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Love your content, beautiful!!!!!

Great studio

Do you do one on one shows?

I do occasionally on !

Dtown36 Oct 23

You are so hot, any new anal vids in the near future?

You can order customs here :

Giorock99 deleted Apr 7 2017

I would love a custom clip from you

darlingP Jan 22 2017

Livi, You are soooooo beautiful and your videos are AMAZING!!, I have LOVED the ones I've purchased, thank you so much and please keep making more :-) x

kslay88 Jan 22 2017

God you are hot

Chezza Luna Oct 5 2016

You are SO gorgeous, natural beauty. LOVE it Livi!:beat_around_my_bush:

MasterWedge Mar 20 2016

I love your look too!  (Who wouldn't?!?)  I would love to talk to you about ideas for custom videos.  Please contact me!!

SadisticWizard deleted Oct 19 2015

Clicked all your hearts. :)

ozone_s Apr 28 2015

Ah, many more people should go ahead and buy your videos, they are very, _very_ hot!

doryphore Jan 28 2015

so beautifull and sensual !

sweetguy9 Dec 5 2014

Love your videos. Please add more

ozone_s Nov 5 2014

Livi is an amazing Lady, with a wild heart, passionate with loving her animal friends and family. If you ever wondered what a sexy vegan woman could do to blow your mind with her erotic dance moves and sexual fantasies, stop searching, she's here !

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I'm that quiet girl you and your friends secretly have dirty thoughts about. I'm your best friend's sister you sneak away to spy on. I'm the summer camp counselor in your wet dreams. I'm Livi, your new obsession, naturally.

Interests/Turn-Ons: ANAL, BBC (I'm addicted!), creampies, deepthroating, DP, exhibitionism, FINDOM (giftrocket link below), ♡ stretching my bootyhole ♡, etc.

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