SEXBUYER - Thank you so very much for purchasing two of my videos & for the kind words in your review - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that & your support! Have an awesome week!! xoxo Ashton

You too, Ashton. Keep up the great work.

:A  O:)  People says that cool videos are created here: ❤  :A :@ >

Thanks for the votes hun! Let me know if you want a Snap Pack. :x


I do & what does one consist of?

Check my store items and message me with which one you'd like!


OK, I sent it to your messages.

I would love to get a review in one of my videos of a film critic! Check my profile to see if you like something :D
Left you <3 and :x from Brazil

Ok, thank you.

kisses and licks from Cinnamon


Back at ya, Cinnamon.

hey baby id love for you to check out my profile

Hey Sexy
Thanks for the love on my profile. I hope you come back for more


I will, Vixen. I like what I see.

Thank you so much again and again times 1000 🕺🏻


You're welcome, Sadie.

Thank you so much sugar! I really hope you enjoy my videos! <3


I will, Demi. And no problem.

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Thank you bb

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I don't know what the WarioWare (it's an old 5-second minigame series from Nintendo) for porn, but, my goodness, Sadie, you have videos that'll keep me hooked for days & weeks. I still haven't finished the entire collection, but I can tell you, that these older videos are great anyway.

Thank you sooo much 😍😍😍 So glad you have enjoyed thus far!!

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One of the bravest, balliest & funniest porno videos that I've ever watched.

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No hyperbole, this is one of the greatest videos in the history of porn. Period.

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I'm mad late to this one, but I like the tunes for this video.

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Yeah, I remember this one from your Streamate takeover on Snapchat, a while back.

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Awesome video & if you did the lighting yourself, I'd love to give this short clip much more than 5 stars.

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That slo-mo HJ sounded like it was done in a pool or like water was dripping in a bathroom.

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Your red painted toenails are radiant. It also helps with the lighting. Metatarsals are pretty too.

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Now, I should try to find you a Mr. Bill inflatable. Mr. Banana seems supremely satisfied.

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Got a chuckle out of this one, especially, while y'all were walking on those heels modeling, lol.

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You have a way of captivating sexual eroticism just by the calmness of your voice. I know that's the gist of ASMR, yet, but it's like you just dominate doing that sort of thing.

Aw darling, thank you so much!

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I can watch this series for days. It never stops being entertaining.

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What a fantastic, delectable collection of all of your 2017 snaps. I had an awesome time watching your premium on SC from the past year & can't wait for many more of your snaps in 2018.

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First time I ever watched one of your videos & your command of your sexual desires pulls me right in.

I ADORE you!! xoxo

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This would be a great series on things you've picked up, technique-wise.

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This video makes me want to join one of your camshows. Excellent show.

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Loved your red hair when you did this. Even for an old video like this, the picture is still sharp.

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The icing on the cake, was the use of Nesquik into the tub. I was thinking, "they'll use chocolate milk". Y'all used milk, marshmallows, nesquik, whip cream & a big black dildo, which...yep, creamy. I loved this video.