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Joined October 2016

Yo! Lizzy is such an amazing and gorgeous individual! I've bought all her videos so far and I gotta say, I'm not disappointed! Keep it up with the great content! Love you Lizzy <3 And thank you Hellfire Ranch for bringing Lizzy to us :D

well big surprize i bought pirate vid? come on its Shelbi"fucking" Trutch.

i bought mirror dance vid..why? cuz i can't help myself it shebi :P

well i bought 3 of vids.. they were great shelbi is the best :P

Eeep, thank you, also I plan to have alot of content up and running on here, I'm not messing with the site itself, my producer is the one who will be on here and working the manyvids thing ^-^;
But let's just say this is but a mere fraction of things to come ^-^


Johnny Hellfie :

\\\"Hey everyone, producer and editor of that weirdo transgirl Shelbi here, opening up a venue so that we can have a foothold in selling content. My main thing is I'm that dude behind the camera, take pride in my work, and hope that you all enjoy every second.\\\"

Shelbi Trutch :

\\\"Hey everyone, I\\\'m the girl in front of the camera, I enjoy coming up with new exciting ideas to put up so that we can keep you all coming back!


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