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Lena Paul

American / Florida
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Lena Paul

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Lena Paul

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Lena Paul

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Hi sexy XOXO

Dbatdan6 May 23

So fucking gorgeous and perfect can't wait to see more of ur fine ass!!!... possibly personal video and panties 😘

Thanks for the love gorgeous!

umdterps1899 deleted May 10

Purchased a custom.  PMed you the script.

Hi gorgeous!  Will you do a custom video for me?  I think you're sensational!

returning the love! good vibes to you! :)

Thank you! You have very hot vids!!:x:x

Thanks for the <3
You're gorgeous xo

Thank you for all the lovely hearts beautiful! 💗

ChristianCage deleted Apr 23

Hi,how are you?🙂 Your very beautiful.🙂😁👋😊🙂

Thanks! :-*

Thanks for the hearts on my profile, kisses.<3:x

Wow that Jovan video is hot.  hope you make more.  would love to see you and Cory Chase take on Jovan or just more of you with BBC.


Could you private message me here,as I would like to discuss you doing a custom b/g video for me.

Your boobs though :A:A:A

Haubgirl Apr 12

Loved your vids, nice husband you have with all respect <3

Thanks, sweetheart, he's amazing isn't he? You and your man are looking fine as well. Left you some <3 Let me know if you ever visit the states!! We could make content together ;)

How much to send you a video of me cuming

Lena! Can you please DM me to discuss custom video? It would be much appreciated. Thank you and a have day!

We Love You :A Left You A Big <3 Check Our Profile For High End Lesbian Content (.)(.)

Hello Lena Paul :) Thank you for <3 my profile left u some<3 too ^.^

Minannn Apr 7

Hi Lena paul I love you so much and my dick needs you

I'd love to be some make talent!

Hi Lena I seen your snapchat needing males I used to be a webcam model please message me on Snapchat Klopfenstein92 or email me easier to sc 😘

Jay___ Apr 6

I'd highly recommend ordering a custom from Lena. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and a total professional.

Hi Lena I was interested in purchasing a dick rating and the green sheer panties and I had some questions about both. Message me when you have a chance. Thanks for your time!

Jay___ Mar 25

Hi Lena. I was interested in purchasing a 15 minute custom and was wondering if you could message me for details.

Left hearts on your profile ❤

Lena you have some amazing tits and your very beautiful! Keep doing your thing love 😍

Hi. i don't know if you remember me but i was on mfc before I left. I bought two custom twerking videos from you. Only saying that to see if you remember. Anyways, I want another custom twerk video for 10 minutes. messgae me when you have a chance. Thanks!

messaged you :)

OK, you are all going to hate, but not as much I am kicking myself, but this is first time I have ever clicked on the "wall" tab here and am just reading all of your posts for first time >_< I am so sorry, this website doesn't give me any form of update when a comment is posted here so I never thought to click, anything I ever had to say I just put on twitter. I will get around to each of you as soon as possible i promise!

hi lena, interested in purchasing a 10 min custom video. please message me so we talk details ..thanks!

messaged you

Hey there! Just wanted to say you're absolutely gorgeous and I'd love if you'd do a custom video for me (20-30 min). Let me know if you're interested and we'll talk details! =)

messaged you ;)

Just wanted to let you know that you have an amazing body. I have seen videos and you have already done almost everything I could have hoped for. I'm hoping you would be willing to do a bondage themed shoot for the photo shoot available in your store? Please shoot me a message and let me know!

P.S. Maybe we could work something out where I could pick an outfit from your Amazon wishlist. The green corset was beautiful!

eventually yes perhaps, I just have to software one available for now. I am planning on getting around to a bondage video eventually too

I just wanted to let you know that I think you're absolutely beautiful. You're the body type I wish I was! Haha:) I hope your enjoying life to the fullest.(I made an account just so I could say hello)

rshefat Jan 29

Hi Lena. i fuck you

r3arsh Jan 29

Hi Lena, Would like to buy a custom. Please message me back so we can arrange. Thanks.

messaged you :)

ByronJ Jan 16

Hi, Lena. Interested in a custom vid. Do I just describe what I'm looking for here and then buy? Thanks.

talking here works, but messaging me directly is more discreet if it's something you'd like to keep private, let me know hun!

Hey Lena! Do you sell custom fansign pics?

I have been planning to add that to my store for some time now, stay tuned for updates!

jackmelb Mar 10

I'd be very interested once they're added to your store. Otherwise, is it possible to incorporate that into your "Sexy Photo' item?

Like to have me sign one of the photos I send you? So far the sexy photo set is only sent digitally. But when I add the store item for fan signing, you will be able to request a specific photo. I think that's probably the best way to streamline it

jackmelb Mar 16

Hey Lena! Sorry, what I meant was a digital photo(s) of you holding a small sign saying my name or some kind of message/greeting. Do you think you'd be able to provide this?

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