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Tia Tizzianni

Tia Tizzianni

Turning girl's fantasies into realities. All of these videos are actually the girl's fantasies.

Chicago, IL United States Joined November 2016
Idnog78 Dec 14

Dropping by to show appreciation for your great work. <3

You go girl! Kissses, Lyndsey;)

Love your work!
You are an inspiration to all producers:)

Thanks for the follow! Love what you do. (V))<3

Do you have any small butt plugs for sale? Dm please.

Hello! It's sissyneko. Apparently the email thing got messed up. I just want to know how to get the process started on a transformation session. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Idnog78 Jun 11

Lily Demure and Bailey Love are fire!!!

xAndrywx deleted May 30

Hello delight, Nice to meet you, I'm Andrea from Italy, your fans. How are you ? I am truly honored to be able to write you, get to know and make some requests, if possible. I wanted to know if it was possible to buy some of your personal things ... for example, lingerie or objects used by you, still full of your perfume. It would be nice to be able to receive them in Italy ^^. Sorry if I bothered you ... Good day. I hope to have your answer soon.


Adddokk deleted May 7

Hey, send me a message ☺️

tsaa33 May 5

can you add a 20 min option in your customs?

tsaa33 May 3

or should i send you a email for the custom?

tsaa33 May 2

pls msg me because i cant msg you!

tsaa33 May 2

pls msg me again!

tsaa33 May 2

can u msg me about a custom vid?

Weebunny Apr 26

Hello hun newbie here I was just wondering how you add videos and photos to mv crush as I can only add notes?  Any help would be greatly appreciated,  love your vids btw hot hot hot 😍😍😍

xandyx deleted Apr 15

Hi Miss i'm Andrea , pls you can send me message, i have a request for buy some of your stuff and items , if it's possible. Thx you in advanced. Have a good day.


Hey Andrea, Is it possible for you to message me here? If that is not possible, let me know and provide me your regular email so we can connect. The MV wall and messaging is so hit and miss. Thx. Tia Tizzianni

Thank you for the love!<3<3<3

Congratulations on making it to the finals in the MV Producer of the Year Awards!! We're rooting for you! <3<3<3

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The girls you see on my pages are girls, sissies, twinks, androgynous or trans women who approached me to help them break into the adult industry. Many felt they wanted help with their transformation, feminization training or confidence. All of the girls you see posted here now are living full time and on HRT.

Last year 4 of the trans girls were nominated for TOP AWARDS at the Annual Trans Erotica Awards

Show in LA. Why not you?

If you want info, email me on here. Kiss, Tia Tizzianni

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