Just a Kansas boy whose fallen for lilcanadiangirl she's a great friend

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1991-02-28 (27)




White / Caucasian


American United States



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5'9" or 175 cm

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About Average



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Wow lilcanadiangirl is amazing on this her acting is on point and really pulls you into the moment. This is the reason why I only do business with her. True heart and soul put into each video.

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Wow this free vid is amazing this is why I love CG she is amazing. That pink outfit is the cutest and the thong is so sexy wow just wow she is worth coming to everytime to satisfy any type of need you may have or want. I adore/love her.

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Wow this is some sexy taboo made me cum twice in this one video LCG is amazing in this I just love how well she is at acting also really helps the vid come to life and suck you in. I can't wait for another like this

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Wow so sexy to watch that beautiful body Tease us and show us each buttplug LCG is the QUEEN for a reason great work.

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Wow this video is amazing LCG IS BEAUTIFUL like always. The way she deepthoroats had me going then she had cum everywhere on her in this vid. I love her new toy and love everything she does.

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This one is soooo sexy from start to finish love how's she's obeying and fucks herself to get all creamy and just love it when she tastes herself wow wish I could have some of that. So adorable great work like always from LCG THE QUEEN

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This vid is amazing 26min of pure sexyness she try out all of them and keeps getting bigger and bigger if only I could come back in life as one of her dildos I'd be in heaven. Love how creamy she gets and she how she tastes it. Amazing work from THE QUEEN LCG

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Now this one is so sexy with the oil and I personally love her joi vids she does them so great feels like your right there and in the moment. Very sexy and adorable like always. LCG THE QUEEN IS GREAT

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I love how she acts when she queefs and giggles this vid was so fun to watch I really enjoyed it. She as in LCG or the QUEEN is so cute and adorable and also keeping it sexy like always in this vid highly recommended. Keep up the great work my queen. All hail the QUEEN

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LCG or should I say MV QUEEN has some sexy acting going on in this vid wow she is so sexy and makes you feel like your there. Overall great vid loved how sexy she is all hail the queen

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Wow you thought her ass was great as is then the oil it really make it pop. The way she was moving that ass gets ya excited every time. LCG making great vids

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As someone from Kansas LCG has made Dorothy so sexy and kinky. Love the outfit and the way she gets into character. LCG is so beautiful in this vid but then again that's all her content.

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LCG in this vid is adorable I loved how she's masturbating in the tub and under the water. Loved cumming together in this vid. #LCG is the best

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Wow LCG is amazing in this so creamy so sexy. She cummed so hard and when she tasted her cream it was amazing. LCG is the best in making content I can't wait for what's next.

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This video is so good I had to watch it twice because I busted with happiness to early. The way she gags on your cock and so much saliva everywhere looks so great and she has a sexy outfit on as well. Lived how she let us cum in her mouth at the end. Overall this is just pure perfection and another great #LCG video.

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Great acting very beautiful in this vid but every vid she is. I'd love to be her landlord she would stay rent free forever lol. Sexy from start to finish. Started a Lil innocent then she loved doing it for rent great vid

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Wow if your into this type of vid or even if your not LCG will make you follow through with it how can u resist those beautiful brown eyes and long hair and that smile. This was so great probably one of the best cei vids on the market. You must obey the law.

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Damn just damn her Wednesday adams I soooo sexy wow she knows how to dirty talk. When that cum hits her face that just makes my head spin. She is the best at making vids.

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She turns this character into a darkly sexy Wednesday adams. I love every little part of this role play she is extremely sexy in this. Once again top notch material from LCG

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Damn if I found that on my laptop I would be so turned on LCG looks so great in this maid outfit. So cute and innocent if u love maids or her feet or just a beautiful woman then this vid is for you.

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Wow cumming home to this would be amazing such a sexy/innocent performance this had me cumming twice it was that good. I lived it when she switched to anal and had to cum deep inside her. LCG is the greatest

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She looks so sexy dressed as a nurse I would love to have her as my nurse. Or at least fake an injury just to see her. The performance was amazing but then again all of her videos are on fire.

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Oh what great Christmas gift letting us fuck her from differnt positions and wow that machine was fucking her pretty good at the end I cam so hard during this video.

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Wow she can make anything sexy this was pretty cute watching her poor that yogurty cum all over her. Sexy as usual LCG

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Wow this was a fun new take on joi her pure beauty almost made me cum before the countdown but I regrouped and cam with LCG. This was so steamy and sexy I loved it.

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I love her outfit that leotard and innocent look is so sexy. Also I'd have to agree if my sister looked like her I'd be having so bad thoughts. Her acting is once again on point even near the end she said not to cum inside and the brother does she was shocked and mad I loved it. I can see why this vid is and has been on fire. Keep up the great work LCG everything you do is 5 stars

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OMG this vid makes me wanna buy a pair of panties she looks soooooo gorgeous in each pair. This is why I'm in the LCG fan club. Just super cute

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Wow lilcanadiangirl is looking really sexy in this vid all the lingerie were so so beautiful on her. Hell she could wear anything and it would be beautiful on her. I highly recommend this clip cause it really gets ya going. Most beautiful young woman ever

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OMG lilcanadiangirl is just simply amazing I wish she was my nurse however I would always have a hard on

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If I could this is 100 stars she is amazing at everything and so beautiful. BTW that cum looks real and sexy

Blowjob Facial May 11 2017
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Love this beautiful young woman she is amazing and sexy in this video love the close up bj and the cum at the end made me feel like I cummed on her face.

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Wow LCG can make anything look sexy and adorable I love all her vids. This one was pretty cute to watch.