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Tattooed, bearded and Italian. I like girls that giggle.

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Sending kisses and love from Brazil <3

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I've got a thing for slender girls in stockings. Let's play dress up.

TWITTER @rowdyitalia_








White / Caucasian


Italian Italy

Lives in




Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'10" or 178 cm


145 lbs

Body Type

Athletic & Toned



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Of all the school girl videos I own, this one is in my top 3 for sure.
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Incredible video. Awesome long legs and perfect little body. Sexy as hell

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If you want a bit of everything sexy, than this video is a must. She rides hard, and the way her toes curl when she cums, put me over the edge.
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Another incredibly hot video. Her tight body in the sexy white pantyhose is so sexy. The way her body moves and how she touches herself will put you over the edge.

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I've always had this fantasy. Every time I've gone to the gym.
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Kelly is my favorite girl that she performs with, they have a great chemistry.
Easily in my top 5.

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This video is incredible. From the cute outfits to watching these two fuck each other, every second is hot.
Honestly the best preformers around. She is so diverse and has something for every fantasy you've ever had.
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This video is hot. He outfit is cute AF and is a great fantasy for the stoner in you.
She has an incredible body and the way she toys herself into extacy will send you over the edge.
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I love a perfect tight little ass yoga pants and the way she moves is almost enough to get you off. Then she plays on the bed and cums so hard.
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Another killer video of this total hottie. The most perfect long legs ever and one of the most beautiful faces too.
She knows exactly how to move her body and makes you want to devour every inch of her.

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It's the hottest video I own right now! And has a body to die for! Her Long skinny legs look so amazing the white stockings, ❤️ and her cute hair in pigtails makes you want to grab them and pull her in.
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This video has it all. She's has an amazing body and when she cums she cums HARD!
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She's sexy as Fuck and really knows how to please.
She has a great tight little body and perfect blonde hair.
It's a must see

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