wedges.

MV Stars can set up this feature by going to the footer menu in your MV Live room and clicking the icon for the <Wheel Menu> to bring up the Wheel options. You can enter up to 20 acts/options and set the number of tokens it costs for MV Members to give it a spin.

29. How can MV Stars record their Live shows?

MV Live has a recording function built into the platform. All Stars have to do is click the <Record> button which you'll see on the bottom right corner of your Live room and you can record your show as a vid file to sell in your store. You can turn the recording on and off as many times as you like in your Live stream and each time you do so a new separate file will be created.

Each single recording can't exceed a length of one hour. Once you pass the one-hour threshold the system will automatically create a vid file and start recording a new segment of the remainder of your stream as a new separate and distinct file labeled with the date and time.
This option is also available for Private Shows, so you can record them as well. If you go Private while recording your Public show this will end the recording and save it as a vid file. Then a new recording will auto-start to record your Private Live show.

Every recorded vid file will be auto saved with a file name in a specific format. For example, "LivePUBL-0829-1223-5.mp4." It starts with LIVE followed by PUBL or PRIV indicating if the recording took place during a public or private session, then the month and day in numeric format, and finally the hour and minute (in MV Time).

You can also download the vid onto your computer and/or any device directly from the queue. Tip animations will not be included in the recording and neither are chats. Any MV Members who are granted Moderator powers in the MV Live room will not be able to control the recording of the Live stream, only MV Stars can.