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Issue No.8 - The Self-Made Superstars

Apr 20 2017 28 comments 18,740

In the digital age, there are no bounds to how high you can go. All you gotta do is earn it.

For this issue of MV Mag, we’re going to celebrate the hustlers: camgirls.  

The camgirl is now the new superstar of the adult industry, and what’s more, the camgirl can say it’s all her. Setting her own hours, doing things on her own terms, and dependent on no one else but herself.

We invited 5 camgirls to shoot for this issue.

Ariana Gray, Robin Mae, Salena Storm, Zoey Taylor, and OddRosebud

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KlassiKougar deleted Oct 1 2017

Very hot! No boundaries no age limit, love that there is something for EVERYONE. Love it all! from a 45 year old MILF! 💋💕

Steve Awesome Jun 22 2017

How have I been missing these amazing videos! Love it! Kudos to the editor of this video. #EDITORGOALS

Pamela Dawn Apr 29 2017

I see diversity in all the girls featured here. Every woman is different, I think you picked a perfect group of girls to showcase superstar cam girls!

ManyVids Apr 25 2017

So first, to the models that have raised the issue of us conforming to a certain beauty standard, thank you so much for voicing these concerns. We absolutely support diversity, and we apologize if we were giving the wrong impression. The magazine has been a big learning experience for us, and we assure you that everyone is welcome to be part of it. We are constantly building the magazine to be better than before, and we have already reached out to models of all types for future issues.

Once again, thank you very much for raising these comments. We are aware that our magazine has certain expectations and bars to meet, and we promise you that we are working hard to make our magazine a true platform that celebrates all models of MV.

SexyJenJen Apr 21 2017

Nice :)

Kelli Autumn
Kelli Autumn deleted Apr 21 2017

Oooooh! Cam girls! All with the same body type! Really shows how diverse the cam industry is! :/ MV, when are ya gonna start to acknowledge curvy, thick, & BBW women more? We exist & thrive, too.

lou20007 Apr 21 2017

Agreed show more of the curvy ,thick ,beautiful and sexy bbw on here because they so many on here just dont stick to what sell .if mv talks about being a diverse website prove it .if you talk about what you say then  be about it

Camila Quartz Apr 21 2017

couldn't agree more

riccardomrocco Apr 25 2017

no offense, but thick and bbw are usually only "more than average fat girls"

Kelli Autumn
Kelli Autumn deleted Apr 25 2017

Ah, the good old "no  offense but I'm going to say something offensive" bullshit.

lou20007 Apr 25 2017

Exactly right

lou20007 Apr 25 2017

That is where you are wrong. There are so many different sizes and levels to thick and bbw just so you know .just because you think that thick and bbw mean more than average fat girls. You are absolutely beynod wrong .that what wrong with people nowadays they think just because you not a certain size they like you are called fat bullshit . i will take my curvy , thick , beautiful sexy , lovely bbw .

Like dont get me wrong every model on that issue is beautiful i dont have a problem with them i like all women dont matter the shape or size because each one of these models on here work hard they put in there time, effort, money, hustle  and they should get some kind of acknowledgement for it

Gaberiella Apr 21 2017

This so cute and amazing omfg!

Melissacandy Apr 21 2017

Why don't you invite me too :`(

behildeer Apr 21 2017

[is it too early to say 'best issue ever yet'?]
thanx, mv

SPProductions Apr 20 2017

I'm looking forward to seeing this issue.  The camming industry is a unique part of sex work and creates opportunities for people (models and viewers) who may not otherwise be able to participate.

MissArab Apr 20 2017

do you also invite girls from Europe ?

Vodcastent Apr 20 2017

Impressive. Very well done.

CaramelLover7 deleted Apr 20 2017

Very beautiful

Jgriffin Apr 20 2017


Steph_Leen Apr 20 2017

and an mv store! wowow yay!

Steph_Leen Apr 20 2017

Wow, amazing group of ladies!

RabbitMagick Apr 20 2017

Amazing diversity. So many different body types. You really outdid yourselves this time. Love that y'all always stick to a certain image :))))) sike. 

Seriously, what's new?

Jayne Cobb Apr 20 2017

I applaud your level of troll.

RabbitMagick Apr 20 2017

Thanks hoping it will change the MV world for the better lol

CoriiSiren Apr 20 2017

Also applauding

Kruel Kylie Apr 20 2017

yeah, this is really fucking annoying tbh.  All the EXACT same body type. Because fuck curves, we can't be succesful, clearly.

Jayne Cobb Apr 21 2017

On one hand I completely understand everyone's frustration, but I also totally understand why MV continues to choose women to represent them who uphold the current standard of beauty. I can't really be mad at them, especially when , if I take a step back to look at why it would bother me that they chose models who don't look like me, or have the same hustle as me, I'm really just incredibly jealous that they didn't choose me. You know? And that's my problem, not those models and not MV's.

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