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<3  :x  In my local BDSM comunity I get task to find two persons (submissive girl and man). Already found girl. Maybe you second person I am looking for? 
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:] O.O O.O  Hello ;) I am sure that you will like my new video. 
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Thank you for the purchases! Muaks

Darkdad Feb 25

Very welcome

Tank you for the heart, kiss!

Thank you for the <3 I left you some too :)

Darkdad Feb 19

Thank you much Madame.

Joy_Love Feb 18

Hi there! Thank you so much for loving my profile! You can use promo code JOY8623 to save 25% off of your first purchase! You can even earn any one of my vids for free video by reviewing all of the free ones I have posted :)

thanks u so much Darkdad:x<3for you^.^

Hi there, just dropping by to leave you some love <3

Darkdad Feb 4

You have a new follower.

Thank you for liking my profile Darkdad!


Darkdad Feb 4

Thank you...

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A dark dad who loves fine women, fine cigars, and adult fun.





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