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Luciano Fapalotti

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Toronto Canada Joined September 2015

so how does this co op thing work?

Fun profile. We should make some videos together! Kisses, Lyndsey

doninic Nov 24

Would love to see more of avery, PM if you could do a custom with her.

Can you message me for a custom?

I can't message you, will you please email me to discuss doing a vid?

I see from your pics , that you have videos with someone named Morgan (and I remember seeing them in the past on your C4S page) . may I ask why they aren't available anymore?

I envy you , with the amazing babes you get to have fun with . you're one lucky guy , and make some grade A content

tinyhighelf deleted Dec 9 2015

Hey there, I just left a ton of hearts on your page~! I’d really love it if you could leave me some hearts, too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

LaylaCherrie Nov 7 2015

Hey hey, I'm just stopping by to share some hearts xx

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