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Korina Kova

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Korina Kova

Korina Kova

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your screen Canada Joined October 2016
Calvin_K Jul 18

Just got audio sorted for you Korina. Always love helping you and making you happy. Love Colin X ❤️

Beginnow Jul 18

Thank you for helping Korina.

My Goodness Your clips are FUCKING bad ass! Really Awsome! I just had to say it lol your acting the choreography lighting make up. Accessories. And not the cartoon porn. Really cool stuff

Beginnow Jul 18

For all those who can, let's contribute to help Korina to replace her broken audio box.  She truly makes videos that are treasures and masterpieces.


Lady_WOW Jul 15

So sweet pussy Korina! :A


Gerat vids

fred778 Jul 6

Korina, in these last days before your return I really want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  Since I’ve known you I feel like you have become my long distance best friend who I have a huge crush on.  You have helped and inspired me more than you know and I love you very much.  I’ll never forget the day I found you and my heart whispered “She’s the one.”  Your ninja will always be here for you no matter what.  Love Craig

Korina, I can’t wait for your return. You are missed already, believe me! Upon your return, hopefully, you will be reinstated number 1 mv girl, a title which is rightfully yours. You are the woman of my dreams and I will always be here for you as much as I can. As well as having a world beating body & figure, indeed the best EVER, when you smile your eyes and lips are truly mesmerising and enough to weaken my knees! Your personality also shines when you smile and you are really lovely. 
I can hardly wait for your return from your break. In addition to all this I also cannot wait for all the wonderful things, which will be forthcoming during the months ahead. I will always be here for you, as much as possible. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Love you always Colin ❤️

fred778 Jul 6

Congratulations on our 2nd place finish in the Lingerie contest.  It’s always an honor to go ninja voting for you and I will always do what I can for you. You will be back to #1 on MV soon guaranteed. You will always be my #1 no matter what.  Love Craig

Left you some <3<3<3

you have the most perfect and Awesome Videos. you are my roll model

We were just unlucky to miss the number 1 spot. That’s what I tried to a achieve with the last minute lump vote. Damn. Never mind your ranking points on mv have jumped, which is good news. Here always for you. Love Colin XX 😘

Well done Korina on 2nd place in lingerie contest. Remember you are on break and still going up in ranking points. That’s all I want. For the most beautiful woman to get back to her rightful place, number 1. I love helping you and I will always do what I can. Love Colin XX 😘

25 Snapchat 
40 3 vids worth up to ($20 value each) 
50 panty deal, I choose them wet them and ship to you 
100 5 min custom oil video  
150 any 10 vids (NEW DVA NOT INCLUDED) 
250 custom photoset and any 10 vids (NEW DVA NOT INCLUDED) 
350 Custom video (10 min with use of cum shots up to 3 syringes) only 1 spots available message first
350 Large gift box 
500 skype (only 1 spot available) message before 
1000 any 30 vids, king care package, snapchat lots of personal talk, and my heart

You are absolutely beautiful 💋 sending some love ❣

Congrats on your contest win!!!! It was an amazing pic :)

Very sweet of you, thank you for commenting

Calvin_K Jun 28

Korina always knew you would win this one. Cannot wait for your return. With your new look, you look full of sparkle and energy again. You are without doubt the most beautiful woman on the planet. Your smile, beauty and killer body add up to make you number 1 in the world. Love Colin XX

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Hi I love custom videos, I am a goddess and I love being treated as one, if you want to get to know me then snapchat is the best way to do that, I hope you will want to see more of my naughty side because I love to be watched xxx


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