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Lady Morrigan

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Texas, USA Romania Joined January 2015
5 Dollar Tip
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
Leopard and white lace panties
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 50%)
Purple Pantyhose with Dots
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 15%)
Army Print Thong
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 50%)
Red Lace Panties
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 20%)
Turquoise lace thong
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 50%)
Black lace thong
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 50%)
Sexy nylon thong
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 50%)
Minty satiny undershapers
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 15%)
Tan nylon socks
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$9.99 (SAVE 15%)
Red Stockings with Lace Silicone Top
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$24.99 (SAVE 15%)
Opaque Thigh Highs with Stripes
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 25%)
Neon orange panties
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$19.99 (SAVE 15%)
White stretchy panties
Lady Morrigan
Romanian / Texas, USA
$14.99 (SAVE 25%)

Too bad you don't ship panties north of the border:(

Where precisely? Canada is a very large country :) PM me.

Schwing717 deleted Jan 31

Hey baby thanks for the panties can’t wait till they come

Liz Lovejoy Nov 15 2017

thanks for the love <3 xo

Lady Morrigan Nov 15 2017

NP <3

Liz Lovejoy Nov 14 2017

left u some love xo

jeansbooty81 Oct 10 2017

Absolutely love you in jeans!  Would love to see you tease in your super worn faded blue jeans you always wear because you look so epic sexy in them.

Lady Morrigan Nov 15 2017

Thanks! But I honestly don't know what jeans you're talking about.

XXX ISLAND Nov 29 2016

Hi you have some great videos!! I left you some love hope you can return the favor! 😊❤

deleted_4ever deleted Jan 6 2016

Hi sweetie :) left u some hearts,pls return me back some love too xo xo

CammiCams Dec 31 2015

Congratulations on receiving the Bonus from #MvHelpinghand and I hope now you can active your fund me goal! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Taylor_Made Dec 31 2015

Thank you Morrigan! Gotta save up a little more , but gotta wait until summer comes around so I have a little time..hehe :-) Happy Happy New Years To You as will! Mwah~~~Tay

Taylor_Made Dec 30 2015

Congrats Girl! Hope the Bonus from #MvHelpinghand helps you! ... Mwah ~~~Tay

Lady Morrigan Dec 31 2015

WOW, thank you! I've just logged in and saw the winners, I couldn't believe my eyes! Indeed, the bonus will help me create better content.

tinyhighelf Oct 29 2015

hello~ i gave you all of the hearts, would love if you'd heart me back! hope you have a wonderful day~!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Lady Morrigan Nov 2 2015

Hearted! Very cute pics you have!

Cattie Sep 1 2015

Your previews look amazing! Left you some hearts. Would love if you could do the same(:

Changoloks42 deleted Aug 24 2015

Hello Darling!! :) I was Wondering if you Would be interested in selling me a special naughty video request ? Let Me know if you'd be whiling to do it ;) hope to hear from you soon Thank You!!

Lady Morrigan Jul 21 2015

Hey guys! Don't forget to review my videos after buying and viewing them! Also, "heart" my videos and pictures, it makes me smile :)

Esteeban2907 deleted Jul 3 2015

Hi love you are very pretty and sexy, I left some love for you, i was wondering if you could give me some love too please,i wish you the best on MV :)

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