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1985-11-06 (32)




Latino / Hispanic


American United States

Lives in




Hair Color


Eye Color



5'9" or 175 cm


195 lbs

Body Type

About Average



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Amazingly well done video I love the scene that shows Aylin Aysun shaking her big booty is entrancing. Her reverse riding dildo scene is superb as she plays with her dildo. I'm pleased to watch her pleasuring herself on video.

Thank you! 😘❤️

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It's amazing to see a lovely woman showing her stunning booty. I love every minute of it. Bravo!

Marissa Sweet Aug 22 2017

Thank you so much for this review, Isaiah! <3

Fuck with Facial Aug 20 2017
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The POV sex scene looks delightful as she continues to perform on camera.

Marissa Sweet Aug 22 2017

Glad you liked it! ;)

Casual Friday Aug 19 2017
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Amazing voyeur scene by Marissa Sweet, it's enjoyable entertainment I love it.

Marissa Sweet Aug 19 2017

Thank you so much for this review, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ;)<3

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It's lovely to watch MaryJana play with her big booty in front of the camera. Her performance is impressive and fun.

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Vixi Vee possessed role play video is excellent. :) The black and white in her video is stunning and enjoyable to watch.

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Seline is truly amazing adult entertainer. :) Her stunning video is pure enjoyment from the beginning to the end.

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Missy Missfit close up video is superb and fun to watch. :) Her masturbation scene with the jewel butt plug is wonderful and she has beautiful feet. This is truly a stunning video.

Missy Missfit Mar 17 2017

thanks hun. glad you enjoyed it. I know I did ;)

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I love it when HairyPlump teases in her videos it makes me happy. Playing with her pussy is always sexy to watch.

Oh, dear Isaiah, I love to tease and so glad you like it! ^.^

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A stunning scene of beautiful HairyPlump. As she is playing with her black dildo and starts finger fucking her ass makes it that more enticing to watch.

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HairyPlump does another excellent performance as she stimulates her pussy makes for a sexy scene.

Thank you, dear Isaiah! I love to play with myself! ;)

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HairyPlump is amazing and her solo performance with her buttplug is the best.

Thank you so much, dear Isaiah! I'm very happy you've enjoyed my video! :x

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Watching xoJoseline using her hitachi to squirt multiple times is enticing. Her solo masturbation performance is amazing.

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GFE video with amazing eye contact from deliahfaux is stunning. I love that she's playful and fun before she gives a blowjob. Her blowjob performance with dirty talk is a excellent mix.

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Bianka Swool's masturbation video is amazing. It makes me happy to see a lovely performer pleasuring herself in her video is sexy.

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Watching Gartersex rubbing lotion all over her body is excellent. Her big breasts look amazing as she continues to rub lotion on her breasts. I love the foot massage scene as she rubs lotion on her foot. And then she rubs lotion all over her lovely ass I love that scene. Her naked body looks beautiful and it's delightful to see her having a great time on camera.

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Another sexy Gartersex video as she gives another amazing performance. I love the beginning of her video as she shows those lovely soles and wrinkles. Then she starts rubbing her clit to ready herself for a moment. And then she gets out three excellent toys to play with that brings her to orgasm first her buttplug second a vibrator and third her BBC dildo to make the video even more erotic. I love this video.

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Audrey Madison's gives a excellent performance using her Hitachi is a sexy scene. I highly recommend her video.

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Her GFE performance is stunning as she is spanking herself. Her vibrator scene is ravishing I love it.

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A lovely performance by Larkin Love, I love the slow motion makes it look stunning as she's swimming underwater.

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It's a sexy video that keeps getting better as she gives a great performance that is lovely to watch.

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These three stunningly beautiful ladies are amazing together as Alanna and Caireen play with Natalia's breast a great scene in the video.

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