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Jumbo Incredible

Jumbo Incredible

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Connecticut United States Joined May 2016

Hey there, love your page! Gave you a follow & some hearts <3<3<3


tedlacy1 Nov 25

If you are interested in doing a movie together, I love your vids!!!

Thanks email me bookjumboincredible@gmail.com

Xlife2685 Jan 31 2018

I would like the to hear the sound of your slut’s tongue touching your ass hole up and down!!! In a video POV and side.. and of course close-up... make sure to bury her face in there especially her tongue and nose..
Sniffing and eating your black ass hard as she can and begging him to cum for her! and if she can make you cum by that without touching your cock she will be a goddess!!!
Make sure to let her eat that cum and lick it clean...

Willow lynn
Willow lynn deleted Jul 22 2017

Hey babe I'm leaving you some hearts. Come check out my profile as well. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

DANSHUL Apr 20 2017

Do you make custom rough sex videos with one of your white female friends? If so private message me ere to discuss.

Jumbo Incredible Apr 20 2017

Not at This time. I am taking a break from Co Star Videos and I will be working on My Solo Content as of Next Month. Please Enjoy The Videos That are Available

slaveyummy and bbc
slaveyummy and bbc deleted Mar 28 2017

Thanks for the hearts on my profile, kisses.<3:x

Matt Kayd Jun 18 2016

Jumbo! Good to see you, long time! :take_my_money!:

VirginiaRoseXXX deleted May 21 2016

Hi Jumbo, Great to see you on here. Popping your wall cherry hehe xoxo :kiss_me::up_to_no_good:

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