"69 is the only dinner for two"

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Kik for quicker videos. If you don't have a kik then make one. 
If you ask for free videos even samples then you will get nothing.
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Tarheels Nov 17

more of her moans!

How long  do you  want  it to be?

Tarheels Nov 17

Forever ! and smack that ass hard!

Do yall fuck on camera?

Yes we fuck on camera and do special requests depending on what it is

Add more videos please .  I really want to watch her ride.

Will do move videos is coming  this weekend.  I'll keep  you updated

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Sapphire loves to be warmed up by minor clit stimulation. Sapphire likes to be in control and aggressive for the first part. In the right moment she loves to have the control take from her and be man handled. She prefers the pleasure of real dick over toys. Her built climaxes to orgasms, cum and squirting are phenomenal to watch.

Gemini loves to warmed up by getting hand jobs and blow jobs to excited his inner beast. He loves to devour the pussy and clit until it close to number and finger it.

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