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Happy New Year!

The Bakery United States Joined September 2016

We're taking a small filming break for the month of January. See everyone in Feb...

Wow great profile! Do you do customs as well? Then pm me :-)

love the photo for the contest! so funny and creative!

Thanks, we had some fun with that pic. :x

December Shooting Plans and Beyond: 

We are trying to knock out at least 4 videos this month. That will bring us to total of 54 vids produced this year! Next year should be huge for us as well, we want to do at least 4 scenes a month with at least 4 hotel shoots. We're always looking for new angles, locations, and outfits to shoot in, so this will be a good year. This has been our first year truly working to make scenes and it has paid off quite well, we're going to keep improving the look and quality of our vids to make sure when people pay to see us they get a quality product.

We're running a 50% off Black Friday Video Sale!

Thanks for the hearts on my profile, kisses.<3:x

Yall are fucking hot!

Thanks 😘 😘 😘

thanks for the love on my profile darlin :x

Thank you for the <3

Vaguy05 Sep 18

What happened to yall's twitter? Awesome job on the vids lately too 10/10

We were suspended indefinitely, unfortunately.

Vaguy05 Oct 2

That sucks. Oh well keep the high quality content coming :)

how can I get and a video

Click add to cart under the vid you want to purchase and follow the instructions from there. 😘

Thanks for the love, baby! 😘😘

In celebration of our most successful month ever. We are giving away a 15% off promo code for the rest of the month. 
Promo Code: Cak4522

Please excuse the video quality of our last 3 vids. We have a new camera and are still working on the proper settings. A discount has been applied to the vids accordingly.

edijux Sep 26 2016

Make some video in velour tracksuit or hoodie!

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