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Recent Reviews

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So many videos out there wasted over-producing a simple shower scene. Here's proof that a simpler option work perfectly.

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A gorgeously naughty RP video. Well worth every cent and then some.

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Wait... stop. Notice this is part 2 of 2. If you want great build up to great orgasms, get both videos, and watch part 1 first, don't rush yourself... You'll enjoy all 55 minutes of Violet being rubbed and seeing what parts of her you can fantasize about touching, knowing she couldn't hold back a moan if she wanted to. Notice the description "(...) have MULTIPLE SQUIRTING ORGASMS!!!! This almost never happens for me (...)"? Go watch the build up first,

That being said...

This is a great finale to a great build up. Violet is gorgeous, and luckily a pervert too. Seeing her go from extremely well relaxed, to being slightly teased, into being more properly teased, and then watching her get served her first orgasm is well worth the wait, and fantasy fuel for days. (the first hints of teasing happen in the first video ;)
Violet always comes off raw in the best of ways, I'd dare anyone who's heard her scream and moan to claim shenanigans, and this is no exception. She's given orgasms in a variety of ways, and makes me wish I was the one giving them to her at every moment of the recording.
Again, the price is absolutely worth it for the length of the video, and the content of the same. Can't recommend enough.

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There is objectively nothing that can be faulted in this scene.
Violet is an absolutely stunning woman, and watching her get worked from literal head to toes is quite unbeatable if you ever wanted fuel to fantasize about her. The only thing I'd like more than this video is being her masseuse myself. And priced where it's at on a site ruled by $1+/min videos... *mind blown*
If you have a vivid imagination, or like taking your time with fantasies, this is of extreme value to you. Watching Violet get massaged, seeing how she reacts when each individual part of her body is touched, what makes her moan and what makes her grin her perverted grin... Simple gorgeous, in every way.

I do also recommend watching the build up topped off in part 2 of this video. Gorgeous, raw orgasms to finish you if you spent this video just appreciating her gorgeous self and containing yourself from finishing (which I do thoroughly recommend ;).

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If you're already a fan of Violet's, this video is exactly why you're a fan.
If you're new to Violet, this is a good intro to what you should expect.
Violet is loud, gorgeous, slutty and drives a fantasy magnificently.

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This is a different angle of the scene launched somewhat recently. Overall still a great scene, but the angle that was focused on was the one for AP, so there's a good bit of time where all you can see is the male talent's back covering her.
I'd still recommend this, just keep in mind some things you might usually want, that are perks of choice angles and editing magic, might not be shown.

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Gorgeous short playful video with one of my favorite pervs.

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No way to watch this without massively high expectations. Sinn is literally an All-Girl AVN Award winner, and Lily is an icon in the industry, with a few nominations for girl-girl/all-girl awards herself.
The sex is good, the build-up is amazing. The acting at the start is a well scripted tease with no dialogue.
It does make me a bit sad that towards the end things get a bit rushed, but not enough for me to doc a star here by any means.
Especially at $5.99 for 27 minutes of teasing and sex, this scene is well worth anyone's money.

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Great angles, great editing, great pacing.
I couldn't say anything negative about this even if I wanted to. There's already so little for me to criticize about Lexi herself, but here everything shines. I don't see a way anyone could be left wanting when watching this.

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One of the simplest fantasies and one of the simplest teases. I'll watch Lexi tease me in a shower any day.

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Few things quite as nice as watching someone learning to enjoy anal play.
Helps that it's a perfectly gorgeous woman who has a high standard for content quality on top of that.

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This. This is how a dildo should be used!
I'm a huge fan of Maiya's chest, her breasts are a perfect combo for the tattoo she has, but I completely forgot to enjoy that here.
If this doesn't finish you... You've got issues! *shrug*

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No issue with faking here, just watch the ass winks.
And don't forget to stay for the encore ;)

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Maiya is so friggin hot! Watching her get banged is... fucking dope... easily