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Hey there!  You have a great look and appeal. I was wondering if you would be interested in adult film work/modeling? It does pay $2000 (solo scene). I'm very serious about this offer.  Let me know and I'll be glad to discuss the details with you. So let me know if you're interested either way.


Would love to order a custom vid bud!

i thought you were funny and a bit silly and too sexy and handsome and ...yeah, but then i started following you on instagram ...and on twitter... and on snapchat... hmmmmmmmm.  does that make me a stalker???!  
i just think you are terribly handsome, sexy, and are a very very interesting guy!

Tiger069 May 29 2017

Yes, you are a stalker, but at least you are a stalker with excellent taste!

GideonLee Oct 12 2016

Damn you're sexy.

alien420vixen Oct 12 2016


Bluecoffee Oct 5 2016

Finally uploaded :)

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