Presenting, the MV Podcast!

We're about to go live and in-depth!

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Hello MV Community!

So we at ManyVids decided that we’re gonna have even more fun than we’re having right now.

We proudly present, the MV Podcast!

This is going to be a super fun podcast where we’ll be interviewing MV Stars, talking about the industry, as well as other great segments to come! We’re going no holds barred with this podcast. We’re going in-depth, all angles, with all sorts of exclusives so private that even the CIA can’t touch this. You do not want to miss it, your pets do not want to miss it, your best friend will want to talk about this.

As hosts, we have the dynamic duo, Tranna, and Bunty! They are funny, creative, energetic, and have great synergy. These two are the perfect team to lead the MV Podcast!

The MV Podcast will be airing every Wednesday, 8 - 9 pm, live from the Takeover page! The first show starts November 8th.

So stay tuned, and join us for this very special show! It’s gonna be a rollercoaster ride!

MV Team

teeggg Jan 26

Will it be available on podcast services?

Can't wait to be a part of this!! xoxoxo:A

Sounds awesome!!

DreadHot Oct 13

Very nice! <3

Love this! I am personally a fan of the creative new ways to give an opportunity to a MV star under a spotlight. It's fun & refreshing. Most fans enjoy finding out more about the ones they purchase from and this allows girls to express themselves in a different way than filming's more personal. *high fives*

While expanding is great, it would be nice if you brought the things back that actually helped models make sales in the first place.

You don't think doing things like this is part of networking? It absolutely is. It gives a model the chance to be in the spotlight for 100s of new potential customers. *shrugs*

I'm pretty sure I never mentioned networking. I said bring back things that were already working, as in, don't fix it if it ain't broken.

sounds interesting. <3

A cam-centered podcast? Yes, please! :D

NelaCam Oct 12

Always wanted to do a podcast based around cam life and real life in general. But never was able to find a co-host serious enough to do it with. Love that you're doing one. <3

Looks like an interesting new feature!

Super Excited!

Booty4U Oct 11

Really? Bunty King?? +o(


Natrona deleted Oct 11

how cooL! I love seeing Manyvids expanding as much as they have lately!

WOW Cant wait!! (Y))(Y))(Y))(Y))

Very excited 👿

I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out! <3

Such a great idea! Super excited😍

You're right about one thing. My pet never likes to miss out haha Duster appeared to be watching a takeover the other day 😂😂😂

Cattie Oct 10

Can't wait!

DrCube Oct 10

Really good idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what content comes out of it

Zarramar Oct 10

Wait you got Bunty King to do a podcast for manyvids holy s*** this is a dream come true . I can't believe you're really gonna do this  . I already currently listen to a podcast called Sexwork BB on SoundCloud Which is hosted by 2 cam girls here on manyvids  . Which to me feels kind of like a unofficial manyvids podcast . But I think this is the absolute best thing that manyvids has done in a while . I listen to podcast shows every single day

SexWorkBB is a great podcast for sure

fixy_1 Oct 11

I just hope they show sex work bb some love and don't look at it as competition.  Kyra and Shaye have done a lot to promote MV in their podcast.

Zarramar Oct 11

That is so true In fact right now they're latest episode Is dedicated to promoting manyvids. they delve deep into discussion talking about the Intricacies, Dilemmas and Triumphs That accompanies having a manyvids account and persona online . Highly recommend people who are new to manyvids to listen to it

Yay :)

MV... such an amazing website LOVING IT


Ryumoau Oct 10

I can't wait!!
Btw, Tranna is beautiful. Does she make videos on here?

I've gotta say... I'm pretty fucking excited about this shit! :]

Woah mv getting fancy!

Snowbunnyy deleted Oct 10

Now if only we can be able to cam on here at anytime !!!

This looks neato


thats awesome! how exciting!

BBW Sarah Spencer
BBW Sarah Spencer deleted Oct 10

This is amazing!!!!

Snowbunnyy deleted Oct 10



Yay! Can't wait!

what Bunty is here....does that mean their is a chance for Lauren southern to be here or Chris ray gun and lacy green?. lol ;)

Zarramar Oct 11

I know what you mean dude I hate their political opinions But I love their Ass and Tits .  ;-D

Can't wait here either!

This is awesome! Cant wait!

Awesome sauce !!!

Very excited to see what this has to bring to MV! :)

Oh my gosh are you kidding!? You guys are AMAZING!!

So... what do we have to do to get OFP on the podcast? Give the people what they want! :x

Lol ❤

Awesome. Love seeing MV pave the way! The takeover feature, the MV Pop teaser, now the podcast! Thanks for staying innovative!

Zarramar Oct 11

It's not just good for the models and content creators ,It's also excellent for the consumers . Manyvids is a real boon to the Sex work industry

I agree!! :)

AllyXXL deleted Oct 10

Well-well. This sounds great. Can't wait!

Oh cool :D Can't wait to check it out!

Nice. Cant wait 👍

sounds like a lot of fun! (Y))

Wow this is awesome! I have to say, when I joined last year I didnt expect the site to grow and evolve so quickly, whereas other websites become stagnant. Cant wait to check out the first MV Podcast! <3

fixy_1 Oct 11

That's the truth... MV is definitely always finding ways to keep fresh and improve.   Certainly sets them apart from the competition.

This is so cool!

Wow, this is awesome!! Can't wait to get involved

Sounds fun!!

Amazing! (Y))

SWEET!  Sounds like so much fun!

Kewl! Sounds awesome! Will this be available for iTunes?

Good question, it would be cool to get this on Spotify too

Totally! Better way to expand.

Zarramar Oct 11

I would prefer if it was on YouTube

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