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Joined November 2016
Soleus23 Oct 20

Do you make custom videos

Damn, your videos are good, great quality and ideas

Hey. Do you do custom videos? Please PM me if you do. I'm interested.

Left some hearts and followed you, would be great if you could return the favor <3

You do custom vid

Hi! i'm new here, you are so cute !
I, left you some hearts! Pls return the favor when you get a chance! <3

Well done Cubbi for getting to place 17 in the takeover! X

laurenashe6 deleted Feb 14

Can you DM me Cubbixoxo? I have a question for you about your store (:

Your a fox!!!

You do custom vid?

Long time follower on Instagram.  First time today actually visiting this page of yours and making my first purchases  About time I followed you the right way not not so far away.  You're a great, stunning vision and a an absolute treat on the eyes. I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

Awesome Xmas vids they even topped your Halloween vids you continue to go above and beyond with the detail and creativity once again amazing

Привет дорогой Кубби! Я ваш преданный поклонник долгий путь, я из России). Я восхищаюсь вашей красотой, я восхищаюсь вашим сексуальным телом! Я хотел бы заказать мини-фотосет с вашим именем на вашем красивом, обнаженном теле). Можно ли это сделать? Сколько фотографий - это фотосет?

oh wow. You are just Perfect.

I LOVE your contest :)entry

dorkknight Oct 21 2017

Hey, I saw your Bride of Frankenstein pic in the Trick or Treat contest, and wondered if you will be releasing a video of that? The costume looks fantastic! Thanks. :)

Nike42 Oct 14 2017

hi just wondering if u make custom videos at all thanks

Bradiqr94 Aug 22 2017

My god you are amazing! 😘😘

studguy69 Aug 18 2017

Where are u located bae?

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