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The Sloppy Blowjob Queen!

East Coast United States Joined September 2016
reecha1 Jun 7

Love your work. Lucky man there

Robb92 May 29

Hey beautiful, for some reason it won’t let me message you back about the custom?

Robb92 May 7

Hey I would love if you messaged me about a custom!

You can alsays email me at

mraka88 Apr 6

hi i just signed up to you $90 3 month to see you vids but i can see any ??

Great vuds!

ElvinPrincess deleted Jan 21

Wow you have some great content! I voted for you and left some love!! I would appreciate your vote as well if you get a chance! I'm running for New Cummer and Miss Congeniality!:x<3:x<3

thanks hun, I just voted for you. good luck and thanks for the love! :A

I was nominated for "MV Video Of The Year" and it would mean the world to me if I won! FREE votes are appreciated, although all paid votes will get spoiled by me in return. (FREE videos, pictures and even FREE custom videos and skype sessions for generous votes) Every vote counts!

p.s I'm also running for "MV Producer Of The Year" if you wouldn't mind voting for that as well. But, the video of the year award is what I really want! Thanks in advance!


Really great content.  It doesn't get much better than this.

thank you!

you gotta CUM to FL and lets have a SUCK OFF and see who's the real blowjob queen ;)

I don't know why I just now seen this. lol sorry for the late response! But I'm down B|

Iasca1 Nov 28

Your so beautiful. Absolutely perfect!

thanks babe

Milo63 Nov 25


Milo63 Nov 25


Milo63 Nov 25


Any options for a cock rating video?

absolutely :)

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"The Sloppy Blowjob Queen" Linsey Lust

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