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I am BBW, busty, my big boobs are HH cups. Now in HD! Check my intro

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Desiree Wild

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Desiree Wild

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laouli Aug 19

Hi miss
I'm interested for a custom
Can you send me an msg to talk about it?

have a good day

Happy, that we are already working on that custom vid ;)

You are Amazing lady...

Thanks so much babe ;)

Hey can you pm me I have a few questions :)

Sure, plz check your PM ;)

Hi baby I would like to know if it would be possible to do Skype show with you please

Hi babe. I prefer to make a vid, it's hard for me to organize my time for Skype

LB1Cali Jun 8

Message me please I have a few questions. Thank you.

Check your PM

LB1Cali Jun 8

You just moved to the top of my favorites list!!!

I am flattered. I hope we will have some fun together soon ;)

phillip80 deleted Apr 13

pless tork to me sexy

Babe, I am replying as fast as possible. Looking forward that custom vid ;)

muk1982 Apr 9

what an incredible lady.....

Thanks. Maybe you will be a good slave after some training eventually.

Totally loving the titty size so nice ;) could you pm me I have a question tho

I am about to upload couple of big tits vids soon :)

Hi there :) would it be possible for you to do a 10 minute custom video? I have a script ready as well :)

Hi babe, yes I love to do, please check my price. It would be better if you give me the script or a brief information first in case I don't have something you need me to do or use within the vid. Looking forward to work with you Judy

I've got a few questions. Could you message me please when you can. Thanks!

Of course, check your PM box :)

Hi sweetheart just wanted to thank you for sharing you're outdoor JOI vid (loved it you bloody tease) x

My pleasure :)

can you do such a video?

it shows some my favorite upskirt scenes in my favorite dress
aunt wearing Indian saree/similar (non-exposing)long dress with additional skirts like the ones underneath saree..
 she is riding teen boy who is lying on floor drunk...
quickie upskirt sex..
upskirt means just the front portion is lifted up to ride the dildo..or the boy if available..
she slides her panty aside to ride his dick or simulated dildo...
only the front portion of saree/dress is lifted just enough to show us her hairy hairy hairy.. that she can jump off if her husband shows up..and pretend as  she is trying to wake him .
no boobs show or stripping needed..keep as much clothes as possible..
no tatoos needed
traditional  dressed  housewife....
no pantyhose no stockings no leggins no additional lingerie..
just matching panty and bra..

Hi babe. Thanks for the enquiry. Unfortunately I don't have any Indian traditional dress, I have just some normal casual clothes, lingerie etc. Judy

lisa235 Feb 23

and if you want to do smoking clip with cigarette run around vagina licking cig all over and nibble end of paper

lisa235 Feb 23

thanks for booth videos

lisa235 Feb 23

thanks for cig licking clip it's fantastic

You're welcome. I added one friebie smoking a cig and licking it :)

nice vids..showing love

Thank you, I wanted to reciprocate but I can''t go to your profile from Aus. Kisses J

lisa235 Feb 10

did you made cig licking clip

No, I have been doing indoor vids recently. If you have something particular in your mind you can order it as a custom vid :)

lisa235 Feb 13

it's not important 
i can wait when you have time do it

Hey, I have just uploaded a vid with me smoking the cig and I licked that before I lighted it. Then I show off and fuck a glass dildo :)

Best of luck in the MV awards 2017, you have been getting my free daily vote each day, I hope you finish in the top 5 for store of the year xxx


I'm @whoisjuancarlos on twitter

NinaDoll Jan 13

Hello, you are really cute, I voted for u in a BBW awards and left u some hearts, stay cool! :A

Hello busty beauty, thanks so much, I am going to vote for you back. Kisses

lisa235 Jan 13

can you lick a cigarette before light up and then smoking it

Hi babe, I try to think about it next time :)

Hey I voted for you how do I get the snapchat? :)

Hi babe. Thanks a lot, snapchat in your mailbox ;)

Your videos are absolutely AMAZING <3 Please keep up the FANTASTIC work (Y)) and I hope you have a Very Successful and Orgasmic 2017 sexi mami :cock::W:facial: it would be an HONOR to work with you one day  :A

Hi Hun. Thanks a lot, I watched some yours and I must say good job yourself too! If I work with a partner, I  will let you know. Kisses Judy

Gilvey deleted Jan 1

Hey beautiful :) Could you PM me about a custom video please... That's if you are interested of course lol Thank you <3 xxx

Hi miss! I'm interested in a custom. Please PM me if you're up for it :)

KMartin Dec 13

I'd like to discuss a custom video.

HottiesOnly2 deleted Nov 29

You're perfect

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