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Turning girl's fantasies into realities. All of these videos are actually the girl's fantasies.

Chicago, IL United States Joined November 2016

Congratulations on making it to the finals in the MV Producer of the Year Awards!! We're rooting for you! <3<3<3

That is very kind of you. Kiss, Tia Tizzianni

Tia, I have been a fan since you first TRANSFORMED KittyKaiti. Who would have imagined a gorgeous kinky TRAP like her would go onto become a GORGEOUS PORNO STARLET. But you and the girls set a hard and fast pace. And now after so many of the girls have been nominated for their TRANS PORN successes you get a nomination for TOP PRODUCER. In all of TRANS PORN, I for one do not know anyone who has helped raise the confidence and accomplishments of the girls while still treating them with such great respect. I hope people vote in droves for you, your video nominated for VIDEO of the YEAR and Bailey Love too.  Good Luck. 

Your Biggest Fan. 

Oh, I just subscribed to the Annual Subscription! Best DEAL on MANYVIDS! You should all get it now!

Love your videos. Been watching them for years. Just made an account so I could buy them. Would do anything to be like one of your girls.

Hey Jamie, email me on tia_tizzi@yahoo.com Subject: Transformation Session. Thx hon. KIss, Tia

I sent you an email ☺️

You have magic vids! We love them all :A

Hey, Thank you for your very kind words and compliments. The girls and I love doing them. Watch for more soon. And so you know, if you know of someone who is totally into being one of Tia's Girls, let me know. Kiss, Tia Tizzianni

Tell all the girls the best value is either semi-annual or annual subscription membership. Huge Value!!

Love the videos. Been buying a lot of them. I'm a makeup loving CD and the girls have amazing makeup. Thanks x

Anna, Thx sweetie. Let me know what makeup styles you enjoy and we will keep working on that style. KISS

Oh Wow!!

Love your name!!

most honored & grateful for your luv'ing my profile:x watching your vids w/ bailey, lily, et al inspired me to become who i am today. warmest hugs, kacy

You are so sweet. Bailey says keep it up! You are adorable!

Thank you for <3

You are amazing ! You are the inspiration for us! :peg_me::naughty_nylons::yesbaby-20::woohoo-13:Good luck honey !

Hey Golden Angels, Thank you for your kind comment. That is so very kind. The girls and I very much appreciate it. Kiss, Tia Tizzianni

Teek64 deleted Sep 18

Wow, you make me so horny

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The girls you see on my pages are girls, sissies, twinks, androgynous or trans women who approached me to help them break into the adult industry. Many felt they wanted help with their transformation, feminization training or confidence. All of the girls you see posted here now are living full time and on HRT.

Last year 4 of the trans girls were nominated for TOP AWARDS at the Annual Trans Erotica Awards

Show in LA. Why not you?

If you want info, email me on here. Kiss, Tia Tizzianni

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