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Selina Kyl

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Colorado/The Internet United States Joined November 2014

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Hi I’m Cora, I’m new to Manyvids and wanted to send some love your way! <3

I left Some Hearts for you Hun :3

hey babe, i left some hearts on your newest vids. :)

showing love..

If you do custom videos and/or pics please contact me.

looking through everything, i love how active and personable you are. thank you for your kindness as well! great material, anyone who hasn’t seen it is missing out! 💕

Thanks for the love ❤️❤️

no prob babe!

Thanxx Sexy Lady :x

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liked a bunch of your vids!!!!!  you have made some cool stuff!!!:A

thank you so much!

liked a bunch of your vids!!!!!  you have made some cool stuff!!!

Thanks beauty queen

WilliamErotixxx deleted Feb 24

Left you some love thanks for giving me some too 😘

Left you some love :)

You look yummy

Thank you for the love, Happy Valentine's Day<3

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I'm Selina Kyl and I love to make smutty porn of myself and with my friends! I hope you enjoy the years worth of videos I have, please remember to leave a review if you love what you see here! I'm here to make dicks harder and pussies wetter! I love do custom videos so please feel free to message me to discuss one!

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