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I love women...all kinds of them.

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YOU ROLL.....Seriosly enjoy looking at you vids

You're awesome!! <3<3<3

So are you

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In my opinion all her vifs are 5 star. This video also makes me hard

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This video is awesome. Alice back from a what seems to too long of a break. She is sporting a new hair colour and looks hotter than ever. She uses a buttplug and dildo. Beautiful veiws of her face and ass.This video means something to me because I missed her during her break. Buy it soon and help her with the current contest. ( ie vote).

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Alice's new toys bring s new level of hotness to her vids. It shoots simulated cum all over her pretty face causing her eye makeup to run.It also has her fucking the dildo in her pussy.This video is 15 min long. It is very messy but in a good way.

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Awesome pussy snd asshole. Will be keeping an eye on her

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My eyes just aboit popped out of my head watching this one! Very tasty looking pussy. Thanks fot the xmas treat

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I love Fresa's ass! It looks even sexier in a schoolgirl skirt.Thank for posting this free video.

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Fresh is so sexy. The actual video quality is excellent and so is the video. Her body is perfect.I can only imagine what it would be like having her ride on top of me like she does the dildo in this video. Highly recommend.

SO so so happy to see comments like this! You're amazing <3:@

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Fresa is insanely sexy . Her pussy and ass are perfect. She is easily one of my favorites.

Aw you 🙈💜

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All of her videos that I have bought so far have been excellent. Fresa is so beautiful. Her body is perfect . Such a sweet looking face. Recommended.

Oh my gosh thank you so much! This makes me so happy <3 Hope you continue to enjoy

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This may be the best video I've seen of Fresa.(so far the ones I bought have all been excellent. ) . Some beautiful views of her delicious looking pussy.I love watching her squirt. Her facial expressions during this video are such a turn on. Highly recommend.

Thank you so so much! Makes me so happy you liked it soooo much 💦

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I like this vid. You can see Blondie's tasty looking asshole extremely close up. It is like it is talking to you begging to fill it up with your cock.I love all aspects of Blondie.

Such a sweet review!!! Thank you again for supporting me and my butthole lol!

Thank you baby!

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Very cute... check out her other free ones.

You're the BEST! XOXO, B<3

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Nice spitty deepthroat vid with a twist( bondage)

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Alice is a cute/ sexy little kity.All her vids are top notch and highly reccomended

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Good picture quality. Hot vid. Will be watching her page

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beautiful girl with a beautiful pussy. Video quality is excellent as usual.What a hot woman!

Thank you babe! So glad you enjoyed it!

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Another hot video from Wild Fresa. Nice clear video of her beautiful ass.Her vids are never a disappoinment. I eventually feel the need to come back for more

Ah just saw this!! Thank you baby!

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Wow! Awesome vid . Beautiful gaping asshole. highly recommend. Will be getting more soon!

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The video is a masterpiece ! Holy fuck! Alice outdid herself on this one.Towards the end you can see the cream/spit oozing out of her perfect pussy It even dripped on the chair. It begins with deep throat action with 2 dildos . I love the sound as she takes them down her throat.Her video are getting better and better. Buy this one will not be disappointed.

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Very nice anal play vid. Up close views of her asshole which looks tasty indeed! I recommend this one.

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I like this vid. The anal play is hot. Nice veiws of her tasty lookiing pussy.

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To me this one deserves more than 5 stars. Quality video with great veiws of her pussy and ass Alice makes a sexy elf.Quite the bonus that it is free.Thanks for the xmas treat.

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In response to the title I would love to. Nice close up shots.

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The best model on this site . Can't go wrong.... this one is free. Csn never get enough of this beauty.

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Messy deep throat action. This is one of her better deep throat vids .Alice csn sure take it all in.I am really starting to appreciate her abilities. You can see her throat distend as the ďildo goes down her throat. Lots of spit involved. It gets all over her face and hair. It even gets in her eye. I love this woman and fantizise it wss my cock instead of that dildo.

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Beautiful booty shots . Very clear video. Would love to lick clean her anal beads and butt plug when she is finished. Only thing missing is her beautiful face..... but the ass makes up for it!

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I wish she was my whore.... this is another great vid.Alice looks so sexy in her skimpy dress. I can' get of her perfect ass. I love that she is using a but plug. I wish I could lick it clean for her.

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Thid a great video. I like how Alice explains how she is using the hitatchi and what it does to her. I love watching her twitch while she is having orgasms. When she esposes her naken pussy it does look red and that it received a workout..She is so hot and all her vids are well filmed , never boring. Love this woman

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I love Alice.Very messy dreep throat action. I love how she pours her spit over her perfect perky tits. I wish it was my cock she was sucking.

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She is a sexy girl eith a sexy ass. I look foreward to seeing new vids when she releases them.

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This is definitely may favourite by far.Alice looks so beautiful in her body stocking. The angle of the filming shows off her ass nicely. As a bonus there is a picture set that compliments this vid in her store on this site. I aslo highly reccomend that too.

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This very cute girl has been bad and gets a spanking. Her pretty white but turns very red. I love her facial expressions especially when she is sucking cock

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Alice looks so beautiful in her outfit . She has a very sexy voice. I wish I was her long distant boyfriend

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I like this video. It is also a real bargain at $3.99. Alice's facial expression are a real turn on. I love that you get to see her ass and her breasts at the same time thanks to the mirror. Metal babe is an appropriate title.I for one don't think I will ever get tired of her,

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I love Alice. Another good deepthroat followed by her fucking herself with a dildo. If that isn't sexy enough her beautiful face and expression will send you over the edge. I don"t think I will ever give her less thsn 5 stars. My favorite girl by far.

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All her videos a 5 star in my opinion.She has such a beautiful face and a smoking hot body. She plays with her asshole in this one.What a turn on

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Cute girl .Another nice vid. Love how she spanks herself turning her pale cheeks bright red. Nice veiw of her ass. Nice little schollgirl with pigtails.

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This is the first video of Alice's I downloaded. Perfect ass and pussy. So creamy!

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1st of a series of 3. She is simply beautiful

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She looks so cute with he pigtails. Sexy pink panties .I love this woman

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Holly shit! She really knows how to deep throat.Would love to lick the spit off her body when she is done