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USA United States Joined April 2015

You are everything! <3

Such amazing content! It’s super lovely!

Absolutely loved the cam show tonight. A great Fuck Machine Friday was had by all!😍

Mil123 Sep 3

Can you message me about video chat please :)

thanks for the follow!

Sending hearts for an amazing performer and beautiful woman.  Buy her things! <3<3<3

John6172 Aug 30

Hi Gaberiella, Good morning to you too. *hugs* Love ya, John

You are an inspiration ♡♡♡

Just seen you on cam. I like the cat eyes. Awesome. Leaving you some hearts on your movies

awww thanks ill return the favor :)

I watched Gaberiella live today on MV Live and she was too cute!! Don't miss out on a beauty like this guys. She was also sweet as pie, even greeted me when I entered!  Buy her content ASAP!!

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is some think free or not

Abran68 Jun 18

You are absolutely amazing thank you

bm10626 Jun 9

Congrats, Washington won and it was a fun playoffs. to watch.  hopefully my team does a fair bit better next year lol

Wet Tee Shirt Contest Offers: 
10$-any video
25$- snapchat
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I've only been a member here for about a week, but everything I've seen from you (profiles, cam shows, vids, snapchats, etc.) has been super awesome - top-notch quality. It shows that you love what you do and that a lot of time, effort and hard work has gone into them. I've seen some of your posts/video blogs on YouTube, which are also wonderful and amazing - you have a very kind, positive, upbeat personality (with a great sense of humor btw) and just confirms even more how much of a beautiful person you are, inside and out!! Thank you so much for being you! Lots of love, tips/tokens and support to you (from a huge crush/fan) xoxo

Hi Gabby - just wanted to leave a note saying how amazing, wonderful, kind, thoughtful, hard-working and awesome you are. Before I signed up and joined ManyVids and MFC, I was viewing a lot of profiles and started following a number of beautiful women from ManyVids/MFC on Twitter - and yours was the only one that I received a follow-up message from which thanked me for following (even though it's an auto-tweet, it's little things like that which grab my attention). I've peeked into a number of chatrooms/cam shows as a guest and yours was by far the best - not only because you are sexy, beautiful and gorgeous but also because you are so kind, thoughful, generous and polite to everyone who comes in (e.g., saying hi to everyone, asking how people's days went, etc.). (Continued next post...)

After Hours Contest: 
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🌟100$ best seller videos or 2 Skype shows/ 2 Snapchat one on ones 
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