MV Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 5

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Oct 10 473

Join us as we sit with our 4 beautiful MV Loft guests of the week! MV Trans Stars Sarina Havok, Natalie Mars, Marissa Minx & Shiri Allwood engage in compelling conversation with our host Tranna on one of our hottest MV Podcast episodes yet!

They talk about the misconceptions of being a Trans performer, the common "denied attraction" from straight males, and their sexual sides in both their personal and professional lives!

We also incorporate questions from the audience so make sure you tune in next Thursday at 8 pm and catch more of your favorite MV Stars LIVE from the MV Loft!

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Athena And Aphrodite
Sarina Havok
Canadian / Hyrule
$19.99 (SAVE 15%)