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left u some love dear

Do you know when I should expect my package.

lisa235 Mar 7

do you smoke cigarettes?

Check out my page ;) , U will fucken love to get dominated by this newbie .:whip_me::cuff-me:
 You havent met or fucked the devil yet baby :up_to_no_good::yesbaby-4:


Just gorgeous could you message me for a custom?

Could you message me please!?

cruzmax671 deleted Nov 25

Custom pics? Msg me pls

<3's for you Katie!

envyplumber Sep 30 2016

Wow nice body looking good how r u

KatieKat Oct 9 2016

Thanks babe. I'm great, how are you??

jchamps Sep 21 2016

Hi KatieKat:
I hope you're well, porn is not an easy calling, it's like acting in a movie, a play (not quite shakespearian, but it's about being immersive to the viewer). 
Good luck on this road! I have faith in you!

See ya :)

KatieKat Sep 21 2016

Looking forward to becoming better every day. Thank you

Catfish king Sep 21 2016

Sharing some love back.

KatieKat Sep 21 2016


morbius89 Sep 16 2016

Dropped off some hearts Katie :)

KatieKat Sep 18 2016

Thank you babe! :]

SadisticWizard deleted Sep 12 2016

Thanks for the love. Clicked all your hearts. :-)

KatieKat Sep 12 2016

Thanks babe

Michael kidwell
Michael kidwell deleted Sep 6 2016

Message me please

KatieKat Sep 6 2016

I did

KatieKat Sep 6 2016


Michael kidwell
Michael kidwell deleted Sep 6 2016


fuckjangostevens deleted Sep 5 2016

thanks for the post on my page; much appriciated. your page is super sexy and unique. maybe one day i can be featured in one of your videos. keep up the great work 👍🏿❤️

KatieKat Sep 6 2016


fuckjangostevens deleted Sep 25 2016


lewis7592 Sep 5 2016

Thanks for the post on my wall, will definitely consider your content in the future :)

KatieKat Sep 5 2016

Thank you babe :up_to_no_good:

krillin18 Sep 2 2016

I saw your message on my wall, that's alright :) thank you very much for the video it was very sexy and i'll be sure to buy more of your vids in the future :) ;)

KatieKat Sep 2 2016

You're awesome:A Thann you for the review! I'm just getting started and can't wait to show you all of what's tocome :%

krillin18 Sep 2 2016

I hope you like my review that i wrote :)

Bombat69 Aug 31 2016

Very sexy and gorgeous babe,  yummy <3 left you lot of love mmmmm wish I could taste you 😘😜

KatieKat Aug 31 2016

You're so sweet, love. Thank you :ass_worship:

Billythekid699 Aug 30 2016

Left some hearts for you babe❤❤❤

KatieKat Aug 31 2016

Thank you, sugar

Roxiemarrie deleted Aug 30 2016

Left you hearts love ❤️❤️❤️

KatieKat Aug 30 2016

Right back at ya, babe.

Billythekid699 Aug 30 2016

Left some hearts babe❤❤❤❤❤

KatieKat Aug 30 2016

Thank you love O:)

KatieKat Aug 30 2016

Thank you love O:)

krillin18 Aug 30 2016

Hey KatieKat thank you for your message on my wall, sorry i didn't get back to you until now. I hope you have a great time on MV since you are new to here :) I gave everything i could a heart on your profile and think your vids look amazing from what i saw of so i hope to get them in the future and look forward to seeing your future content. Hope you have a great day and take care! :)

KatieKat Aug 30 2016

You're so sweet(.)(.) Thank you! I'll be uploading the videos today that I couldn't over the weekend. Take a peek

krillin18 Aug 30 2016

Awesome I can't wait to see them and give them a heart too :) :P

KatieKat Aug 28 2016

I'm having some issues uploading my weekend videos but I'm working on it!

Ruru54 Aug 27 2016

hey love so i have a thing for naked body fan signs and would love for you to do one for me if possible onoly thing is would you also include your face =) i will pay let me know

KatieKat Aug 27 2016

I pm'd you


KatieKat Aug 27 2016

You too babe!

Joker669 Aug 27 2016

Hey sexy! Left you some hearts! <3
A cock rating would be great! Pm me for details!

KatieKat Aug 27 2016

Thanks for the love :love_message: I pm'd you, love! :stay_safe:

bjornez40 Aug 27 2016

Hi Katie & thanks for the heart.
 I left some hearts back :)

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I'm brand new to MV and always horny. I love playing with and showing off my pretty kitty. Perky small tits with a juicy runner\'s ass. Extremely open-minded to anything naughty and kinky. So suggest what\'s on your mind. Give me your best shot. Spoil me with something from my Amazon Wishlist, receive 4 custom videos. Spoil me with a new Webcam and receive 4 custom videos and snapchat for life.


Webcam Model


1994-02-14 (23)







White / Caucasian

Lives in

United States





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Breast Size

Natural 34B


5'7" or 170 cm


160 lbs

Body Type

A few extra pounds