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malice23 Jul 14 2018

Do you do custom request or custom videos if so message me to discuss

We like to see the model behind the picture into the tampons!


You finally find the official unit can contact, and like your film, hope that after the future of each female model can be behind the film into the tampons or moon cup or tampons sponge. Thanksgiving

lilolama Nov 13 2016

awesome channel! Please do more videos with speculum / cervix content!
Also, could you do stuff like cervix penetration / insertion?

MedixVids Nov 18 2016

Thank you! Yes, I'll do .)

randrius Dec 29 2016

I would also love some of those with cervix play, also urethral play like on old Gyno-X (I loved Rozalia playing her urethra with sounds!)

How can I just get to  old gyno?

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