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Doctor say's it's time to get My Breast Implants replaced and the left side fixed!

USA United States Joined June 2014

CammiCams Breast Augmentation Repair & Replace

August 2000 is when I had my Saline over/under the Muscle Breast Augmentation. Back in 2013 my Left Breast fell out of the Muscle and I went to see my Plastic Surgeon. He informed me that I could go another 10 years without Surgery, if there are NO Problems. Because I had no money at the time to get them fixed back then. Well now I am feeling a Stingy Burning Sensation underneath my Left Breast. NOT GOOD and NOW it's completely out of the Muscle! I have scheduled an appointment Feb 26, 2019 with my Doctor. But I have NO Money to get them replaced and I have NO Savings due to other Life Events. I need $6000 (Cost of the Surgery and time out of work.) to have them redone and fixed.

I am a FULL TIME Webcam Model and this is my ONLY Source of Income! So I need your HELP with this possible Critical Situation if they POP on or off cam. Why am I saying that? Well they say that you should Saline Breast Implants replaced every 10 years. Well mine are 19 this year and you can clearly see in my CammiCams Videos. The gap between the Left & Right Breast and that the Left Breast is almost in my Arm Pit. Also, during my shows I hold it up to prevent further damage. Just to prove that this is NOT a SCAM or a JOKE. I will post a Video to further demonstration the Severity of this Situation.

ALL donations can be rewarded if you want with Videos or a NO SEX MEET-n-GREET for LARGE DONATIONS ($3,000 or more).  Large Donations can go straight to my Doctor if you wish. Just email me ( and tell me what you would like to do to HELP.

Thank you for your Support!

The nurse called yesterday and told me that I could wait but don't wait to long. The left breast is punching a nerve and that's why I feel a burning stinging sensation. $5,997 left to go!

A wonderful fan made a very generous donation of $200. In return I shaved my Pussy and made him a video. $5,700 left to go.

$4,883 more to go and if you purchase texting on the site. ALL PROCEEDS will go towards My Surgery Fund.

Want to buy my panties? I have a few here or you can go to 

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Finally they have the Private Show option! I will be available for Private Shows as soon as you send me a msg. Plus as an added bonus for every Private Show 200 tokens or more. I will give you one FREE Video. Private Shows are 60 tokens per min starting at 200 tokens. So msg me TODAY!

Go to Tribute Me on My Profile Page & Make It Rain for Gifts

$10 - Pick ANY Video
$25 - Panties My Choice & 1 Day Wear (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
$50 - 10 Videos or Panties (Your Choice) or Skype (15 min) 
$75 - 15 minute Custom Video in HD (Msg Me First)
$100 - ALL 2018 Videos
$200 - 25 minute Custom Video + 1 hour Skype Show or Go to My Custom Videos
$300 - 300 Videos 
$500 - What would you like and I might just give it to you! - Message First BEFORE TIPPING!

All of my Custom Videos are filmed with my 4kHD Webcam and come in a Standard format. If you want HD add $19.99 to the order. See my Extra's and lets make a custom video. TAKE NOTE: I will NOT do anything TABOO or hurt myself in anyway. Message me if you have a special request not listed in my Extra's. If you purchase the 25 minute custom video. You will get a 1 hour Skype show to watch me make it and be my director. DON'T worry I WILL NOT Record YOU! I don't play those games! Message me for further details before your purchase!

Want to watch me LIVE go to :A

Just finished a custom video and he LOVED it! Who else wants one?

I'd like a custom. I don't have premium membership though, so please message me?

OMG! I have that exact same silver suit! LOVE IT, girl! :x:x:x(V))

Thanks babes and I have many colors (red, black, gold, blue, pink, green and silver).

Okay, now I'm jealous x(:x

CammiCams Jun 14 2018

Guys if you want a custom video or panties. Please feel free to msg me. I don't look at my wall everyday.

Sniper01 May 17 2018

Hey gorgeous... What is the wait time for your dirty panties and video?

CammiCams May 22 2018

You should have sent me a private message. I very rarely look at my wall. The wait time is asap and depends on where you live.


I love videos 377 Sirip Show,416JOI Teacher,,X-Stripper,261 the cherader,and the out takes videos that i got tonight LOVE,Eric Repp aka ERICDOGSMAN from .MYFREECAMS.COM I live in FL. USA

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Hello my name is CammiCams and I grew up in a small town in California. I have been a Nude Model for other Adult Websites, Adult Magazines, Motorcycle Magazines and a Webcam Model Since June 2009 (10th CammiVersary). Also, I love making HD Videos and I have my own Amateur Video Porn Site ( to prove it! If you have a custom video in mind I would love to make one for you! Just send me an email with you idea.

XoXo - CammiCams

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