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Pucsi01 Jul 29

Hello, will you sell worn panties in the near future? :)

KingKong55116 deleted Jun 26

I love all your videos!! You are so sexy Lulu! 😋🤤 I can’t get enough of your sexy body, pierced tits, and sloppy blowjobs!

Altarus May 7 2018

Dommage que Lulu ne vende pas ses boxers, il est terriblement sexy .... ! N'oubliez pas vos fans gay - KIss

deezy604 Apr 19 2018

I would also like to run a script and custom idea but I wanted to clarify what add ons would fit in so I Make sure I'm paying you the right amount for you send me a message please

deezy604 Apr 16 2018

hey ! could you message me regarding a order for 5 panties, please let me know thank you

bigsteve4321 Apr 6 2018

hey your yoga pants video looks great! But you should do another video like that but you should wear nylon/swishy sport pants or shorts. This material is smoother on the dick and feels better. I know a lot of people from the site www.shinysports.com that would pay good money to see this type of video. Let me know what you think!

Jorsen Mar 26 2018

More panties soon? :D

smokys_smokes Mar 4 2018

Hello beautiful:*
Do you also ship to Germany

Flynn_Promo Feb 13 2018

Je vous ai découvert sur Pornhub avec plaisir et vos vidéos sont vraiment superbes! Continuez comme ça, vous assurez! :)

deezy604 Feb 2 2018

hi sorry to bug again but will you be selling panties again?

deezy604 Jan 22 2018

hi do you still sell used panties/thongs ? if you do could i purchase a bundle of them ! please get back to me if you get the chance :) ty

lvlvlv9850501 Dec 24 2017

Hi sasie, I sincerely want a BG custom from you. I definitely will support you generously if you fulfil my fantasy. Please take great consideration on my request😉. Thanks

HannibalKing Dec 18 2017

Hi. Please pm me about a wedding night custom?

MissHaze Dec 15 2017

Youre Welcome Sweety:x

lancas11 Dec 11 2017

Hi leolulu. I would like to order a custom. Just wanted info about the things you can do?

Naija_92 Dec 8 2017

Have you ever thought about letting out your bush? I think it would look real sexy on you :)

osgar30 Nov 15 2017

love to see you acting one pornhub!

janexdoe Nov 12 2017

Thank you! Went thru and <3'd all your videos and bio stats! Incredible body!!:x

Heeey pretty ❤️❤️ Left you loads of love!!

cousingustavo Oct 29 2017

love your stuff, can you make some wide angle BG videos, I'd be all over it!

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