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Bunnie Hughes

Running a deal until November. Get your purchases in now! Buy two get one free. PM for details!

The Ship Serenity United States Joined August 2016

Hi guys! I'm trying to enter the contest but the website doesn't seem keen on letting me get in, so we're doing a Make-It-Rain challenge instead! It's a raffle, with prizes galore! Each $10 you send in is a raffle ticket. The winner gets a fansign set, custom photo set, custom video, and skype session! Worried you won't win? Fret not! The highest tipper gets all of my current content, plus all remaining 2018 content, coming out to a whopping 230 videos, valued at over $2,500 worth of fap material! To top it all off, each paid vote gets a reward.

For $10 you get a random vid. For $30 you get a fansign photo set. For $40 you get a custom photo set. $For $150 you get a skype session. And for $300 you get a custom video.... so if you were worried about not winning and there's something in the prize bucket you want, you can pick it out for yourself! How to enter: send the amount of your choosing to the "make-it-rain" option on my profile and PM me the total amount you sent. I'll do a live drawing for the winner and announce the highest tipper at on Oct 30th at 9pm pacific time. The last day to enter the raffle is October 30th at 12am pacific time (midnight).

I got the contest entry to go through! Contest votes can be part of the raffle if you just PM me once you’ve voted!

Out of town! Back on Oct 30 :)

Hi Bunnie, So I got one reply off to you before MV decided I needed to be a Premium member to message you. Can you shoot me an email to send the rest to? Or maybe sending another DM will trigger my authorized again?


I just wanted to say that you are insanely cute and also would love to discuss a custom sometime.😊

Feel free to send me a private message here to discuss custom videos :)

Punk686 Aug 28

Can you pm me please

Hi can the fan sign say candy ?

Yep! I’m away with limited internet access right now (see post below) so I’ll get to you when I can.

Thank you  and have a wonderful time .

Leaving for Sheri's Ranch on 8-19-18. Will be back 8-28-18, don't expect responses until then, but I'll get online when I have access (infrequent/unreliable). <3 Contest voters and store item purchasers please be patient!

tgrmn33 Aug 15

I wanted to get two videos instead of one during the contest. Please message me and let me know what $ paid vote for two videos?

Hey :) $20 works ! 💙

Adddkk3 Jul 22

Pm me please 😍😍

You can purchase private messaging here:

Or contact me via with your questions

Punk686 Jul 21

Hi, can you pm me please?  I have a couple questions

You can purchase private messaging here:

Or contact me via with your questions.

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Your sexy sweet girl nextdoor with an extraordinary kinky secret to share ;) I love to dress up and role play, and custom videos are my favorite! Nature is my favorite place to be. I love history, and fantasize about exploring ruins somewhere exotic and hidden. My dream date is a hiking picnic or a beach day. I am basically a kid in a grown up's body; I love all things Disney! Books are my best friends.


Fetish Model | Porn Star | Dominatrix


1995-02-21 (23)






Community College ( Focus in Education, Anthropology )


White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in

The Ship Serenity





Hair Color


Eye Color



32" 27" 36"

Breast Size

Natural 32A


5'4" or 163 cm


110 lbs

Body Type








My PO Box

Bunnie Hughes 8414 FARM RD STE 180 # 295 LAS VEGAS, NV 89131

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