Jay Bank Presents


Jay Bank Presents

Multiple Brands: 18auditions, POV Pound Pieces, BobSlobs & Handjobs, and PornStarFuckBuddies

Detroit United States Joined July 2016
beella Feb 6

Hi,I bought 18-60-UC - 6 UnCut Cameras.
How can I contact with you for other videos?

Shikoza Jan 22

Hi, I want to buy 18-33 but then I can't DM you without getting premium Manyvids. Is there any other way I can send you my email?

Chgomn Jan 11

u the man

klmaky Jan 10

Will we see more of the girl from 18-27?

zelloth Dec 26

Hey! Quick question about some videos on your site. On some videos it says 8 hours, for example, "8 UnCut Cameras #18-55 8hrs" and the text to the video says the video is 8 hours and 43 min, but it also says that the video is actually 53 min and 14 seconds. So which is correct? How long is the video actually?

Hello.  There are 8 cameras.  All of them are roughly the same time. The other 7 cameras will be send to you via email.  I could only upload one due to the size  constraints on this site.  There 8+ hours of footage across all 8 cameras in aggregate.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  Please DM them as I don’t get alerts for postings on my wall for some reason.  Thank you

And your work keeps getting better and better. I got a few questions, which I am sure a lot of your customers/fans have.

1. Are you ever going to make a movie with a hot MILF?
2. Or a movie with 2 MILFs in a 3some or with one teen and  a MILF in a threesome?
3. Are ever going to make a threesome with 2 guys/one girl?

4. Are you ever going to make a movie with a girl with a nice hairy pussy?
Thanks for your time answering them.

1.  Absolutely.  I was just talking to one the other day.  I've decided to pass, but I'm DEFINITELY looking.

2.  Maybe to the first part, much more likely on the second option.

3.  Yes, I have that planned.  One of the dudes is black so that will be an IR thing.  I'm starting an IR brand actually.  This year..  Well, it's going to have me in it so maybe it's just 1/2 IR .. lol.

4.  No.. probably not.  I don't like that to be honest.  I only want to do the things I'm totally into.  I think that's part of why people like my stuff.  I never shoot girls I don't really want to fuck.  And I'm never going to do stuff just because there's a market for it.  If there's not a market for what I want to do then I'll do something else.

nygayboy Dec 16

jb working hard we see you !

Love you man.

What’s your pornhub account name?

I can't find #18-61.

It’s not finished yet.  Sorry

It's not finished editing yet.

will you do a anal scene in the future?

Yep.  Full on Anal brand come baby.

*coming...  "full on anal brand coming baby"

I luv it!!!! 😘😘😘

Thank you!

You seem to be missing a lot of videos you advertise. I can't find 18-66,67,68,70 or 18-26,28,29?? Do you have another site where these are offered?

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Hello Everyone! I'm a grown man who loves to smash hot, tight, young pussy whilst wielding multiple cameras in the process. I put a lot of effort into the productions, editing, etc (I do it all). I have two distinct brands: 18auditions: REAL Amateur girls just getting into the business, and PornStarFuckBuddies: Real private sex tapes with real pornstars #TellaFriend

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