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Did you know that when you subscribe to the ManyVids' exclusive YouTube channel you'll have a whole menu of exclusive, MV-produced content that's FREE and completely safe-for-work?

We have a ton of different playlists for you to enjoy, from MV Presents with discussions of social issues that are important to our community like Trans Awareness Week and Pride Month, the full broadcast of our MV Awards ceremonies, & interviews with our MV Stars & MV Celebrities to MV Podcast with both complete seasons of each and every MV Podcast episode.

But, one of our favorite playlists of course, is MV Pop, a lighthearted and sexy feature where we've have a blast hosting Mukbang challenges, cooking with sex toys, playing Chubby Bunny trivia and other other-worldly hilarious content starring some of your favorite MV Stars. 

Next week, we will be kicking off a brand new season of MV Pop and are set to launch even more funny and FREE MV Pop vids so we want to invite you to head over and SUBSCRIBE now because there is tons of fun coming your way! 

Featured MV Stars: 

Natalie Mars, Ashlee JulietAstro DominaAngel de Luca, Sofia Rose, Ryan Ryans, Demi Sutra, Lily Rader, Nelly Spicy, Vixen Vu, Jenna J. Ross, Pierre Fitch, Ian Greene, Manuel Skye, Pierce Paris, Kaylanilei, PaigeOwensXXX and CindyStarfall

Thank you now but request to bring back MV flyer

I am a Content Creator on YouTube as well! In fact Check out my channel Jay Rodman I just recently done a live stream bout a week ago featuring my MV gear! my channel is all about trying to change peoples view on cam models/adult film producers, and get more people to realize they can do it just like we do and have so much fun and make Money!!!

i find it funny that youtube will even let you have a channel with the name manyvids, as it is essentially promoting an adult site.  My youtube was shut down a few months ago, all because I started putting my MV link in my descriptions.  Any reference to an adult site or porn is against their rules...ironic.

was your channel monetized?

This is cool. 
But please can you bring back the MV wall, also its difficult to keep up with new followers. Please, kindly always of possible updates before implementing it, don't catch us unawares.

Omg 100% agree! The flyer and wall need to be back!!

Lonna87 deleted Mar 14

I love this! It brings a lighter side to the table for everyone to enjoy. But seriously, I'm enjoying the update but I would really like if you could bring back the Manyvid Flyer and make things easier for our customers to navigate. Since we don't have a wall it's harder for them to get in touch with us about custom videos. Not a lot of people know to click on the dots beside our names to send messages. I do love the social media feel but the way it was before the update was easier for our customers to navigate.

Make some important announcement Will you???? Where is our walls still?  MV POP is least of my worries geezz

lou20007 Mar 14

Ok this is great but what about the changes you talked a couple of weeks ago .what has been fixed are you bringing back the mv, the mv flyer, putting the mv crush more visible and what about the others things the mv models and mv members were talking about have you listen to what there were saying . What new things will you be adding and what old things from the old site design will you be bringing back.  

Don't forget to tells your mv models beforehand of furture updates

From a loyal mv member

I absolutely agree with you.

lou20007 Mar 15

I meant to say the mv wall

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