An MV Interview!

Jul 11 5 comments 44,922

The MV Team is passionate and committed to our mission. As such, in the wake of our #WeAreMany documentary, we’re continuing to release in-depth interviews with MV Stars. You all have so much to say and we want to share your voices with the world!

Today’s we offer the thoughts of the positive, uplifting, and stunning MV Star Harley LaVey in #WeAreHarleyLaVey

We walk through the stigma surrounding sex work, the freedom and confidence being in the industry give her, and why having a thick skin is important!

Want to see more? You can catch this babe and many more MV Stars in #WeAreMany

What do you love most about Harley?

Harely is a true goddess, and she knows it!  It's not bragging if it's true!

Her  confidence and passion for what she does

Wow, great vid!