Owen Gray

Owen Gray

Owen Gray

California United States Joined March 2015

Owen you're amazing mate! Keep up all the good work.  You should reach out to KylieMFC, I would love to see both my favourite all time performers together :)

You make it impossible not to crush on you. And I’m crushing big time. Would love to meet you but would probably melt. Ah well, a girl can dream ♥️

Hey, I just wanted to know what stamina pill you take (if you do take any)

You're a rockstar. :)))

Great vids!!

How does one become one of the girls in your videos? You're like the best guy in porn. I want a chance 😍

Very Very hot

Mottoo Jun 21

Hi ! My name is Karol and I am from Poland. Just want to say, I really like ur videos. What I also like about You, are your tattoos. I already have 2, but want to get next one. I am thinking about the project of sleevee tattoo. I really like the one on your arm ( like branch from a tree) but I cant find any photos of that tattoo in the internet. I would love to get an inspiration from your tattoo and add something on forearm. Can You please send me 2 or 3 photos of Your tattoo ? You know, i dont want to copy it, neither my tattooer :) 

woah <3

God what do I have to do to make a video with you 😋

Great googly moogly man 😍 just stayed up way to late watching some of your videos, I’m gonna be total 💩 tomorrow at work but it was sooooo worth it ☺️ 👍🏻👌🏻 What an amazing example of the male specimen ❤️

in love with you, awesome passionate sex videos <3

in love with you, awesome passionate sex videos :) <3

Willow fern
Willow fern deleted May 23

I can’t by to leave your page some LOVE♥️❤️

Lady_WOW May 11

Hi! Love your videos and PH page ))

Hey ran across your profile and like your vids.  Would love to have the opportunity to work with you:)

Just found you today. Wish I'd have found your videos A LOT sooner. All I can say is wow! You have my love.

Looloo26 Mar 16

I love your videos. They are always so real and the girl is always looks satisfied. Its amazing and so sexy to watch! Plus your tattoos make me melt!!

Turbgar Mar 14

You're my aesthetic~ <3

Found your vids recently, my bf and I love your work. I'd love to hook up with you, it would be my dream 😍

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