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The Sloppy Blowjob Queen!

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American / East Coast

you gotta CUM to FL and lets have a SUCK OFF and see who's the real blowjob queen ;)

Iasca1 Nov 28

Your so beautiful. Absolutely perfect!

Milo63 Nov 25


Milo63 Nov 25


Milo63 Nov 25


Any options for a cock rating video?

absolutely :)

Let me know how much!

Zaddyk Nov 3

Hi. I'm interested in buying skype? Pm please

Hello, sorry, just saw your post. please email me at ljforeplay@gmail.com

I love your video you so sexy girl 😍

nice vids... showing love

More orlal creampies!! Should do video in mirror where you can see her ass while she gives you head

got one on the way

Fuckin hot when do I get a turn

qbobo28 deleted Mar 21

Wow Lindsey is just...Wow!

I have a request you should do a video with sporty nylon wind pants or even nylon shorts. They work great for grinding on. Hopefully you can do something like 69 where you sit on his face and give him head with the pants still on. Afterwards have him grinding on your ass with the pants still on and cum on them. Maybe have his point of view so we can see what hes looking at. Im new to this site and I know you want to charge me for a custom video, but I will actually help you out if you make this video ill help by sharing your page with this video to a lot of my friends that are into this that belong to https://www.shinysports.com/ which is a fetish site for these types of pants. Ill be sure to tell everyone how great your site is and help you make a great profit on the video all I ask for is the video to be made. Ill pay for the video once its on your site. Hopefully you considers this, thank you!

Hi Sexy!! Thanks for the heart, back at you...HOT Stuff! I like! KISSES <3:x:xXXXO Jessica

edijux Jan 27

Please make blowjob video in velour hoodie or tracksuit! I really like your video!

Jorge25 Jan 21

Hi mami i have a question u have sex service??

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Independent Adult Performer / Webcam Model

"The Sloppy Blowjob Queen"

Feel free to email me at anytime Ljforeplay@gmail.com

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