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White / Caucasian


American United States

Lives in




Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



5'10" or 178 cm

Body Type

About Average



Recent Reviews

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LCG's princess vids continue into another great addition. If you're into a great girl playing with herself, anal, or just LCG's amazing ass (which I don't see any reason not to be) this is a great vid to pick up!

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LCG puts on quite the show in her schoolgirl outfit, swapping out her panties for white pantyhose this time. She teases wonderfully with her pussy just barely visible through the white fabric as she fingers herself through them. Always love watching her get into it as she fingers herself, and the image of her fingers flying across her clit framed by the ripped pantyhose is just divine. If you love pantyhose, I can't think of a better girl to see them on than her. It's well worth seeing.

My Lingerie Dec 30 2017
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LCG puts on quite the sexy fashion show with her lingerie while trying to keep everything else hidden away. She's got some incredibly sexy sets in there that I'm looking forward to seeing again. Definitely worth a watch if you like girls in sexy lingerie.

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LCG looks stunning in the lace bra & panties set with her trimmed bush and clit peeking out through the fabric. If you haven't watched her get creamy, you're in for a treat as it drips down from her pussy down her crack. Her "Do you want me to cum for you? Cuz I'm gonna." is just so cute and sexy it's worth watching for that alone. If you're a panty fetishist, her panties darkening as they soak up her creaminess at the end will definitely catch your attention. Give it a watch. ;)

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LCG is absolutely gorgeous in this one! She's cute, bubbly and just a hint of shy as she's talking about giving you your special 'gift'. She starts off slow with the machine, but things ramp up and her noises are just wonderful to listen to as it pumps along. She orgasms as it's pumping rapidly into her and her subsequent shying away as she gets sensitive is so cute. She seals it all with a sniff of her panties after cleaning herself up and a cute farewell. Definitely a present I'd like to unwrap again... ;)

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LCG in a schoolgirl uniform is just a gorgeous sight. She's so cute but most certainly not innocent. The teasing in her panties is wonderful, and a cute girl sniffing her creamy panties is one of the hottest things to watch imo. The end bite and wave I could just watch on loop... Definitely worth getting if you're into panties, or cute schoolgirls.

Creamy Angel Nov 8 2017
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Love watching a pussy up close get creamier and creamier. Absolutely gorgeous pussy on our Canadian angel.

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Loved the slow burn in this one. The pace starts off slow as she starts waking up, then her hands wander and things escalate until her clothes are gone and her fingers are pumping furiously before she's back down to post-orgasm sleepiness.

Anal Surprise Nov 8 2017
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If I could come home to this.. well I probably wouldn't leave the house ever. The setting of coming home after tired from work is something that most certainly strikes a chord. LCG always gives great anal videos and this one is far from an exception. Her ass is amazing, her outfit is sexy, and she has the most wonderful personality. Well worth buying and getting hooked.

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LCG looks wonderfully cute in her leotard and shorts in this one. Once she gets into the action, you get to admire her from both the front as well as behind. Absolutely loved the build up. Definitely worth a watch.

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Another great panty fetish vid from LCG. If you're into watching a girl sniff dirty panties or into the lesbian side of the fantasy, it's certainly worth a watch. Best viewed with one of her pairs on hand. ;)

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Love all her princess vids! Her moans and wet pussy sounds fill the air wonderfully and the costume looks great on her. Well worth a watch (or two, three..)

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Great vid! Love the parts with the teddy bear and the creamy fucking with her hairbrush!

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Love watching a beautiful girl sniff her dirty panties!

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LCG looks great in a skirt as always! I always love seeing her show off and play in her panties.

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Best ass on this site! If you are a fan of asses or anal, stop reading and buy already! =P

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Fun to watch her play with her toys while all dressed up! You get to enjoy some wonderful angles and her cute little moans. Fantastic as always!

Strip & Squirt Sep 3 2017
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I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing LCG squirt. Always great to watch!

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Love the outfits she shows off in this one. It's quiet and soft for when you're in the mood for that.

Oily Princess Sep 3 2017
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Starts off cute in Cinderella panties and sooo much pink, but she gets really wet and creamy in this one with her toys. Great closeups too!

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<insert bad math pickup line here>
Love the blowjob in this vid! Ends with a great money shot.

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Love the costume on this one. The skirt and white panties are enough to catch my attention, but I look forward to more vids with the collar and nipple clamps!

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LCG plays a Dorothy of few words, but that doesn't mean she's quiet. You can tell she's enjoying the dildo as she switches around with cute little moans filling the air until she finishes. Great vid all around (wow, were those panties soaked...) and really worth it.

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The mixing of Japanese and English in this really adds to the fantasy, especially with the thought subtitles. Add in the different positions and the uniform and it's a recipe for a good time. Highly recommend this one if you like maid cosplays or have a thing for Japanese girls.

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LCG is cute as she nervously starts this one off, worried she'll get caught. The sounds of birds chirping and mourning doves are interrupted by her quiet panting and the sounds of her wet pussy as she fingers it. Her fingering starts off slow but she gets bolder and hornier as time goes by, going faster and making more noise. Overall fun to watch a shy girl enjoying being outside of her comfort zone.

Messy Kitty Jul 20 2017
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LCG starts this one off incredibly cute with her ears and tail and eases in with milk (as all good kitties want to). She really looks like she's enjoying making a mess of everything and it's fun to watch. The orgasm at the end with the banana peel in her pussy is intense and she loves to show off at the end as always. Really great if you like watching a cute girl having fun and cumming.
If you'll excuse me, I have a sudden urge to eat a banana...

Candy Girl Jul 3 2017
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LCG is wonderfully colorful in this vid as she plays with her candy. I was worried she'd have trouble cleaning up her purple pussy towards the end of this, but she squirts so much in this one the towel gets absolutely soaked. Problem solved. ;)

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Love the costume at the beginning and the mask staying on just adds that extra bit to the vid. She isn't lying either, she gets really nice and creamy in this one. ;)

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I really enjoyed the panty play towards the tail end of it. Not something you get to see often.

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She is cute and sexy (with a side of humorous) in this. Listening to her work herself up to the edge so many times is just great. I'm quite happy that I decided to try this one out.

Morning Cum May 30 2017
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Another delicious panty fetish video from LCG! Love watching her play, stuff and squirt on her panties while getting off on her own smell.

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The slow tease with her Wonder Woman cosplay is great. It builds nicely and finishes with an up close pussy shot as she fingers herself until she cums that I just love to watch.

Nurse Needs Cum May 21 2017
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If every nurse looked and acted like this, hospital trips would be taken instead of vacations. I would love her to take care of me whether healthy or sick.

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As an ass man with a panty fetish, this video is amazing. She completely drenches her panties and gives great close ups of her fucking her dildo.

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She looks great in any skirt, and this video is no exception.

Angel Squirt May 21 2017
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For an angel, she does some terribly devilish things... So, pretty much a wonderful slice of heaven here. ;)

White kitty butt May 21 2017
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She's incredibly cute in her kitty ears and tail in this one, and gives some beautiful close ups of her pussy while playing with her tail.

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This vid starts off amazing and just goes up from there. She starts off with her apron, a little red thong, and a heart buttplug in. She isn't kidding when she says she squirts a lot... Her hands, ass, and a good portion of the floor get covered. If you're reading this, just get it already. You'll thank me later.

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She is just so incredibly cute in this one. Her moans through her socks are a wonderful accompaniment to the dildo sliding in and out of her.

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She is great at using the mirror in this one, giving the best angles while teasing before fingerfucking herself. Her little sniff of her panties when taking them off and kissing herself in the mirror are just amazing.

Blowjob Facial May 21 2017
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Watching a beautiful girl look up at you with her eyes like that during a blowjob is a wonderful sight. Yet another great video from LCG!

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Schoolgirl outfit? Check
White panties? Check
Cute girl? Sold!

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Great vid! Made me jealous of whomever was getting it afterwards ;)

Panty Fun Apr 27 2017
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This is the vid that first got my attention, and I've enjoyed from there on out. Great vid!

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Great vid if you enjoy a cute girl getting off with her dirty panties

Shy Belle Apr 27 2017
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She may be acting shy, but she makes the cutest noises. Another great vid

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The answer when asked that question by lcg should always be "yes"

A Pretty Cum Apr 26 2017
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Nothing quite like an up close and personal view of a beautiful girl making a mess of her thong with a dildo then happily showing off at the end. Worth every minute of it!

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This has just about the cutest orgasm I've ever seen. The build up through the second half (after the bj) with her ass in the air, tail draped to the side, vibrator going while her fingers work furiously on her clit is a mesmerizing sight. I definitely will watch it again and I look forward to more from her. ^.^