Checkout Dani Daniels' Box!

What's in her box?

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Adult film sensation, Dani Daniels, is partnering up with ManyVids to launch her cool new monthly subscription box, The Dani Daniels Boxxx!

What’s in the box? Each box will contain four to six items valued at over $100! Some of the items subscribers can expect include Hats, Beanies, Pins, Sex Toys, Lube, Condoms, Restraints, Mugs, Pillow Cases, Scarves, Ties, Cufflinks, Grooming Products, Fun Fashion items and some other surprises. 

To celebrate Dani’s brand new initiative, we’re opening a Twitter giveaway contest!

It’s SUPER easy to enter. All you have to do is retweet the banner to enter for a chance to win. We’ll be picking 25 lucky MV Stars who will be getting this very special box from Dani.

The Twitter contest will run from January 12 to January 14 and the winners will be announced on January 22. Then, the boxes will be delivered to the winners by February, just in time to spice up your Valentine’s Day!

So what are you waiting for? Enter the contest on our Twitter now!

And while you’re at it, visit to help Dani support her new campaign, and show some love to another hard-working female entrepreneur!

Comment below and tell us why you'd like to win and what you hope to see in Dani's Boxxx!

MV Team

I'd also love to win because sex toys will make my vids more hot and my pussy more wet!

Hello, i just wanted to say that i have Half price on my b/g interracial videos for first 0/5 people 
Maybe u were waiting to grab them)

Shes so pretty ugh!


RSP_59 Jan 13

That was actually funny.

I love this, hope I win one! :)<3

Retweeted! I'm always in need of new sex toys. Would be nice to see some unique fetish items.

if u where in the box i will definitely get on you


I love it!

Haha She is hilarious! Love It!

Such a good idea, i'm gonna enter now! Some different sex toys would be nice

Entered to win hope I get the chance

Lehtsc46 Jan 13

Be great if it was a pass to get into her box

equinohx Jan 13

I love surprises!

I already entered, but do you guys ship worldwide or its for USA?


KittyTease deleted Jan 13

Orgasm Donor <3

Cara Wilder
Cara Wilder deleted Jan 13

I'd love to win because there is nothing I love more than surprises! 🎉 this will make my day and the sex toys will make my night xx

Would love to win this, I dcannot not think it should disclude fellow models, and I for one would love to be in with a chance x

I'd love to win because my birthday is January 17th. I'd be extremely giddy to receive a late box of surprises! I've been a little down in the dumps lately so maybe this would be exactly what I need to excite me into making more content and hopefully making a little extra cash. Thanks Dani & MV! <3

tarasbum Jan 13

This is obviously meant for guys, but can a model enter and give it to her favorite customer if she wins?

I would really like to win! I love trying new things and I’m always up for spicing up my sex life. It would be really cool to see kinky toys and lines of different sort. It’s just so hard for me to go out and buy them. This would be so cool because I would get stuff I have no idea about and get to try them. Winning this would be so awesome!!

it would be cool to win something. I hope there's a left shoe in the box.

i never win anything so i don't expect to win here lol. so, with that mindset, anything would be nice to win  👍

Boss1984 Jan 12

I'd love to win anything from Dani! I hope it's full of toys and goodies to play with!

Id love to see whats in the boxxx!♡ i love this!!

i retweeted :)

I live in argentina. Am i eligible to win?

Awesome! I entered! Such a cool idea! :)

Hope I win!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

NovaBomb73 deleted Jan 12

That is one of the best marketing ideas I have seen on this site.  Clever, funny, and hot, the idea.  Well, Dani as well.

Silvia Raine
Silvia Raine deleted Jan 12


Skyler Delite
Skyler Delite deleted Jan 12

Fantastic idea, I would love to win a box, ive been here a few weeks and feel a bit meh because no one loves me :( haha, winning this box would lift my spirits and entering helps promote and support one of our very own! good luck all xxx <3

WOW so easy that it turns out to be able to support one of my colleagues, it's great!
Successes dear!<3<3

Great idea to get new subscribers. Cant wait to see whats in her boxxx's.

This is an amazing idea i would love to just see the amazing ideas and gifts zhe comes up with this is super awesome

I'm still starting out and have not made the funds to get more items to make my shows and videos better. Things like this could really help me out. I love when people do this because there are plenty of other girls like me on this site who are struggling to get ahead.

Wooohooo!!! Love Dani!

This would be awesome to win, what a great idea!

Gotta keep my collection ever growing

Super awesome!:A

Wow!! This is amazing!! I would love to win! I love cute and sexy things!! Can't go wrong with mugs and sex toys! <3

Pick me :)

I just love gifts) ^.^

Would love to win because I LOVE adding new things to my toy collection!!

Smitty69 Jan 12

That's sexy

Mylene Jan 12

Done! And I'd love to win as it's cool to get surprises. :A That's why I'll not write what I'd like to get.

Would love to win a little treat for myself amongst all my health issues lately!

WOW, vid with James Deen is so hot <3 And this bottle of lube... Has a great shape too ;)

This is a great idea

This is so cool, I love subscription boxes *guilty* Who doesn't like monthly surprises??? Love it! Youre a hottie!

hahah this is so fun! You are fricken adorable girl

I love gifts :) done

this is such a cute idea! i'd love to win and hopefully get some super cute new toys to play with in future videos 💖  restraints sound like fun too 😍

Cattie Jan 12

Done & done! How awesome! Thanks, Dani & MV <3

Cattie Jan 12

I'd love to score 1 of these for my boy toy. I know we both could use a little surprise to see what kinda naughty fun we can strum up with the treats! A cool blindfold of some type would be really stellar!

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