Joined August 2016

Hey! I have a business inquiry. Could you please private message me on here or DM me on twitter/instagram @RealJackHarmond

I have something to offer you ☺️

Hope to hear from you soon  

Left you a  <3 on your profile

rfgdxm89 Oct 17

Interesting new profile pic...

dj_vamp deleted Sep 25

Still have all of those sweet vids , and still waiting for you to show that slutty face of yours again . shame you left us all hanging like this....... than again , that just means we've saved a bigger load for your (hopeful) return . so , hopefully you have something amazing in store for us ;)

Still have them??? How?! I deleted them!!

dj_vamp deleted Sep 25

I still have them on my PC , that's what I mean . also , since I got them in the past , I can actually still download them from my vid collection (apparently these still exist , even if you delete the video . makes some sense , I guess) . 
so , can we have some hope of your return?

Oh right- I had no idea... Well sounds like I have no need to deliver anything more now you have your secret stash of me! X

dj_vamp deleted Sep 28

of course there is a reason for you to deliver more..... since when could we have enough of you? besides , there are so many things for you to do , so much to explore...... you can't really go on teasing like this , could you? you wouldn't be so cruel......

I would. You enjoy what you have hun. You have a lot more than most and it’s best it’s kept that way 💋

dj_vamp deleted Oct 4

shame....... still wouldn't mind chatting , if you want . it's been fun :)

rfgdxm89 Sep 20

You should come back, you and I both know you can't keep from filling your cunt up. It's just too hungry, and it's just not the same if you don't have someone watching.

Haha hi Hun! You're probably right but tbh I didn't think anyone would miss me or notice I'd gone.... it all went very quiet for a long time. I waited to see if anyone wanted to hold my exploits to ransom and no one proved brace enough- you're all too nice ❤️ Thanks for missing me and the message though Hun 💋💋

rfgdxm89 Sep 29

If you film it they will cum

Blujayy Jul 24

Can you upload your vids as mp4 and have a long video once in a while? Can't get enough of your body

BdShan Jul 9 2017

Your vids got me super hard and stroking! I'd love to hear you talking dirty!

rfgdxm89 Jul 1 2017

Hot vids! Would love to see you squeeze ben wa balls out of your pussy. Do you ever test household objects to see how they fill you?

alien420vixen Jun 28 2017

naughty! love your page

sizequeen Jun 27 2017

:submissive_slut::gag_me:Anyone fancy taking control of me?

sizequeen Jun 24 2017

Feeling naughty :yesbaby-16::submissive_slut: All you tiny cocked fucks should watch me.. see my latest vid and worship the size :sph::cock:

Gallantguy May 5 2017

I would LOVE to see you use one of your big toys for a titswank

Purpzz Mar 23 2017

You are by far my favorite on here

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Hi. Where did everyone go?




1990-05-24 (28)




White / Caucasian


British United Kingdom



Hair Color


Eye Color



32" 27" 32"

Breast Size

Natural 32E


5'4" or 163 cm

Body Type

Athletic & Toned