Jessica Starling


Jessica Starling

Don’t forget to vote for me in the Spring Break contest! Deals on my wall ❤️

Ontario, Canada Malta Joined October 2016

✨ Don’t forget to vote for me in the Spring Break contest! ✨

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Jhenga11 Mar 15

My my waited and prayed for your come back. I hope you’re well and good. The best star on mv..

Aw, thank you so much! <3

Just left some ❤ on your profile 😊
Kisses :*

Zaddyk deleted Feb 10

Message me  Skype

Hey Jessica, could you message me real quick?


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Hi, nice to meet you and thanx for the nice work (best discovery on MV) ! just passing by to ask if you plan to record more B/G ? Maybe handjobs ? that would be perfect !

ElvinPrincess deleted Jan 5

Hey Sexy! Left you some love! Please return the favor if you get a chance! :x<3:x<3

Please, please, please, do a christmas mommy creampie video!!! Or if you arent going to, message me about purchasing a custom like that from you :-)

showing love..

You look so sexy! I left you lots of love ❤️

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your everythinG!

SeXXXy!  :peg_me:

You are awesome. Your products seem incredible. And your current message about stolen lands is laudable. Bravo

Vinny19 Nov 21

Your brother/sister videos are incredibly hot!

✨Deals for the Teamsgiving contest✨

(In Canada, natives make up 4% of the population but 23.2% of the federal inmate population)

$5 any photo set 
$10 one month Snapchat
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$40 4 solo vids
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$350 ALL vids, panties AND one year of Snapchat

(Many reserves in Canada do not have access to basic necessities like clean water and power)

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22-year-old cam girl and video-maker. Professional masturbator. Kink enthusiast. Video game addict and general nerd. Okay at chess.

New vids every Monday and Friday!


Webcam Model


1995-08-26 (22)






White / Caucasian


Maltese Malta

Lives in

Ontario Canada





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



34" 23" 34"

Breast Size

Natural 32DD


5'2" or 157 cm


110 lbs

Body Type

About Average