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rebbyxx Aug 8

Shared some love. You're awesome girl! Keep it going 😊💕

Will there be updates? I'm desperately missing your barefoot squirtings. You are the most amazing squirting artist I've ever seen! So, please, don't forget us...

Hello pm please about buying a custom video.

Don't buy a custom video from her. Trust me worst experience ever.

Pony, you already gave a 1 star to a video you told me in a pm you loved. I had it stated to ask me first, your requests were strange and made me uncomfortable and isnt even alowed by MV standards. Anyways, find some happiness.

Stoptheo Jun 17

I'm sorry for the bother, I'm going to apologize in advance, I know how buggy guys can be trying to slide into DMs to get some from a girl they just think is "hot". But for some reason you actually caught my eye and I felt like, I had to TRY to talk to you? I am 6 foot 7, fit, I use to date an Amatuer porn star: Dani Darko, and many, many, more models and I have always been told I was the best they have ever had. Again I apologize if I seem like "that guy" Dming you out of nowhere. You are just so gorgeous that if I didn't even TRY to talk to you I would feel like a coward. Hope to hear from you, if not I understand.  Also I almost forgot, but where is it that you are located? Just in case we come to an agreement on a custom video. PM me ASAP sexy.


Theo :)

Hi. Can you please pm me about a custom?

Absolutely hot and stunning! You're the squirting queen!! Hope to see more updates soon!!!

Man, you is THICK!!!😍😍😘😘

Hot Vids!

LarryB86 Mar 30

Heyy cutie

ronboy99 Mar 25

Please msg for custom idea

MrSatio Mar 24

hey ginger. Did you forget my custom vid? or am I just too impatient...

Joeyfab Mar 23

I'd be careful about attempting to purchase a custom video. I arranged to have a video made that was mutually agreed upon, I paid the required fees, and have been waiting since the end of January. Phenomenal talent here, not good business

You are the best, I just subscribed to your site I hope we can work in the future together I'm in Portland

which video do you use the belladonna magic hand?

Would love to play with some of your kinkier fetishes on webcam if there was a way? Let me know! I wouldnt be cam to cam or talking so it would be more like a custom vid, i just want to watch it live and these kinks arent allowed on the traditional cam sites! Let me know if i can connect on that?

Hey babe here's an idea to help you bank some moola.. sell panties and especially sell your squirt juice!! U can make big $$$$$

Hey guys I've been workin less lately due to school starting up again but WHOA I'm in deep shit need to make some mula. Would appreciate any and all help, gonna upload a TON of PUBLIC video material here soon! By the way, I'm broadcasting right now at Expect me to start keeping up to date with you guys on the wall!:]

My god you're a national treasure. I can't help but cum and become deeply and intensely aroused whenever I watch any one of your videos. I absolutely love how true, real, open and free you are. I wish far more girls were a fraction as true, real, open and amazing as you. You liberate me so just being real and being who you are, and I love you so much for that.

Kworld Jan 21

Can't ever watch one your vids without cumming, you're  amazing

Can you sell panties

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 Please keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and I hope you have a Very Successful and Orgasmic 2017 sexi mami :cock::W:facial: it would be an HONOR to work with you one day  :A

Hi. I bought 4 of your vids for 79 dollars total and then I discovered that two of them were for free in on you pornhub account. I feel a bit cheated! I'm a big fan of yours but I'm not sure I would buy any more of your videos unless you make right by me. I was planning on ordering a big custom but this kinda put a damper on it. Happy holidays nonetheless.

I love your shows on CB and I get your free vids, are amazing, thanks so much!!!

plutoniturn deleted Nov 15

What happened to American Girl??

There was s bug in it, it was fixed though!

plutoniturn deleted Nov 22


Great site, sexy content ❤ left you some love hope you can return the favor!

Id like a custom, interested? message me

I was wondering if you could send me a message? I'd like to discuss some things please?

Hello Ginger..nice vids :)

Will you marry me? 😍😍😍

i'm very interested To have a Very good session in Skype with You. Just contact me, i have To ask some question before purchase. tnks


Ruru54 Aug 11 2016

would you consider doing a body fan sign ?

igor_karlo Jul 28 2016

i'm interested To have a Very good session in Skype with You. Just contact me, i have To ask some question before purchase. tnks-

BlondeBootyKitten18 deleted Jul 15 2016

You are so hot :3 ❤️

Real_One_Alert Jul 6 2016

Do you sell merchandise

dirtyotsex Jul 5 2016

i want a custom vids.. pm am hard interested please !!!! always tipping u on cb (jackyou) ;)

oruonam Jun 29 2016

hi, you are soooo hot !!! do you do custom video please ? if yes pls contact me thks a lot

Kandie_Monaee Jun 29 2016

Left you some hearts beautiful! <3

Camino Jun 27 2016

Do you take custom requests?

IM4ANAL69 Jun 11 2016

your a work of art your all feet when on your back stunning !!!!!

LordExcalibur Jun 6 2016

Gave you a ton of hearts, have a wonderful day

tinyhighelf Dec 28 2015

Hey there, I just left a ton of hearts on your page~! I’d really love it if you could leave me some hearts, too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Codeelee deleted Dec 19 2015

Great vids. Would love to see you fill a cup all the way to the top with your squirt. I'd buy that video in a heartbeat.

pussylover1237 Nov 27 2015

i got all your videos my love

pussylover1237 Nov 27 2015

babby i want you so bad

pussylover1237 Nov 27 2015

just got your squirting video my love

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Striving to be the #1 webcam girl. I am the anal squirt queen.




1994-12-03 (22)







White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

West Coast USA




In a relationship

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32" 26" 32"

Breast Size

Natural 33A


5'7" or 170 cm


135 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned







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